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My Christmas Wish For You & A Day In My Life

If you are struggling finding the joy in the Christmas season, this is a must read. Here’s my Christmas wish for you.

Hey guys!!! Can you believe we only have two more days til Christmas?! The excitement is overwhelming, isn’t it? You know what I love about Christmas (well one of the many things I love about Christmas)? The slow build up. It’s like the ultimate slow clap, am I right? The Christmas music (seriously what other holiday has it’s own music?!), the advent calendars, the decorations everywhere you look, the preparation, the businesses’ open lights turned off (yes, I’m totally of the mind set that EVERYTHING should be closed for Christmas except for hospitals, etc.)… everyone is preparing to celebrate Christmas together. Everyone is preparing to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Nothing is more exciting.

Baby christmas / winter photo showing 6 month old boy wearing blue beanie sitting in basket with wood background

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you have a Christmas filled with joy, gratitude, celebration, laughter and peace. Whatever your life (or the devil) is throwing at you right now, I pray that you laugh at it in the face and don’t let anything squash your Christmas joy. I know that the holidays can be an especially tough time of the year for many around the world. You may be dealing with memories of Christmas past with loved ones no longer with you or new family dynamics that you’re still not quite used to, feelings of inadequacies as you don’t think you are able to provide enough presents under your tree, the stress of welcoming family into your home that may not always turn into peaceful parties… listen, I get it. To be honest, we have had ROUGH week or two in our house. Personally, I’ve been trying to karate chop the negativity in the face in my house and shove joy so far down its throat it can’t help but start singing Jingle Bells. My wish for you is to do the same.

Lightbox letters spelling out JOY sitting on table

To my fellow mamas, you are the keeper of the joy in your homes. I pray for you strength to seek the joy you may so desperately be missing this year. I am sending you all my feel-good vibes so that you may spread the Christmas spirit to your husband and your littles. I hope that you take a look into the manger at that beautiful baby boy, our Savior, and remember that He was sent to this world on Christmas day many, many, many years ago for YOU. To take your burdens, your worries, your stresses, your anxiety, your feelings of inadequacies, your heartache…he was sent to wipe your slate clean…My Christmas wish for you is that you are able to find joy in the birth of our Savior.

White stone figurine nativity scene on a bed of moss with bark stable

Well, sorry guys… but that was really on my heart this morning when I sat down to write this post, which was really just supposed to be sending you over to Janine’s Little World to check out an interview I did with her about a day in my life as parenting blogger. 

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