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9 Things To Do Before You Paint The Exterior Of Your Home

If you’re thinking about painting your exterior, these 9 things to do before you paint the exterior of your home is a must-read! Being prepared for a big DIY project like this is essential.

If you’re reading this, chances are you have decided to take on the major project of painting the exterior of your home yourselves. It’s a big DIY project, so my hats are off to you.

There are many things that need to be considered and completed before you just start painting the exterior of your home. Planning and preparation are essential for painting the exterior of your home.

Today I’m going to walk you through 9 things you need to do before you paint the exterior of your home.

We recently decided to take on painting the exterior of our home and boy was it needed! We had put it off for FAR TOO long.

After learning so much while we were painting the exterior of our home, we can’t wait to share it all with you and show you the VERY dramatic transformation soon!

Here’s the hideous before…

Before you paint the exterior of your home follow along and find out these 9 things to do to get prepared

From the moment we moved in, I’ve wanted to paint the exterior. But, there were a lot of other projects that were prioritized ahead of this. So we’ve been staring at this horrible paint color for way too long.

This post contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Are you ready to see 9 things to do before you paint the exterior of your home?

These 9 things to do before you paint the exterior of your home are super helpful and get you ready for such a large job
Choosing an exterior paint type is the first step and when doing such a large job you will want to pick a paint that will last the longest

1. Choose your exterior paint type.

We decided to go with Behr’s Marquee line, with is their “best of the best” line. We have always been huge Behr paint fans and loved the way our interior paint turned out.

If you’re going to go with Behr, here’s a great breakdown of their different lines so you can compare what works best for your project.

2. Choose your exterior paint color.

This is the fun part…or for some, maybe it’s the overwhelming part. Long before we started thinking about when we were going to paint the exterior, we were thinking about exterior paint colors.

We go on a lot of walks around our neighborhood on a regular basis. One thing that we were looking for was colors that were used on other homes.

Many of the homes surrounding ours are newer and more of a craftsman style with earthy paint tones. We wanted to choose something that would be dramatic, earthy, more modern, and fit in better with our neighborhood.

We had seen a dark green with tan trim on some other homes nearby and loved the way it looked.

By choosing a white trim, we got the more dramatic look we were going for.

We used Behr Black Bamboo for the siding, Behr In The Moment for the front door, and Palais White for the garage door and trim.

Further Reading – Need more help choosing paint colors? Check out the BEHR Designer Collection for a set of 30 fool-proof colors.

3. Check the weather.

This step is not to be overlooked. It’s important that the weather is good when you are planning on painting the exterior of your home.

You can’t paint in the rain, so don’t even try.

You also shouldn’t paint in direct sunlight, so that may require some planning on which sides to start first based on the way the sun hits your house.

The perfect weather for painting the exterior of your home is a little cloudy, but no moisture or rain.

4. Get a babysitter.

No…but seriously…. painting the exterior of your home is hard work. Don’t make it harder while juggling your little ones.

Unless they are old enough to help out, get some extra help. 

I got off easy when we were painting our home because my brother had just moved here and helped Logan with a majority of the hard work, so I stayed inside with our little one.

5. Gather your tools.

If you’re wondering what the heck kind of supplies you need for painting your exterior, don’t worry. I have you covered with a whole post of 15 things you need when painting your exterior.

Remove anything nailed or attached before you paint the exterior of your home. Now is the time to fill any holes from hanging decor

6. Remove anything attached to your exterior.

Window screens, shutters, exterior lights, welcome signs, address signs, those cute little planter boxes under your window….remove it all!

You want to be sure that you paint behind all of these in case you (or someone that buys your house later) want to remove these.

It’s also great to be able to clean behind these things…which brings us to our next thing to do before you paint the exterior of your home.

In order to ensure a good bond you should pressure wash the exterior of your home to get any and all dust and debris off

7. Pressure wash the entire house.

If you’re thinking….”I don’t have a pressure washer, can’t I just use my hose?”…well, you can.

But, it’s not going to work that well. And getting a clean surface to paint on is very important for paint adhesion.

You can rent a pressure washer from Home Depot or ask around and see if you have any of your friends and family have one you could borrow for the weekend.

Take the time to replace any rotting wood or siding before you paint to make sure the painting job lasts

8. Replace any rotted siding or fascia boards.

If your home has been sitting and crying for some new paint for a while, chances are that you may have some warped siding or even rotted fascia boards.

Take the extra time to replace all of that now, instead of just covering it up with paint.

You’ll be happy when your paint job lasts A LOT longer on fresh surfaces versus rotted wood that’s not going to last much longer.

As you can see from the photo above, we had a big chunk of siding that needed to be replaced on the backside of our house.

Before you paint the exterior of your home be sure to scrap and sand off any lose paint so the new paint doesn't chip off

9. Sand or scrape chipped paint surfaces.

There may be areas of your exterior surface that have chipped paint. I know ours had plenty. 

Be sure to sand these down with a hand sander, so you are painting on a smooth surface Alternatively, you could scrape this chipped paint as well.

If you are planning to paint your exterior, there is some definite prep work that shouldn’t be overlooked.

By making sure you are prepared with the right paint, color, tools, weather forecast, and children-free, you will be ready to tackle this DIY painting project.

The first few steps of making sure the surface you are painting is clean and chipped paint-free are essential for a long-lasting exterior paint job.

These 9 things to do before you paint the exterior of your home take the guesswork out of where to start.


3 thoughts on “9 Things To Do Before You Paint The Exterior Of Your Home

  1. You made a great point about having a pressure washer to make sure that dirt has been washed off from the surface before painting. One of my pet peeves is when a paintbrush collects dirt and just smudges it all over while painting. I wonder how professionals do jobs like this without much hassle.

  2. My brother has been preparing his beach house for the second round of vacation stayovers and I want to help him out. I found it really useful how you stated that pressure washing a house before getting an exterior coat of paint is a good idea because the beach house usually gets a lot of sand blown onto it from the wind so this might make a lot of uneven and rough surfaces while painting. Once we find a pressure washer we can borrow, we’ll be sure to get some help from a painting contractor. Thank you for the article!

  3. You made a great point when you said it’d be a good idea to replace any rotting or broken boards on a building before painting it. I’ve been looking into renovating our family’s old lakehouse and giving it a new shade of paint. I assume there may be some rotting boards around it since it has been in disrepair for a few years now so having those replaced before hiring an exterior painting service should be the first thing I do.

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