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Trending: Checkered Decor

Do you love the latest trend of checkered pattern home decor? Get inspired with these checkered decor finds for your home and DIY ideas!

I’ve noticed something in the recent months when looking at interiors online – whether it is Pinterest or Instagram…. checkerboard print. From a gorgeous living room with a large checkered rug or a home office with a checkered accent wall – the checkered trend is everywhere. 

And I, for one, love it. I especially love it when used sparingly in rooms with neutral colors. But if bright colors are your thing – there’s also plenty of ways to use colorful checkered decor to create more visual interest in your room. 

This checkered decor roundup contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

The classic black and white checkerboard pattern floors have been around forever and there’s a traditional feel to them. They are seriously timeless and will always be a favorite of mine.

Even if it is not your cup of tea, you can appreciate the signature look, right? But new floors are definite a long-term investment, so there’s gotta be a better way to get this look. 

But the latest trend is taking this classic pattern and bring it into other accents and furniture in small doses. I’m talking area rugs or an accent pillow. Or maybe a picture frame or a decorative tray. Even bath towels or a coffee mug. Adding checkered decor room accents, like this, is an easy way to get this look in your living space. 

Checkered Decor: Options To Buy

With this huge resurgence in checkerboard patterns I thought I would round up some of my favorite checkered decor finds from Amazon. I’ve included a variety of décor options below so you can find something that works for your space.

Now, I think these items can fit in with some many different aesthetic styles – from traditional to boho. The key here when playing around with new patterns, especially trendy items, is to just add a little bit at a time. 

Happy shopping! 

A collage of checkered decor products with text overlays saying
  1. Sage Green Checkered Bath Rug
  2. Checkerboard Tray
  3. Checkered Shag Area Rug
  4. Green Hand Towels – get the whole bathroom towel set here
  5. Fluffy Checkerboard Blanket
  6. Peach Throw Pillow
  7. Fuzzy Khaki Throw Pillow
  8. Black and White Picture Frame
  9. Checkerboard Cutting Board
  10. Peel-and-Stick Checkerboard Marble Floor Tiles (Chris Loves Julia brand)
  11. Storage Bin
  12. Colorful Checkerboard Wallpaper – learn how to hang peel and stick wallpaper here
  13. Watercolor Cream Check Wallpaper
  14. Shag Checkered Rug with Neutral Colors
  15. Soap Pump Dispenser
  16. Black and White Knit Blanket
  17. Checkered Cushion (also can be used as couch cover)
  18. Orange Wallpaper
  19. Checkered Candle
  20. Checkerboard Arm Chair
  21. Sage Green and White Wallpaper
  22. Storage Bin
  23. Terracotta and White Boucle Throw Pillow
  24. Checkered Coffee Mug
  25. Dark Olive Throw Blanket
  26. Beige Runner with Tassels
  27. Picture Frame
  28. Tissue Box Cover
  29. Laundry Basket
  30. Terracotta Bud Vase
  31. Checkered Blanket
  32. Tufted Checkerboard Bedding

Checkered Decor: Options to DIY

Photo collage of checkered decor. With text overlays saying

​There’s also some fun DIY ways to get this look in your home! I love these checkered DIY ideas. 

Checkerboard Rug

A DIY checkered jute rug with a chair

Transform a basic jute rug until a checkboard rug with paint and painter’s tape. This is such a great way to get the checkered look on a budget! 

Painted Checkerboard Floor

Painted Checkerboard Floor on outdoor concrete patio

Paint your own checkerboard flooring! I love how this looks on the concrete patio.  

Checkered Mirror Frame

A checkered mirror frame hangs on the wall.

I love how this cute mirror turned out after painting a checkered pattern on the frame with two different colors of paint. 

Checkered Wall with Paint

Checkered Wall with Paint

 Instead of hanging checkered wallpaper, try painting the pattern yourself on the walls! 

Checkerboard Framed Art

A checkerboard pattern art in a frame in a bedroom

Simply paint the checkerboard pattern on a piece of cardboard and pop it in a frame for your walls. So easy! 

Checkered Tile Coasters

Checkered Tile Coasters sitting on countertop with plant and glass of water

How cool are these tile coasters made with small mosaic tiles, meticulously placed in a checkerboard pattern?

Peel and Stick Checkered Flooring

Peel and Stick Checkered Flooring on a bathroom

For a budget-friendly option, you can use two different colors of square peel-and-stick tiles to create your own checkered flooring. 

Checkered Quilt

A green Checkered Quilt

If quilting is your jam, you can make your own quilt with the checkerboard pattern by piecing together squares. 

Painted Throw Blanket with Check Pattern

A Painted Throw Blanket with Check Pattern laying on a couch

You can use fabric paint on a plain throw blanket to make your own checkered throw blanket. 

Checkered Clay Bowls

Checkered Clay Bowls with earrings inside and books underneath.

Make your own clay bowls with a checkered pattern. Love this cute idea. 

Whether you buy it or make it yourself, there’s so many fun ways to add a little bit of checkered decor to your home!

Do you want to see more articles like this covering new interior design trends? Comment below to let me know which one I should cover next! 

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