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Two Tone Walls in Bedroom: How To Paint Straight Lines

Wondering how to paint straight lines? This tutorial for our beautiful two tone walls will teach you just that! I just love how the paint in our bedroom turned out.

Thank you to FrogTape for sponsoring this two tone walls tutorial! All opinions are entirely my own. This post also contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

I mentioned in our hardwood floor tutorial that we had been staring at paint swatches for a year and a half in our master bedroom. 

It’s true. 

The room was a disaster filled with gross brown carpet, tan walls with paint swatches and patched walls. 

Here’s what we started with: 

Before pictures of the bedroom with the old wall paint.

Messy bedroom with unfinished paint and mess all over the bedroom

Flakes of paint on the bedroom and a boho cabinet with television on the top

3 tone sample on the wall beside the bed

Yikes, right? 

Well, I can’t WAIT to show you how it looks now and teach you how to create two tone walls in your house too. 

P.S. we also got rid of the U-G-L-Y carpet recently! Check out our new hardwood floors here!

UPDATE: Check out the finished master bedroom reveal here!

Two Tone Walls: Video Tutorial

So we’re going to make this really easy for you…we made a video tutorial too! So you can either watch the video below…or read the full tutorial.. or both if you’re really jazzed about it all. 

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Are you ready to see how to paint straight lines for two tone walls??

Supplies for two tone walls: 


Decide height of two tone walls.

First, take your tape measure and decide just how far up you want the two tone walls to start. I decided that I wanted my darker color to stop about my eye level. There really wasn’t any rhyme or reason than that and I just love having the two tone walls right where I can see them.

I also wanted it to intersect with all of the wall decor, which will be hung at eye level. 

Paint ceilings & trim (optional). 

If you’re going to be repainting your ceiling and trim, do that first. I would recommend it. If you’re going to all of the trouble to paint the walls, new paint on the trim and ceiling makes everything feel nice and fresh.

Ma adding the first coat of paint on the bedroom wall

Paint top color. 

When we are painting a room, we already start at the top and work our way down. So we painted the top color (this perfect white color).

We were very sure to paint beyond where we knew our line would be to transition our two tone walls.

Wait for paint to dry.

Now you should really wait as long as possible for that top layer of paint to dry. This helps the paint cure, which is helpful when you are placing tape on top of it.

We were on a time crunch and wanted to paint the 2nd color the very next day (just about 24 hours later), so we opted to use FrogTape’s delicate surface painter tape, which is designed for fresh paint (that has dried at least 24 hours).  And spoiler alert, it worked like a CHARM. 

Man measuring and drawing level on the wall.

Draw level line around room.

Actually, maybe I should preface this step with another one – take a deep breath. To be completely honest, remaining calm while you try to put a PERFECTLY straight and level line around your entire room is harder than it seems.

If you followed along on our IG Stories, you know that when Logan and I were getting our line on the wall we tried 3 times (YES, 3 times!) before getting it right.

Granted we had purchased a laser level (just for this project, might I add)….and it was always off by an inch…three times in a row. 

So we settled on this method when putting up a level straight line. It’s old school, but it works perfectly! 

Measure and make a mark on the wall where the line will be where the two tone walls change color. Once you have the mark drawn, grab your 4 ft level.

Start your first line by getting the “bubble” perfectly in the center, and I mean perfectly! If you don’t try to get the bubble perfectly center the line will move over the course of an entire room by a noticeable amount. This is the key for how to paint straight lines.

Continue making your way around around the room making a level line.

Apply FrogTape.

After your line is drawn, grab your FrogTape and start putting it directly on the line for your two tone walls. Again you have to be as exact as possible just like when you were drawing the line. Any slight differences will result in a line that changes noticeably over an entire room. 

Painting the other half of the wall below the frog tape

Activate the paint block technology.

Once your tape is up you’ll need to activate the paint block technology of the FrogTape. It’s activated by the latex in the paint, so all you need to do is simply take the first layer paint you did and paint over the bottom side of the tape.

This method is the key for how to paint straight lines and prevent any bleeds that may occur due to texture and other imperfections on your walls.

Let the paint on the tape dry throughly before moving on. 

Painting the bottom with color and cutting in around the trim

Paint bottom color. 

Now it’s time to finally paint the bottom color of the two tone walls. Start by carefully cutting in around trim, doors and baseboards. If you’re not very experienced with cutting in, definitely tape things off first.

Painting the bottom part of the two tone walls with roller.

Then just grab your paint roller and tray and slap on the second color you chose for your two tone walls. Just be careful when you get up to the tape not to roll up too far and pass the tape.

Remove tape right away. 

This next step is super important. If you ask how to paint straight lines then you don’t want to skip this. Once you get your bottom color paint on, you need to take off the tape as soon as possible. This prevents the tape from taking off any other paint on the wall.

Peel slowly and at a 45 degree angle if possible.

Finished paint on the wall with new wooden floor, side table and new bed.

Look at those super crisp and straight paint lines!

Modern bedroom design with color block walls with green and white with french doors, new hardwood flooring, full length mirror and gray upholstered bed

I’m SO obsessed with how our master bedroom is turning out. With the new hardwood floors and these gorgeous two tone walls, it’s making for a crazy great transformation – am I right? 

Finished outcome of how to paint straight lines

These two tone walls make such a big difference and create a unique and unexpected look in the bedroom, which I love. 

bedroom two tone walls with white pocket door leading to closet, new hardwood floorings and wood full length leaner mirror

I’m so glad that we decided to incorporate a dark and moody color – which I haven’t really done in any of our homes yet. It is bold and some say risky…but I’m in love. 

How to draw straight lines to create two tone walls on the bedroom outcome with green on the bottom and white on the top

I can’t wait to get it finished off with decor, furniture and bedding! 


Such a fun and easy way to add some character to your room with just paint! #tiktokpartner #LearnOnTikTok #paint #bedroom #interiordesign

♬ You and Me – Clutch
Two tone walls with green and white and gray upholstered bed with two DIY bed side tables made from barstools
Other side of the bedroom showing the door and huge wooden full length mirror complimenting the two tone walls.

Let’s take one more look at the crazy before and afters! 

Collage of before picture of the old bedroom with one old paint and brown carpet and the after picture of the bedroom with two tone wall with green on bottom and white on top with new hardwood floors
Collage of before and after of the bedroom with and without two tone walls with bed with text overlay that says How to Paint Straight Lines
Before and After pictures of the bedroom with two tone walls Paint Makeover

Where would you paint two tone walls in your home?? 

Let me know in the comment below.

How To Paint Two Tone Walls in Bedroom

How To Paint Two Tone Walls in Bedroom

Yield: 1
Active Time: 2 days
Total Time: 2 days
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $200

Wondering how to paint straight lines? This tutorial for our beautiful two tone walls will teach you just that! I just love how the paint in our bedroom turned out.




  1. Decide height of two tone walls
  2. Paint ceiling and trim (optional)
  3. Paint top color
  4. Wait for paint to dry
  5. Draw level line around room with pencil
  6. Apply Frogtape along line
  7. Activate the paint block technology by painting the first (top) color over the edge of the painter's tape
  8. Paint bottom color
  9. Remove tape right away

14 thoughts on “Two Tone Walls in Bedroom: How To Paint Straight Lines

  1. I totally want to do this in our bedroom! Love that green and the two-tone look is so pretty. Thanks for always sharing how you do projects like this!

  2. How would this work if you have cathederal ceilings? We own a manufactured home that has the cathederal part of the ceilings running the whole lenght of the center of our home. I love this look but not sure it would work for us. Thanks

  3. Did you apply two coats of the green paint? If so, did you remove the tape after the first or second coat?

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