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How To Pick A Front Door Color (& How To Paint A Door)

If you know that your front door needs some paint love, you may be lost as to choosing front door paint colors or completely confused about how to paint a door. Here are some tips for how to pick a front door color and some tips for painting your front door.

This post is brought to you by Behr Paint and contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

The front door of your house is the first impression for visitors. It is the first thing you see when you come home from a long day. Your front door welcomes you home.

Painting your front door is an easy way to add instant character to this important piece of your exterior. Not to mention, painting your front door adds instant curb appeal.

If you know that your front door needs some paint love, you may be lost as to how to pick a front door color or completely confused about how to paint a door. Don’t worry! You’re in a great place because we’re going to cover all of that in today’s article. 

Today I’m going to share some tips with you on choosing your front door paint color and give you some tips for painting doors.

This fall we took on the big task of painting our exterior…which was long overdue. 

I shared a “before” picture of the hideous paint color in this post of exterior paint prep. I also rounded up house painting supplies so you’d be all set with your tools of the trade.

Today you get a sneak peek at the big reveal with a look at our exterior paint color, trim color, and more importantly, the BEAUTIFUL front door paint color!

Before Picture: Front Door

First, let’s take a look at what we started with…. ugh…

A picture of our front door before we repainted. Our front door was an ugly tan color.

I’m so glad all of that yucky tan/brown color is gone now!

How to choose front door paint colors! Learn how to pick the perfect exterior paint color for your front door.

How To Pick A Front Door Color: 7 Expert Tips

#1: Look for inspiration

I love using Pinterest for home decor inspiration, especially when it comes to colors. I even wrote a whole post about how you can use Pinterest to discover your home decor style

Since Pinterest is incredibly visual, you’re able to quickly scroll through inspirational photos and save any that stand out to you. 

Give it a try… hop on over to Pinterest and search “front door paint colors” and see what you find!

But don’t let it stop there. Take a walk or drive around your neighborhood to see what sort of front door colors others have. This is a great way to make sure that your home’s color palette fits in with your neighborhood. 

#2: Use color theory

If you’re stuck on how to pick a front door color, your first stop should be a color wheel. 

This post does a great job of explaining the basic concept of the color wheel, color schemes and combinations.

Keep in mind what other exterior paint colors you have on your home, like the siding color and trim colors.

For us, we were painting the exterior at the same time that we painted the front door so we were able to develop a color palette that was cohesive.

The body color of the rest of your home makes a huge difference in how to color of your front door looks, so don’t forget to paint samples to make sure they look good together before making a final decision. 

#3: Keep in mind color psychology for your front door

I’m a big believer in the psychology of color, which I mentioned in my article about master bedroom paint colors and nursery colors.

As we cover how to pick a front door color like a pro, I thought it would be helpful to give you a brief understanding of color psychology. 

Here’s a short description of the psychology of color for various hues that you can consider when choosing front-door paint colors for gray houses:

  • Black: Symbolizes elegance, power, and sophistication. A black front door adds a touch of drama and can create a striking contrast against a gray house. Check out some of my favorite black paint colors here!
  • White (Neutrals): Symbolizes purity, tradition & freshness. Painting your front door with neutral colors, like white/gray/tan, will fit in well with all sorts of color schemes. Great for someone that doesn’t want to take the risk of using bright colors on the exterior of your home. 
  • Brown (Wood Tones): Represents stability, warmth, and a connection with nature. It can create a welcoming and earthy vibe for your front door.
  • Yellow: Radiates happiness, optimism, and energy. A yellow door can bring a cheerful and vibrant feel to your entire house.
  • Red: Evokes passion, boldness, and excitement. A red front door can make a strong statement and create a focal point for your home’s entrance.
  • Orange: Symbolizes creativity, enthusiasm, and warmth. It can add a playful and energetic touch to your gray house’s front door.
  • Purple: Represents luxury, creativity, and spirituality. A purple front door can add a sense of opulence and uniqueness to your home’s exterior.
  • Pink: Signifies gentleness, romance, and sweetness. A pink front door can bring a soft and charming look to your gray house.
  • Green: Symbolizes harmony, growth, and renewal. A green door can create a calming and refreshing atmosphere for your front door.
  • Blue: Evokes serenity, tranquility, and stability. A blue door (from navy blue to light blue) can give your home a cool and peaceful vibe.

Remember, these descriptions are based on the general psychology of color, but personal preferences and the specific context of your home should also be considered when choosing the perfect front door color.

#4: Think outside of the box

Don’t get stuck inside the box of what you think your front door paint color should be. Be bold and try something unique!

#5: Go with your gut

I love evaluating lots of options when it comes to paint colors through either paint swatches, paint samples, or even Behr’s Color Smart, where you can try out different color combinations. 

But when it comes down to decision time, I usually have a feeling in my gut…even if my mind doesn’t know it quite yet. Go with your gut when it comes to front door paint colors.

#6: Remember it’s only paint

If you have major commitment issues, painting your front door can be a scary project. Maybe you’re thinking…”but…what if I hate it?!” and you know what…I’m going to be honest with you here…there’s a chance you could. 

But remember, it’s only paint. It can always be fixed with more paint! Painting your front door only requires a small amount of paint, so it’s not a major investment one way or the other.

#7: Don’t forget to check the rules of your HOA or CRR

Before busting out the paint to change the color of your front door, don’t forget to check with your HOA (Home Owners Association) or CRR (Convenents, Rules and Restrictions).

A lot of times they have either specific paint colors that you are able to use or they will want you to stick with a more traditional color, like neutral shades. Even though your personal style may be to have a bold color choice, like a lime green front door, you’ve gotta follow the rules of your neighborhood (if you have them).

Otherwise, you could be fined or asked to change the color of your front door a second time, which would be a big pain. 

For more tips and tricks about choosing paint colors, check out this article which walks you through my entire 4-step process for how to choose paint colors!

Are you ready to see what front door paint color we chose?!

Our new front door paint color! We chose In The Moment T18-15 by Behr, which balanced well with the black we chose for our home paint color.

Ta DA!!!

Our new front door paint color is In The Moment T18-15 by Behr! This charming light mint green-blue pops against the dark color of our home's exterior.

Do you love it as much as I do??  

I had been majorly stumped on a color that would both contrast with our exterior paint color (which by the way is Black Bamboo by Behr – an olive shade of forest green) and is a good complement. 

Then one day I was looking at Behr’s color trends for 2018 and I saw it…..the perfect color! 

This shade of green is called In The Moment. Ironically it is the Behr Color of the Year for 2018. I guess I’m jumping on the bandwagon and never looking back because I LOVE IT.

Comparing our new front door paint color with our home's exterior paint color. Our front door is painted a light mint green, and our home is painted a deep forest green. In The Moment and Bamboo Black, both by Behr.
How to paint a front door - learn the tips and tricks for easily choosing a new front door paint color and painting your home's front door.

4 Tips For How To Paint A Door

Front Door Paint Color Source List & Supplies:

#1: Clean your door before starting

Ours had recently been pressure washed as one a part of our exterior paint preparation, so we just gave it a quick wipe with some disinfecting wipes to make sure the dirt and dust were gone.

If yours needs a more thorough washing before painting, TSP is a great cleaner to use before painting.

#2: Follow this general order for painting a door

This is the order we used to paint our front door. The most important part is that you do the ridges of the panels first, then the panels, then the horizontal pieces, and lastly the vertical.

*Yes, I know there is no #7, haha. Just move onto #8 after #6.*

How to paint a front door - an image of a front door with numbers and arrows all over, showing the correct order in which to paint a front door.

#3: Use a paint & primer to save time

The paint we use is Behr’s Marquee line and it already has a primer in it. Pay close attention to see if your front door paint has primer added. If not, you’ll need to prime the door before painting.

We highly recommend the Marquee line by Behr, which we used on our whole exterior. It was well worth the extra money because we only had to do one coat, which saved us a TON of time and money.

#4: Work quickly

Get all your supplies ready because once you start painting the door, you don’t want to stop. Stopping (even for a couple of minutes) allows the paint a chance to dry up a tad and get sticky, which will lead to noticeable strokes.

It is best if you could work quickly to get the paint on the door while everything is wet.

We love how our front door paint color turned out! It makes such a difference having a fun-colored front door. 

We instantly added a ton of curb appeal to our home. We couldn’t be happier with Behr’s Color of the Year – In the Moment – and the Marquee line.

One more look at that dramatic before and after, shall we?

Before and After photos from painting  the front door a new shade of paint. Front Door Paint colors are Behr In The Moment T18-15 Color of the Year 2018

Once you get your front door painted, it’s time to decorate that front porch!  Check out these front porch ideas for tons of inspiration!

I’m obsessed with how the newly painted front door looks! The light green color works well with the main color of our exterior and I’m just so happy with how it turned out. It really makes a great first impression, don’t you think?

What would you choose for a front door paint color?

Let me know in the comment below!!

How To Paint Front Door

How To Paint Front Door

Yield: 1
Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $45

Want to switch up the color of your front door? Here's how to choose the perfect front door paint color, plus tips on how to easily paint your front door.


  1. Clean your door before starting.
  2. Follow the general order of painting the door.
  3. Use a paint & primer to save time.
  4. Work quickly.

26 thoughts on “How To Pick A Front Door Color (& How To Paint A Door)

  1. Chels!!! I love this door so much! I’ve actually been contemplating a front door color. It’s currently red. I’ve been wondering about a navy blue. We have cedar siding so I’m a little unsure.

  2. I cannot decide what color would look good with our plain red brick.
    It really is an ugly color of brick! Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Vivian…. usually Black pairs well with brick (like this – Or something more bold like a light teal (similar to this: You can take a look at Pinterest for tons of color combinations with a red brick house to see what you like best! Behr also has a really cool tool online where you can upload your picture and change colors to see it on your actual house. It’s pretty easy to use too! You can check it out here:

  3. I can’t fogure out what color would look good with a light brown siding and black shutters. The door is currently black but I don’t love it. I would like to add a pop of color. I love the blue of the door you chose but am not sure how that would look with the brown and black. Please help! Haha

  4. Can you please recommend a door color that would pair well with a light blue grey house exterior? I almost faint in front of all the paint swatches at the hardware store. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! We currently have a light blue house and I recently painted my front doors black and I love the combination. You can see it here:

      If you are stuck on paint colors, I would recommend taking a walk (or drive) around your neighborhood and checking out some of the other color schemes that are popular. It always looks best if you match the style of the surrounding homes. Take a few pictures of paint colors you love and then grab a few samples to test out before deciding.

  5. What kind of roller, sponge brush or other brush should I use while painting my front door, also should it be matte, or eggshell or what type?

    1. We usually use an angled paint brush for the edges of the panels, a 3/8 nap 4 inch roller for the rest. We always use semi-gloss paint sheen for baseboards, trim and doors so that they are more durable and easy to clean. For exterior doors, be sure you’re using exterior paint. 🙂

  6. I have a 70’s ranch/cottage style home with a long front porch. The roof lines give it interest, with brown architectural shingles. It is now painted a neutral creamy green, but I want a creamy white color. I’m getting carriage house garage doors in Sandstone. What is a good creamy white color and front door color. The door is stained now, but needs to be redone.

    1. Hi Linda! A creamy white color on your front door sounds great! I love Palais White by Behr (which I used as our trim color on our exterior seen in this post around the front door). Simply White (also by Behr) looks like a good option too! Good luck!

  7. At what point do you do the edges of the door (if that makes sense)? I am afraid I’m going to have a line of paint on the other side of the door if I don’t do it right.

  8. Hi! What door colour would you recommend for a light grey house with medium /dark grey trim and charcoal roof ?

  9. I live in the southwest and our home is a tan neutral stucco. Part of the house is a neutral rock trim around bottom. Very boring. What color would you recommend for my front door?

    1. With tan and neutral color schemes, I love the way a black front door contrasts or something else in the “natural” color scheme of your surrounding environment. What I mean by that is the colors you see in the landscaping (greens from trees, lighter green tones found in succulents and cacti, terracotta found in clay dirt, etc). I love to pull in colors that fit naturally so it looks cohesive. Use that as your inspiration!

  10. I’m looking to have my exterior front door repainted the door is currently burgundy the house has gray siding white trim,w/ dark gray on the peek of the garage has black railing on porch also has some stone/ brick gold dark gray this is a 2 year old ranch.I’m looking for a pop of color something greenish or!

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