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Our Little Love Story: Part Three


For Wedding Wednesday today, I’m bringing you the rest of our little love story – which is appropriate because it eventually leads to a wedding.

The wait has been unbearable, hasn’t it? I started our little love story a few months ago and never got the chance to share with you the epic grand finale before I took my little blog hiatus, so today is the day!

Today is the final installation of Our Little Love Story. If you’ve been following along in our love saga, you know that we were left with me just waiting and waiting for Logan to pop the big question. Since it’s been so long, you may need a refresher so check out how we met in Our Little Love Story : Part One and how our little “DTR” (Grandma, that’s cool kid lingo that stands for Determine The Relationship…) almost ruined the beginning of our relationship in Our Little Love Story : Part Two. Without further ado, let’s jump right back into our story.

Since Logan and I had started dating and while I was “waiting”, we’d had a blast with amazing experiences like:


…Attending friends’ weddings….

photo (4)


photo (7)

photo (8)

…Celebrating our one year dating anniversary with a trip to Disneyland, where we become annual pass holders…

photo (3)

…Attending San Diego Padres games, while realizing our style had become way too similar (he’d come a LONG way since college in the neon orange sweatshirt and brown cords)…


…Seeing Zac Brown Band live…

photo (26)

….Converting Logan to a Raiders fan, it was a requirement to be accepted in my family…

photo (27)

….Showing Logan what it was like growing up in my little hometown…

photo (1)

….Enjoying some more friends’ weddings…


….Camping with friends….

One of the things I loved about dating Logan is that we could enjoy the big things…like our often trips to Disneyland… and the little things…like sitting at home and watching TV or cooking dinner together. We ended up living down the street from each other and had settled into a routine of doing life together that I loved. I never wanted things to change… well, that was until something big happened.

One Friday morning, we were carpooling for work. I was beyond tired and hadn’t had my coffee yet. If you know me, you know that I’m not a morning person at all. Needless to say, I was grumpy when he told me to pull the car over. We were only a few blocks from home, I was confused and refused. I said that we needed to get to work and started rambling about what a busy day I was going to have. After some persistence, he finally got me to pull over and handed me some folded papers and told me to open them. I refused again and said that I didn’t have time to read anything right now. One little crack of that smile of his and I decided to open the papers (mostly so we could just move on with the day and get to work). I instantly recognized that the papers were plane tickets. My mind was scrambled (and still half asleep) so it took me a while to put together that the plane tickets were in our names and they were tickets to Hawaii…leaving today. The first thing out of my mouth was… “no, I have to work today!”


Little did I know, he had already arranged the time off of work with my boss, the bags were already packed (his sister was living with me at the time and he had her pack my bags) and my brother, Brad, was anxiously awaiting our arrival. My brother was living in Hawaii at the time and I had recently been talking about how much I missed him and wanted to visit. As reality started to sink in that we were going to Hawaii TODAY, we went and got some much needed coffee. Logan kept the focus of the trip and the surprise to visiting Brad.

With coffee finally flowing through my bloodstream, we ventured to the airport and it started to sink in. We were going to HAWAII! I was so excited to see Brad and go on a little adventure with Logan. While we were traveling Logan kept apologizing about the hotel he booked, saying that it was a dump because he didn’t have any more money after he purchased the plane tickets. I, of course, didn’t care. Brad and Logan made me close my eyes as we pulled up to the hotel and I got out of the car to see this…


Ko'a Kea Hotel and Resort | Poipu Beach | Koloa, HI
The amazing Ko’a Kea Hotel and Resort

At this point, I couldn’t quite figure out who this version of Logan was. It was so uncharacteristic of him so do grand romantic gestures like this. Sure, he was romantic in his own way… but not in this big whisk you off on a surprise vacation kind of way. I was having too much fun soaking it all in that I never really stopped to ask why he was doing this.


Our first day, there we spent it all day at the beach and the pool. We were having so much fun that we forgot to ate lunch and at end of the day I was getting very hangry! I needed to eat NOW. Brad and Logan seemed so hesitant and tried putting off dinner, but I just wasn’t having it. After grabbing a bite to eat, they both seemed to still be acting a bit weird and in a bigggg hurry to get back to the hotel after eating. I couldn’t quite figure it out.

Right when we got back from dinner. Little did I know what was coming next.

When we arrived back at the hotel, Logan said he wanted to go check out what was left of the sunset. As we all started walking down to the beach in front of hotel, Brad answered his cell phone and said that he had to go back to work to lock up because someone forgot their keys (believable story, right?).

Logan and I told Brad bye and continued down to the beach. Right as we stepped our toes onto the sand and the sun was making its final descent, Logan instantly dropped down on his knee and gave me a speech that I don’t remember at all. I do remember that he had started to slip the ring onto my finger when I exclaimed… WAIT, you haven’t asked me yet!! After forcing him to get that little phrase out that I had been waiting for my whole life, I, of course, said yes. I threw my sandals and my sunglasses up in the air and started jumping and hopping around the beach… the sunglasses even got lost!

This was just moments after he popped the question...couldn't be happier!
This was just moments after he popped the question…couldn’t be happier!

I spent the rest of our trip on cloud nine soaking up every bit of sunshine before we ventured home and started planning the wedding (check out all my wedding planning advice here).


If you ask Logan now why he made such a great big grand gesture for our engagement, he’ll tell you that he wanted me to have a “good story” – and boy do we! I love telling our little love story. I will always love telling our little love story for many many years to come.

“Our Beach”

4 thoughts on “Our Little Love Story: Part Three

  1. Dear Chelsea and Logan: reading these three installments today was a treat. Your stories filled me in on the parts of the romance about which I did not know, and it was sweet and great. I like seeing my nephew through your eyes. I know he is committed and wonderful, and it’s great to see it in his love for you. Thanks for the photos, the story and the details, very much. You are a fine niece and glad you are in our family, too. Love, Aunt Mary Pat

  2. It’s funny, but I didn’t ever read that last part. I guess I thought I knew it so well, but reading it now reminds me of the backstory that you may not really know.

    I remember so many things about this. Logan told me he wanted to stay in San Diego to pursue this girl and I’m like, “I’m not paying for that!” and what was this girl like that he said he was staying for. It really was uncharacteristic of him to be so firm about a decision like this. I remember thinking that she must be some kind of wonderful for him to get a job at a yogurt shop and basically “sofa surf” to go after her. Plus, knowing our son like I do, he wasn’t taking this lightly, he was going to get this girl, whatever it took.

    I figured we would get to meet you sooner rather than later, but he was so tender with you and didn’t try to force you to “meet the parents” until you were ready for that and boy did we make you “meet the parents”. Remember that week-end, we watched 6 Star Wars movies, which you had never seen and we all decided if you were going to be part of this family you had to be indoctrinated! We all figured if you could do that, you were well worth the effort and you are DEFINITELY well worth the effort!

    It was such a pleasure to watch our son lovingly and patiently court you and get to know you before he was ready to pop the question. He was very careful to ask both your parents for your had in marriage and it wasn’t easy!!! They lived at the top end of California and you at the bottom, yet it all worked out and they were both so very gracious in how they accepted Logan.

    I’d like to tell you I helped Logan plan that week-end in Hawaii, but it was all him. It was just so exciting for all of us because you had NO clue! And, I want you to know, folks had all kinds of ideas on how Logan should ask for your hand in marriage, but he planned it the way he knew you would appreciate it.

    To say that we are so grateful for you is not enough, we are beyond the moon thankful that you and Logan are married. Not only that, you have given all of us two wonderful grandchildren!

    WE love you so very much!!

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