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22 Front Door Paint Colors to Inspire You

Are you stumped trying to figure out what color to paint your front door? Get inspired today with these 22 gorgeous front door paint colors!

One of the things that people definitely get very overwhelmed with is choosing paint colors, specifically front door paint colors.

I get comments and emails all of the time from readers asking for asking on what color to paint their front door. Whether they are commenting directly on this article about choosing front door paint colors and emailing me directly, it’s safe to say ya’ll could use some front door paint color inspiration.

So today I’m sharing 21 gorgeous front door paint colors to inspire you. There’s something for everyone. From dark to light, bright to muted, and everything in between…I’m sure you’ll find a front door paint color you’ll love!

Today I'm sharing 21 gorgeous front door paint colors to inspire you. There's something for everyone. From black to white, bright to muted, and everything in between...I'm sure you'll find a front door paint color you'll love!

Front Door Paint Colors to Inspire You

Non-traditional Front Door Paint Colors

Looking for something with a little more fun? Check out these gorgeous colorful paint colors for your front door for a more unique idea!

Black Front Door Paint Colors

Blue Front Door Paint Colors

Painting your front door is an easy way to add instant character to this important piece of your exterior. Not to mention, painting your front door adds instant curb appeal.

When you’re selecting front door paint colors, keep these tips in mind:

  • Look for inspiration online and in real life: whether you find the front door paint color that you are looking for in this post or you find it online through Instagram or Pinterest – keep your eyes peeled for color combinations that you’re drawn to. If you are stuck on paint colors, I would also recommend taking a walk (or drive) around your neighborhood and checking out some of the other color schemes that are popular. It always looks best if you match the style of the surrounding homes. Take a few pictures of paint colors you love and then grab a few samples to test out before deciding.
  • Use the natural color scheme of your surrounding environment: I love using colors pulled from in the “natural” color scheme of your surrounding environment. What I mean by that is the colors you see in the landscaping of your area (for example, greens from trees, lighter green tones found in succulents and cacti, terracotta found in clay dirt, etc). I love to pull in colors that fit naturally so it looks cohesive. Use that as your inspiration!
  • Use color theory and color psychology: If you’re stuck on choosing your front door paint color, your first stop should be a color wheel. This post does a great job of explaining the basic concept of the color wheel, color schemes and combinations.
  • Think outside of the box: Don’t get stuck inside the box of what you think your front door paint color should be. Be bold and try something unique!
  • Go with your gut: I love evaluating lots of options when it comes to paint colors through either paint swatches, paint samples, or even Behr’s Color Smart, where you can try out different color combinations. But when it comes down to decision time, I usually have a feeling in my gut…even if my mind doesn’t know it quite yet. Go with your gut when it comes to front door paint colors.
  • It’s only paint: If you have major commitment issues, painting your front door can be a scary project. Maybe you’re thinking…” but…what if I hate it?!” and you know what…I’m going to be honest with you here…there’s a chance you could. But remember, it’s only paint. It can always be fixed with more paint! Painting your front door only requires a small amount of paint, so it’s not a major investment one way or the other.

Hopefully, you’re inspired and ready to choose the next front door paint color for your home! What is your favorite paint color shared in this article?

Let us know in the comments below!

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