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Tips for Attending Your Own Bridal Shower

Attending your own bridal shower can be an exciting but nerve-wracking event to look forward to. Here are some tips for attending your own bridal shower from a bride's perspective.

It’s time for another Wedding Wednesday as we make our way through my Ultimate Wedding Checklist and today is all about bridal showers…more specifically about attending your own bridal shower!

So no, I’m not sharing bridal shower planning ideas (although, if you’re looking for some….you’ll love this post on how to host a backyard bridal shower).

Today we’re talking about bridal showers from the bride’s perspective. There are a lot of resources out there for planning your wedding, but something that gets often overlooked is the preparation, nerves, anxiety, and excitement that comes with attending your own bridal shower.

Here are some tips for going to your own bridal shower.

This post contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

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Tips for Attending Your Own Bridal Shower

Get ready to be the center of attention at your own bridal shower.

The bridal shower, whether you like it or not, is in your honor. It’s almost like a birthday party for you on steroids. There will be more attention on you than normal, so just be prepared.

But, on that same note – don’t get too anxious about being in the spotlight. If you are really nervous about being the center of attention or really shy, here are some tips:

  • Know that you’re not alone. Anyone that has been married before has probably had a bridal shower and know that it can be nerve-wracking. It may helpful to tell a friend or two that will be attending that you’re a little nervous and they can be your ally during the shower.
  • Discuss games with the hostess. If you’re worried about being in the spotlight, you can politely ask your hostess to avoid games that would make you the center of attention, like publicly answering questions about your future spouse like in the Newlyweds Game. There are tons of great ideas that won’t put you on the hot seat and will take some of the pressure off of the event. Here are tons of great bridal shower game ideas to pass along to the hostess.
  • Consider a co-ed bridal shower. if you’re really nervous about the whole she-bang, maybe you should consider having a co-ed shower if your man is willing! They are all the rage nowadays and can be a ton of fun. By having your guy at your side, it will take some of the attention off of you and you’ll have a partner there. If you’re really nervous about opening your presents in front of the guests, it can help to have your future hubby there with you through that process.
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Get a manicure or paint your nails before attending your own bridal shower.

There’s going to be some ring gazing at this party. Everyone that hasn’t gotten a good look at your ring yet will want to see it up close and personal. Do yourself a favor and get yourself pampered with a manicure before your bridal shower.

Wear a fun dress that you feel great in for your bridal shower.

To make sure you are as comfortable as possible, grab a fun dress that you feel and look great in! By doing this, you’ll take some of the pressure off of attending your own bridal shower.

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Be sure to write a thank you note to the hostess and consider a small gift.

Bridal showers are a ton of work, energy, and money to plan. Your hostess will likely enjoy throwing for you and be honored, but it would be a nice gesture to show how much you appreciated the bridal shower.

If you want to go the extra step, here are a few great bridal shower hostess thank you gift ideas.

Have fun when attending your own bridal shower!!

There are only a few times in your life that you will get showered with this much love from your closest friends and family. Take a moment and soak it all in and appreciate all of the love!

Are there any other hesitations you have about attending your own bridal shower? Did you already attend your shower? I’d love to hear how it went!

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