Get This CHEAT SHEET for Free!

You walk into a dark room and reach for the light switch...but it's not there. 

It was hung too high. Dang.

You have a hot cup of coffee and need to set it down on the coffee table when the phone rings.....but you miss and the coffee goes all over the floor. 

The coffee table is too far away. Dang.

Everyday, in every way that we use our home, there are a countless measurements that need to be "right". 

It's a lot to learn and it's a lot to remember. Lucky for you, I've rounded all the standard house measurements up in one place. 

You can simply print this cheat sheet out and keep it in your toolbox. 

You'll never have to stop mid-project again to google "how high should I hang the light over the dining room table" again. 

So you can get back to renovating with confidence. 

so, are you ready?

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