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BEHR Designer Collection: New Collection Of Fool-Proof Paint Colors for Your Home

Choosing the right paint color for the job is a daunting task. But recently, BEHR created the BEHR Designer Collection, a palette of tried and true paint colors to help DIYers, like you, recreate designer-worthy projects. These are some of BEHR’s most popular paint colors, ranging from smooth whites and creams to classic grays and bold accent colors. Learn more about these paint colors from their latest collection.

When choosing a paint color, you might find yourself overwhelmed. There are seriously SO MANY options when you go to the home improvement store and stare at the huge wall of paint swatches.

So you may find yourself researching the “best Behr white paint” or “best Behr neutral paint colors”. With BEHR’s Designer Collection, all of that has been done for you!

This color palette is the alpha and omega of paint color lists. Finally a set of fool-proof paint colors for your home!

The BEHR Designer Collection features 30 of the best-selling and most popular BEHR paint colors. We’ve even used a few of these in our whole house color scheme.

The Collection was created by design professionals as a way to suggest Behr’s top options for those who want classic colors that also work with the latest design trends.

Plus, just about every single color would play well with any other color from the palette, which I think is a major bonus. Now, it’s simply plug-and-play…that’s expert advice I can really get behind!

This BEHR Designer Collection guide contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

Designer Approved Neutral & Accent Paint Colors from BEHR

This hyper-curated color palette includes 30 top white, neutral, and a handful of accent colors that are most recommended by professional designers all to help DIYers (like you!) create beautiful homes with unique styles. 

Here is the complete palette of the best BEHR neutral paint colors designer-approved paint colors (with color codes!) from BEHR:

  1. Whipped Cream: DC-001
  2. Statement White: DC-002
  3. Blank Canvas: DC-003 (BEHR’s 2023 color of the year!)
  4. Winter White: DC-004
  5. Natural White: DC-005
  6. First Snow: DC-006
  7. Ultra Pure White: PPU18-06
  8. Swiss Coffee: 12
  9. White: 52
  10. Cameo White: MQ3-32
  11. Linen White: 70
  12. Antique White: 23
  13. Even Better Beige: DC-010
  14. Tranquil Gray: DC-007
  15. Gratifying Gray: DC-008
  16. Vintage Pewter: DC-009
  17. Dove: HDC-MD-21
  18. Chic Gray: PPU26-10
  19. Greige: PPU24-11
  20. Grey Mist: HDC-CT-21
  21. Platinum: PPU26-11
  22. Classic Silver: PPU18-11
  23. Basketry: PPU4-05
  24. Adirondack Blue: N480-5
  25. Cracked Pepper: PPU18-01
  26. Jungle Camouflage: N350-4
  27. Vine Leaf: N400-7
  28. Dark Everglade: HDC-CL-21A
  29. Midnight Blue: N480-7
  30. Black: Black

Best BEHR White & Cream Paint Colors

Neutral-based paint colors serve as the anchor for many homes. With the best of Behr’s creams and whites, you instantly have a blank canvas for your space!

Pair any of these shades with a bold accent color (like green) for an on-trend look or with a semi-neutral gray for a calming, soothing atmosphere.

Incorporate different patterns, textures, and decor items unique to your style to create the perfect space for you.

You can never go wrong with these classic, timeless paint colors.

Choosing white and cream paint colors can be overwhelming and intimidating. Check out BEHR's best white and cream paint colors to narrow things down so you can choose a white paint for your interiors with confidence.

Here are Behr’s best white and cream paint colors:

Whipped Cream: Light and fresh, this shade adds a little bit of playfulness to your home. This paint color will lighten up any small room and reflect plenty of natural light. This color is very similar to Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, which is very popular with designers and bloggers.

Statement White: Make a statement with this bold, white paint color. This sophisticated shade would be the perfect backdrop for a formal living area or dining room.

Behr's Blank Canvas is a beautiful shade of creamy warm white that works with any home decor style, which is why it was named 2023's color of the year from Behr Paint company. I love how it looks painted in this entryway with white vertical shiplap wall and a wood door.
Learn more about BEHR Blank Canvas here (and see lots of extra pictures!)

Blank Canvas: With this shade, anyone can be an artist! Named Behr’s 2023 Paint Color of the Year, Blank Canvas is the ideal shade for limitless possibilities in any home.

Winter White: Frosty, icy vibes! This cool white color gives off just a hint of the lightest gray for a polished and refined atmosphere.

Natural White: An elegant shade of cream! Like a classic eggshell color, this shade of white is warm and comforting to the eyes. It’s the perfect shade to blend with bold accent colors and textures.

First Snow: This gentle shade of creamy white is fresh, soft, and powdery – just like the first snow of the season. 

Behr Ultra Pure White painted in the living room from Justine Celina's home pictured empty here looks great with tan trim and rich wood flooring.
Ultra Pure White in Justine Celina’s home. She has tons more photos of the paint color here!

Ultra Pure White: Just like the name, this shade of white is sharp, crisp, and classic! It’s the perfect paint color to use as a blank canvas.

Behr Swiss coffee looks amazing painted on the walls of this bedroom from Most Lovely Things with white floating shelves filled with black and white pictures paired with white bedding on the bed
How perfect is this bedroom painted with Behr Swiss Coffee from Most Lovely Things?!

Swiss Coffee: Frothy and warm like foam on a latte! This creamy shade is the perfect color for painting on trim (baseboards and window trim) and doors because it hides a lot! It has great warm undertones.

Bet you didn't know that you could paint a tile backsplash. This painted backsplash from Sustain my Craft Habit is painted with Behr white
Did you even know that you can paint a backsplash?! Check out this painted tile backsplash with Behr White from Sustain my Craft Habit!

White: Pure and simple, this is the classic shade of white. With subtle hints of blue, this cool white paint color adds tranquility and serenity to your space. It works great with coastal styles.

Cameo White from Behr Paint is a great pearly white paint color that looks great painted on the walls in this bedroom from Caitlin Mair Deisgn with gray carpeting, cream linen curtains and a bed with white bedding
Cameo White is the perfect backdrop for this bedroom from Caitlin Marie Design.

Cameo White: This pearly white paint color is charming, simple, and perfect for any room in your home.

We love the warm creamy shade of Behr's linen white painted on the arch accent in this moody office paired with Midnight in NY on the walls
Linen White color used for painted arch, paired with the moody Midnight in NY wall color in boho office

Linen White: This warm and inviting shade of soft white with warm yellow undertones adds a soothing touch to any room. We used this when we painted arches on the wall in our modern boho office.

Behr Antique White paint color looks great on this Christmas tree box stand with hints of beige and warm color undertones
Antique White painted on Christmas tree box

Antique White: With subtle hints of beige with warm undertones, Antique White adds a soft glow to the walls. We used this on our DIY Christmas tree box stand and it looks great!

This warm beige color, called Even Better Beige, from Behr Paint looks great painted on the exterior of this modern home with wood paneling accents and black frame windows.
Even Better Beige looks great on this modern exterior (Source)

Even Better Beige: This warm and distinctive shade of beige is a versatile neutral that’s not your average beige paint color.  If you’ve ever heard of the super popular Sherwin William’s Accessible Beige, this is BEHR’s version of that as a comparable color.

Best BEHR Gray Paint Colors

Gray walls gained major popularity in the last several years. Now, they are considered a classic. 

There are so many different variations of gray: Light gray. Dark gray. Green gray. Blue-gray. Warm gray. Cold gray. Soft gray. Pale gray. Silver gray. Greige. 

If you’re wanting to incorporate gray walls into your home, you’re likely completely and utterly overwhelmed with ALL of the options. So, the next time you’re on the hunt for a gray paint color, refer back to this list from Behr’s expert designers.

There are so many different shades of gray paint that it can feel very overwhelming. Choose a warm gray paint color with confidence using the Behr Designer Collection!

Here are Behr’s best gray paint colors:

Tranquil Gray: This taupe-gray shade creates stillness and harmony. It’s gentle on the eyes and the perfect paint color for creating a tranquil space. This gray paint color is very similar to the trendy Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray that designers and bloggers swear by.

This medium gray paint color, called Gratifying Gray from Behr Paint, is very similar to the popular Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray
Source: Behr, Gratifying Gray painted on the wall behind the bed

Gratifying Gray: This shade of gray brings complete satisfaction. It’s the perfect medium-gray that is comparable to Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray.

Vintage Pewter: This brownish-gray is a blend of old and new. This is an excellent choice for a neutral paint color.

Dove: As a chameleon color, this shade can waffle between a creamy white neutral and a light gray (also known as “greige”). This soothing paint color is uplifting, peaceful, and gentle.

Behr Chic gray is a great option if you're looking for a warm and inviting gray paint color! It looks great painted on the walls in this farmhouse little girl's nursery.
We love Chic Gray painted on the walls in our little girl farmhouse nursery.

Chic Gray: Chic Gray is warm, and inviting, and adds a cozy touch. We have this warm, sophisticated gray color painted on the walls in Quinn’s little girl nursery, our modern farmhouse bathroom, and laundry room.

Greige: This stone gray is a blend of gray and beige. In case you are on the fence, this is the perfect solution.

Behr Grey Mist is a beautiful soft greige paint color that works well with white and black accents for a modern look, like when painted on this bathroom vanity from Lemon Thistle.
I love this vanity painted with Grey Mist from Lemon Thistle.

Grey Mist: Calm and tranquil, Grey Mist is a soft greige color that would blend well with lighter neutral colors and textures, as well as bolder accent colors for a sophisticated look.

Platinum: This light gray paint color is true gray. It’s soft and soothing. It is a dove gray with a silvery-green undertone. Depending on the light source or time of day, it may appear as a shaded gray on the walls.

Classic Silver: Classic Silver is a popular light gray paint color that is the traditional gray. Behr even called this color their “truest gray” in this article where they describe it as “the perfect balance between warm and color gray.”

Best BEHR Darker Accent Colors

There’s nothing moodier than a big, bold, accent color. I love accent colors on a single wall (like a dark shiplap wall), kitchen islands, dining furniture, DIY wainscoting, and more. It’s a great way to incorporate a bolder color that you wouldn’t typically use on all four walls.

We did this in our son’s room, with a mountain mural wall, using a neutral paint color as a base and incorporating darker shades within the mural design. We also used a similar technique with two-toned walls in our master bedroom.

These darker accent colors add major drama, emphasis, and really liven up any room.

Accent colors are great to add a little bit of color to a room with a painted accent wall, painted on furniture or kitchen cabinets or an island. If you're stumped what accent colors, check out these best darker accent paint colors from the BEHR Designer Collection

Here are the hottest accent colors in the BEHR Designer Collection:

Basketry: A unique shade of khaki, this color brings about feelings of comfort and homey-ness to any room. It is a warm brown with an orange tone. It reminds me a bit of a muted terracotta color, kind of like the one I used on this painted vase. This color is like an instant “welcome home”.

BEHR's adirondack blue is a pretty shade of grayish dusty blue that looks great painted on the front door of this house painted with white trim and exterior paneling
Adirondack Blue is the perfect touch painted on this front door.

Adirondack Blue: This grayish dusty shade of blue is stately, calming, and echoes refined sophistication. This would be a beautiful accent color on a kitchen island or accent wall.

These kitchen cabinets from Bigger Than The Three of Us are dark and moody with a modern style, looking lovely painted with Behr's Cracked Pepper.
I’m in love with this gorgeous kitchen from Bigger Than The Three Of Us painted with Cracked Pepper on the cabinetry.

Cracked Pepper: It’s a dark punchy color that adds a nice spice to any room. This rich gray shade instantly brings any space to life. 

Behr Jungle Camouflage looks great painted on this interior door from The Blushing Bungalow. it's a pretty shade of gray and green that pairs well with white walls.
I love these door makeovers from The Blushing Bungalow, where she incorporated Jungle Camouflage

Jungle Camouflage: This relaxed gray-green is limitless and versatile. It can transform any room into a casual space or a more formal setting with a single coat!

Vine Leaf: As a beautiful, bold green, this garden-inspired hue adds tranquility and calmness to any space.

If you're looking for a bold green paint color to use on kitchen cabinets, try Dark Everglade from Behr Paint. It looks great here paired with brass hardware, cream backsplash and countertop.
Dark Everglade looks great in this green kitchen.

Dark Everglade: Dark Everglade is a blackish-green shade of paint that is reminiscent of coastal mangroves and rich wetlands. This would be a stunning accent color!

Midnight Blue from Behr Paint is a deep blueish-gray with a hint of black. It looks great painted on this vertical entryway from Small Stuff Counts with square grid board and batten and a narrow console table
Midnight Blue looks great painted on this navy blue entryway from Small Stuff Counts

Midnight Blue: Midnight Blue is a deep blueish-gray with a hint of black that echoes serenity and restfulness.

Black is a timeless color that always adds character to a space. It looks amazing painted on exterior doors, like this windowed french doors.
Painting exterior doors with Behr’s Black is always a good choice!

Black: As deep and rich as a color can get. While unexpected, Black is a timeless color that adds depth and character to any room. Use this as an accent color on a wall or kitchen island or use it outside! We have this color painted on our french doors at the front of our house and on the back deck, on the trim of these DIY planter boxes, and on our outdoor vertical garden.

Choosing the right paint color that’s timeless and on-trend can be quite overwhelming. With the Behr Designer Collection, there are endless combinations for the most beautiful and stylish space you can make your own.

What is your favorite color in the BEHR Designer Collection?

Let us know in the comments!

Use this Behr Designer Collection to create your own home color palette using this tried and true designer approved paint colors for interiors.

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