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Cheap Stocking Stuffers Under $5 Dollars (For Dad, For Mom and For Kids)

Shopping on a budget this year? Check out these cheap stocking stuffers under $5 dollars. They are organized stocking stuffer ideas for Mom, Dad, and the kids so you can find inspiration for the whole family!

Stockings are seriously one of my favorite parts of Christmas! I remember, as a child, waking up a the crack of dawn on Christmas morning to go bust into my stocking stuffers. 

You see, one of the Christmas traditions in our house was that my brother and I could wake up early and play with our stocking stuffers and toys from Santa while Mom and Dad slept in. 

Now as a parent playing Santa, it is so fun to find creative and interesting small items to put in my family’s Christmas stockings. But all of those little gifts can really add up during the holiday season! 

So this year I’m rounding up my favorite budget-friendly stocking stuffers under $5 dollars for you. The good news is that I’ve even separated them out by cheap stocking stuffer ideas for Mom, Dad, and the kids. 

You’re totally going to love this round-up full of perfect stocking stuffers. This is the megaload idea list with hundreds of inexpensive items listed below for your holiday shopping. 

Don’t forget that you can also make some of the stocking stuffers too! Check out the best DIY stocking stuffer ideas!

If you have a lot of people in your family, it can be kind of tricky keeping track of all the gifts…even if you’re just trying to track all of the stocking stuffers you’ve purchased so far. This Christmas gift list printable may help keep you a little more organized… you can thank me later 😉 !

Check out these favorite budget-friendly stocking stuffers under  dollars for you. They are separated them out by cheap stocking stuffer ideas for mom, dad, and for the kids.

This stocking stuffers under $5 dollar roundup contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

You'll love these affordable options for stocking stuffers for her if you're on a budget this holiday season! Get inspired with these cheap stocking stuffer ideas for mom.

Cheap Stocking Stuffers For Mom 

Is it ok to say that my own stocking is kinda my favorite? Haha! There’s something a little extra fun about choosing small little gifts that you kind of get to give yourself, as a mom.

Here are my favorite ideas for cheap stocking stuffers for Mom! 

  • Warm and cozy digs: fuzzy socks, gloves, beanies, scarves
  • Manicure supplies: nail polish, nail files, manicure kits, nail clippers, nail polish remover, nail stickers, cuticle oil or cuticle cream, pumice stone, hand cream
  • Spa-day essentials: eye mash, face masks, bubble bath, bath bombs, shower steamers, loofah, 
  • Beauty supplies: makeup brush cleaner, facial toner, eyeshadow palettes, lip balm, scalp massager, headband and wrist bands for washing face, face wipes, brush, dry shampoo, wash clothes, dental floss picks, compact mirror, hair ties, hair claw clips or scrunchies
  • For the home or kitchen: candles, cookie cutters, foldable reusable shopping bag, cookie scoop, dish and cleaning scrubber, candle holders, hand soap, small bowls,
  • Everyday essentials: mug, personalized keychain, bookmark, notepad and pen, photo album, essential oils, reading light, post-it notes, highlighters, favorite pens, washi tape
  • Yummy gourmet chocolates or her favorite candy
Not sure what to put in your husband's Christmas stocking this year? Check out these inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas for guys under .

Stocking Stuffers Under $5 Dollars For Dad

Finding good inexpensive stocking stuffers under $5 dollars for Dad can be tough. I don’t know about your Dad or Hubby, but mine pretty much has everything he needs, so sometimes buying gifts for him can be a headscratcher. But these ideas are pretty versatile and something that any Dad would enjoy! 

  • Small tools: multi-tool, utility knife, pocket knife, magnetic wristband for holding screws and drill bits, measuring tape, duct tape, small screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, work gloves, framing square, headlamp, hex key set, carpenter pencil
  • Hobby or outdoor accessories: golf or fishing accessories, carabiner, compass, floating keychain
  • Something to do: Deck of cards, mini puzzle games, brain teasers, word search, crosswords, Sodoku puzzles, stress balls, Rubik’s cubes
  • Grilling supplies: grill cleaning brush, burger press, meat claws for shredding meat, spice rubs, BBQ sauces in a variety of flavors, meat thermometer, basting brush, grill basket or mat
  • Car things: cleaning wipes, tire gauge, air fresheners, microfiber cleaning cloths, dashboard phone mount, cleaning gel, car washing supplies
  • Man grooming essentials: beard oil, cape for catching beard trimmings, pocket comb, nail grooming set, after-shave
  • Everyday essentials: bottle opener, little flashlight, Epsom salt, water bottles, hot sauce, soap and shampoo, money clip
  • Beef jerky, meat sticks, or favorite candy
  • Warm items for the winter season: gloves, beanie, socks
When shopping for stocking stuffers for kids, I like to create a variety of things to play with, wear, eat, and to read...instead of just filling the stocking with a bunch of small toys! Check out these stocking stuffer ideas with cheap non-toy ideas under !
Looking for stocking stuffers for your kids on a budget? Check out these small toys all under  to put in your kid's Christmas stocking

Stocking Stuffers Under $5 For Kids

Now, the kids are pretty easy to find stocking stuffers for! I like to create a variety of things to play with, wear, eat, and read…instead of just filling the stocking with a bunch of candy!

These fun stocking stuffers can definitely be customized based on your kids’ ages and interests, but here are some of my favorite stocking stuffers under $5 for kids. 

  • Art supplies: markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, modeling clay, gel pens, dry erase markers, highlighters
  • Things to do: Playdoh, puzzle games, temporary tattoos, coloring books, Mad Libs or joke books, sidewalk chalk, kid’s nail polish or nail stickers, 
  • Small toys: small stuffed animals, silly putty, bouncy ball, monster truck and hot wheels, swim toys, fidget spinners, Barbie or dolls, action figures, slinky
  • Games: A classic card game like Uno and SkipBo
  • Bath time: bath bombs, bubble bath, washcloths or scrubby mitts, loofah
  • Things to wear: character-themed socks, gloves, hats, beanies, hair ties, and clips, scrunchies for hair, sunglasses
  • Candy cane or their favorite candy

How to choose the best stocking stuffers for your family

Even though stocking stuffers or small gifts can have the illusion of just more “junk”, you can still take the time to be meaningful and thoughtful with the gifts that you put in the stocking. Cater the stocking stuffers for each person’s interests and tastes. Don’t buy everyone the same thing and don’t get the same things you got last year! Spend a little extra time looking for new ideas.

I like to make sure I’m getting a mix of practical things that I know they will actually use, small indulgent items that they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves, small things to make their life easier, and little treats that will bring them joy. 

Start paying attention to what each person does during their free time, and what items they use regularly and fill them up on their favorite things. 

Where to buy stocking stuffers

I usually collect our family’s stocking stuffers over several weeks from a bunch of different places. This is true when you’re hunting for great deals, right? 

Here are some of the various places I shop for stocking stuffers: 

  • Amazon: You can’t talk about shopping at all without mentioning Amazon, where most families make tons of gift purchases. There are SO many different great ideas on Amazon and I love that you can shop while in your jammies. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you get free shipping for most items! 
  • Walmart: Since you’re at the grocery store regularly anyway, it is always a good idea to check out the stocking stuffers while you’re there. You can also quickly and easily add some selections to your grocery online pickup order by simply adding the items to your cart. That is the perfect way to save time this holiday season! 
  • Target: A great place to find stocking stuffers at Target is the Dollar Spot section near the front of the store. 
  • Dollar Store: Your local dollar store (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc.) is one of the best places to find cheap stocking stuffers if you’re on a tight budget! 
  • Ross, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, and other discount retailers: These are great places to find unique gifts for stockings on a budget! 
  • Craft Fairs and Markets: There is always an abundance of local craft fairs around the holidays and they are a great place to find great stocking stuffer ideas! 
  • DIY Them: You know that I’m always about making things, so I can’t help but mention that you can totally make some of your stuffing stuffers too! Get inspired with these DIY stocking stuffer ideas!

Finding the best cheap stocking stuffers for your family is an art that combines thoughtfulness, personalization, and a bit of surprise. I rounded up SO many different ideas in this article, so I hope this was helpful for you as you start shopping.

Whether it is a practical gadget or tool for Dad, or a favorite sweet treat for Mom, the magic of Christmas can be summed up in these small but meaningful gifts tucked into your stockings.

So put on your Santa Hat and get creative this Christmas season as you fill your family’s stockings! 

There you have it! All of the best stocking stuffers on a budget for the whole family! 

Want to see more Christmas gift ideas? Check out all of our gift guides here!

Which of these cheap stocking stuffer ideas is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments below!

Get inspired to play Santa with this large roundup of over 125 different unique and cheap stocking stuffer ideas that are all under 5 dollars for everyone on your list. There are ideas for mom, dad and the kids.

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