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DIY Leather Bookmark – Easy Handmade Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for easy handmade Christmas gifts to make for your friends and family, look no further. This DIY leather bookmark can be customized for anyone and everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Handmade Christmas gifts….it sounds exhausting just thinking about it, right? You’ve already got the house to decorate, gifts to buy and wrap, baking to do, parties to host…I get why some people think that they don’t have time for DIY Christmas gifts.

But here’s the deal…making your own Christmas gifts usually saves you money and they are so much more appreciated than the gifts you pick up at the big box stores.

This DIY leather bookmark is super simple to create…no crafting skills required. I love that you can customize the design on the leather bookmark so it works for literally anyone on your list…male or female, young or old!

I never knew that you could wax leather until I came across these adorable leather luggage tags. I thought it was so genius how they stained the leather with dark wax that is typically used on furniture. I thought “hey, I’ve got that! It’s worth a shot!”

UPDATE: Check out a video tutorial at the bottom of this post!

This leather bookmark tutorial contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Supplies for DIY leather bookmark:

shows a few leather pieces on a cutting mat table next to a rotary cutter

Step 1. Cut leather.

I used a rotary tool, cutting mat and ruler to cut my leather down to shapes approximately 1.5” wide and 6” to 7” inches tall. If you don’t have a rotary, scissors will work too.

Just be sure to mark the shape with a ruler on the backside first so you can get nice, straight lines. I was making 4 different leather bookmarks and on a couple of them I cut the bottoms at a diagonal.

shows different ways to decorate leather bookmarks with letters and stickers

Step 2. Apply sticker.

Since I made four different designs of leather bookmarks, I had lots of room for creativity here. I used different various stickers I had on hand to create my designs.

For two of the bookmarks, I made my own stickers with contact paper (the mountains and cross).

Plan out your own leather bookmarks while keeping in mind that the part you cover with sticker will be a lighter shade than the rest of the bookmark.

Using dark furniture wax to stain leather bookmarks

Step 3. Wax over stickers.

Using a clean cloth you don’t mind ruining (or staining rag), gently wipe dark wax over the front of the bookmark…yep, right over those stickers.

This will stain the leather that is exposed. One coat is fine, but if you find that you want it darker you can try two coats.

shows a couple different stained leather bookmarks with designs like a letter J, hearts, cross and mountains

Step 4. Remove stickers & let dry.

After you’re done waxing the bookmark, remove the stickers. Then give the leather bookmarks time to dry. I left mine overnight and it was perfect.

shows a leather bookmark with adventure awaits written on it
shows a leather bookmark that says be still and know

Step 5. Decorate leather bookmark.

Here’s the fun part! Decorate your DIY leather bookmarks to your hearts consent! I found the paint pen worked well writing on the leather.

shows a dark leather bookmark with hearts that is being painted gold at the bottom

You can also decorate by painting part of the leather bookmark with acrylic craft paint, like I did on this heart one.

shows a leather strip being cut into to create a small hole for a tassel at the top
shows a leather strip with a black cording being pulled through it

Step 6. Add hole & tie string topper to leather bookmarks.

Next, add a hole to the top of the bookmark. If you have a leather hole punch, you could use that, of course.

Since I don’t have one, I just used scissors to make a small X. It worked perfectly!

Lastly, cut a piece of leather cording about 10 inches long and loop through the hole.

shows a few different bookmarks made from leather laying on a book
personalized Leather Bookmark with initial with tassels

Simple as that! This DIY leather bookmark is such an easy handmade Christmas gift idea, right?

Bookmarks are also an extremely versatile gift, so they really do work well for anyone on your list!

The fact that you can design and decorate your leather bookmarks any way you want makes them easy to personalize for the giftee. Customize with their name, initials, favorite quote or bible verse.

shows a leather bookmark with Be Still & Know Leather Bookmark with Cross on it and laying on a bible
leather bookmark with a j on it laying on a book
leather bookmark with Adventure awaits leather bookmark with mountains on it laying on an open book
a few different leather bookmarks with different designs laying on an open book with overlay text that says easy handmade Christmas gifts
shows 4 different designed leather book marks with tassels

What would you write on your DIY leather bookmark??

Let me know in the comments below.

Here’s a replay of my live video for this project. If you like videos, please check out my videos page for more.

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