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DIY Round Wall Planter (Thrift Shop Upcycle)

A $2 round galvanized metal bin from the thrift store is turned into a modern DIY round wall planter that is so fun and unique! Learn how to create your own at add a little touch of greenery to your walls.

A little touch of greenery or plants in every room can really go a long way. Whether it’s real or faux – there’s just something about green that brings life into the room.

I’m pretty sure I’ve found a way to bring plants (mostly faux because I’m a total black thumb) into just about every room that we’ve touched in this house. If you’re looking for more ways to decorate with greenery, I think you’ll love these creative ideas!

Right now I’m working on getting our little hallway some love! I painted one wall a dark gray color and I’m going to install a grid gallery wall of family pictures. I’m also in the process of creating a wicker basket wall on another.

I thought the refreshed hallway area could use a little touch of life, so I got rid of a boring sign and created this DIY round wall planter!

In today’s post, I’m teaming up with some of my favorite blogging friends for a little thrift shop challenge! We are all transforming items from thrift stores, so be sure to jump around and check out everyone’s projects (linked at the bottom of this post).

Before Picture

A round galvanized metal basket ready to be transformed into a round wall planter

I was pretty excited when I snagged this round metal bin for $2 a few weeks ago. I knew this thrift shop challenge was coming up and I was going to try making this basket into a DIY round wall planter!

I was so excited to find this galvanized basket for my round wall planter project!
Just see how excited I was about this $2 metal basket find!

This DIY round wall planter tutorial contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Materials needed:

Tools needed:

Step 1. Prep & cut wood

Use a pencil to trace the metal circle bin on a small piece of ½” plywood. We had this scrap piece that was perfect. Mark the middle of the circle because we only need a half-circle.

Now to cut the edge of the semi-circle, I had Logan help with that. He used the table saw to cut around the curved edge of the semi-circle getting as close as he could to the edge and then sanded it flat. Here’s a YouTube video that shows the method that he used.

Alternatively, you could use a band saw as well. Learn more about different types of saws here.

You can lightly sand the edges with an orbital sander and 150 grit sandpaper once it’s cut to smooth everything out.

Finish prepping wood by lightly coating it with a few coats of acrylic sealer.

galvanized basket sitting on a counter with a piece of wood in it and a hand holding a glue gun

Step 2. Attach wood to metal circle bin

The wood will attach to the metal circle bin with a little bit of hot glue.

Be sure not to use too much because it will ooze out the front. Remember, the wood won’t really be holding weight, so no need to go overboard with the glue.

Step 3. Add leather strap

The part is totally optional, but I love the little touch of leather added to my DIY round wall planter! I think it gives it a modern and unique look. It also helps add some extra support for the wood getting attached to the metal circle because I chose to wrap the leather around the sides of the metal basket too.

I used my recycled leather (click here to read how I got a ton of free leather!) and cut a 1-inch wide strip with a rotary cutter, clear acrylic ruler, and a cutting mat.

To attach the leather, you can use a little bit of hot glue. Again, not too much because you don’t want it to come out the edges.

I used the backside of the leather for more of a suede look and wrapped it around the edges of the metal bin too!

A hot glue gun is gluing a piece of leather to the side of a galvanized basket with a piece of wood at the bottom
add a piece of faux greenery to your new DIY round wall planeter

Step 4. Add plants to your new round wall planter.

You can either use a recycled shopping bag or some floral foam to set faux plants into place. This just helps grab the end faux plant stem to keep it where you want it.

Metal basket on a white wall with wood and leather that is holding some greenery

Step 5. Hang on wall.

I used some Command picture hanging strips to hang the DIY round wall planter on the wall. I love the Command strips because they can be removed easily without damaging the wall!

This round wall planter looks great hanging on the wall with some faux greenery

I am SO flipping obsessed with how this little thing turned out! I mean, I had a vision – but honestly, it turned out better than what was in my head!

A look at a hanging round wall planter made from a thrifted galvanized tub and some wood

I thought this plant was going to maybe be too big when I grabbed it at Hobby Lobby, but it’s just perfect! I love that it’s a little dramatic.

I love the look of this diy round wall planter! The galvanized metal and rich wood look great with the fresh faux greenery

Now I think it goes without saying, but I thought I would say it anyway…..this is not an actual “PLANTER”…Like, please for the love of all that is holy, don’t go do this tutorial and put dirt and a real plant in it. It won’t last at all! This is only a planter for faux plants! 😉

I’m proud to say that this DIY round wall planter only cost me $2 for the bin and then $10 for the faux greenery – so $12 all in. Everything else, I already had laying around. Pretty good, right?

Considering that I sold the old sign that was previously hung here on Facebook Marketplace for $10 – I almost broke even! How’s that for decorating a house with no money?!

How to make a DIY round wall planter from a galvanized metal bin and some spare wood.

When it comes to creating your thrift shop upcycle project usually all that it takes is a little vision, some inspiration, a lot of imagination, and a small investment.

Thrift Shop Challenge

If you’re stuck wandering the aisles of your thrift stores thinking that everything sucks, maybe my friends and I can help give you some inspiration! Be sure to check out everyone’s projects below – there are some super fun project ideas!

At Charlotte’s House // Making Joy & Pretty Things // Love & Renovations

Making Manzanita // Small Stuff Counts // Green With Decor // Holland Avenue Home

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How To Make A DIY Round Wall Planter

How To Make A DIY Round Wall Planter

Yield: 1 Planter
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $12
A $2 round galvanized metal bin from the thrift store is turned into a modern DIY round wall planter that is so fun and unique! Learn how to create your own at add a little touch of greenery to your walls.




  1. Prep & cut wood
  2. Attach wood to metal circle bin
  3. Add leather strap
  4. Add plants
  5. Hang on wall

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