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9 Super Cute Ideas for Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs

If you've got a pregnancy to announce on social media, why not involve your dog? Here are some of our favorite pregnancy announcements with dogs!

I don’t know about you, but our dog is a big part of our family. For the first few years of marriage, our dog was like our first child! It only seemed natural that we involved Gannon, our dog, in our pregnancy announcement on social media for our first child. 

If you’re looking for ways to involve your dog in your pregnancy announcement on social media or with your friends/family, you’re going to love this round up!

This dog pregnancy announcement round up contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

A cute pregnancy announcement featureing your dog! Pregnancy Announcement with yellow lab dog laying on pillow reading what to expect when you're expecting book with sign that says studying up for big brother duty starting May 2016

#1: Dog With What To Expect When You’re Expecting Book To Announce Pregnancy

This is the photo we posted & released on our blog for our dog pregnancy announcement. Everyone thought it was so funny and cute! It was pretty easy to take the pregnancy announcement picture.

We just grabbed a copy of our What To Expect When You’re Expecting book and propped it up in front of our dog with the sign announcing a simple handwritten sign that says “studying up for Big Brother duty starting May 2016!”.

If you love this pregnancy announcement idea, you could also incorporate a fun printable around a book as a joke. I love this one that is called “But I’m The Baby” and you just print it out! So easy and cute.

Two golden retriever dogs sitting on ground next to their human mom and dad with red and black plaid bandanas that say soon to be big brother is a cute way to make a pregnancy announcement with your dogs

#2: Soon To Be Big Brother Bandana On Dog

How cute are these dog bandanas that say soon-to-be big brother or sister with buffalo plaid? You can see a few different picture ideas for the dog pregnancy announcement here too!

You can also add your due date to the bandana as a custom option too!

Big dog with big brother bandana and puppy with middle child banana next to letter board, football and pom pom to make a pregnancy announcement featuring your dogs

#3: Big Brother and Middle Child Dog Bandanas

Speaking of bandanas for dogs, this is a cute way to involve multiple dogs in your pregnancy announcement. These cute bandanas say big brother and middle child.

This pregnancy announcement with a dog features a Yellow lab dog on beach with waves in background wearing a white and black sign that says mommy and daddy are getting me a human with due date

#4: Black and White Pregnancy Dog Sign

The look on this adorable dog’s face is priceless for this, right?! I love this cute black and white sign for a dog that says “Mommy and Daddy are getting me a human” with the due date.

Such a fun way to get your dog involved in the pregnancy announcement.

Two dogs in the snow in front of their human mom and dad wearing signs that say official toy tester for baby and guard dog duty starting on due date. This is a super cute pregnancy announcement featuring dogs

#5: Official Toy Tester & Guard Dog Duty Dog Signs

These customized dog pregnancy announcement signs are so cute and perfect if you have two dogs! One says official toy tester for ____ (baby’s name) and one says guard dog duty starting _______ (due date).

Small dog wearing stretchy t-shirt with customized screen print on it that says baby smith guard dog duty begins march 2018 as a pregnancy announcement with your dog

#6: Guard Dog T Shirt

If you’re looking for another option for the “guard dog”, how about this stretchy dog shirt that is customized with your pregnancy announcement information?

Adorable pregnancy announcement with a White fluffy dog on beach with waves in the background wearing a sign around his neck that says i thought i was your baby

#7: I Thought I Was Your Baby Dog Sign

Anyone that has a dog before a baby knows that your dog is pretty much your baby, right? So this thought from the dog is a valid and relatable one! I just love this “I Thought I Was Your Baby” dog sign!

This pregnancy announcement features Two golden retriever dogs wearing wooden signs around their necks that say guess what and's pregnant with green grass in the background

#8: Guess What? Mom’s Pregnant Sign

Here’s another fun option for dog signs for two dogs, this combo of wooden signs are so cute! They say “Guess What?” and “…Mom’s pregnant!”.

Love this pregnancy announcement that says announcement baby adams guard dog duty starts january 2016 with three dogs sitting next to the frame with mom and dad on front porch in background kissing

#9: Guard Dog Duty Sign Printable

This is a budget-friendly idea and could incorporate just one or multiple dogs! This simple printable sign can be customized for your baby’s name and due date and put framed next to your dog in your announcement photo.

If you’re looking for a super cute way to involve your fur babies in your pregnancy announcement on social media, I hope you found some great inspiration in these ideas! From dog signs to shirts – there’s a little bit of everything!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your baby announcements with dogs! Be sure to come back and share your announcement in the comments below!

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It's a boy! written blue index card to announce the gender

1 thought on “9 Super Cute Ideas for Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs

  1. I wish we were closer so I could just run over and help you get the house ready for baby! I totally understand those kind of ‘panic dreams’ and I’m not even pregnant! I live in panic/overwhelmed mode daytime and in my dreams about ‘not being ready’ for ????
    You’ll be just fine…especially once you get that little guy in your arms! Love you!

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