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How To Build A Christmas Tree Box Stand with Shiplap

Looking to add more farmhouse style to your Christmas decorations this year? This DIY tree collar was so easy to build and we’re going to show you the whole process in this Christmas tree box stand step by step tutorial!

Thank you to DAP Products for sponsoring this Christmas tree box stand project All opinions are entirely my own. This post also contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

shows a Christmas tree with a shiplap box stand with overlay text that says easy Christmas tree stand

Every year when we put up the Christmas tree, I always find myself wanting one of those cool Christmas tree box stands. This year, we finally made it happen!

This DIY tree collar was so easy to build and we’re going to show you the whole process in this step by step tutorial!

shows Weldwood glue, wood filler and shiplap on a workbench in garage

Loving our new Christmas tree stand! 🎄 The velcro is my favorite part! 🤯 #diywithdap #sponsored by DAP #christmas #christmastree #diy

♬ Sleigh Ride – Tori Kelly

Supplies to build a Christmas tree box stand:

shows a man using a miter saw to cut shiplap

Step 1. Cut wood to size.

First use your miter saw to cut all of the wood pieces to size. Our Christmas tree box stand measures 22″ on each side to make a square and is roughly 10″ tall.

Be sure to measure your Christmas stand first to determine the exact size of your box. You’ll want to add a couple inches around the edge of the tree stand for wiggle room so it’s not too tight around the base of your tree, which would make it hard to put on.

shows a man using a brad nailer to put the nails into the box

Step 2. Assemble Christmas tree box sides.

Using a brad nailer and 1 inch nails, assemble each side of the Christmas tree box. Two sides will be 22″ wide in total (front and back), whereas the sizes will measure 20 1/2″ wide to fit together as a perfect square.

As you nail each piece together, add in a little wood glue behind each trim piece before you nail down with the brad nailer.

shows wood filler being applied with finger to nail holes
shows a man using a sander on the edge of the shiplap tree stand

Step 3. Fill nail holes and gaps.

Once assembled, fill every nail hole and gap on trim with DAP’s Premium Wood Filler. Once dried (takes about 4 hours), sand smooth with orbital sander and 220 grit sandpaper.

shows someone painting the shiplap tree box stand

Step 4. Paint tree collar pieces.

Paint everything with off white paint (or any color you choose)! You should only need one coat of paint since everything is pre-primed.

shows the velcro edges on the ends of the christmas tree collar with an arrow pointing and text overlay that says velcro edges

Step 5. Attach velcro to edges.

My favorite part of this whole Christmas tree box stand is the fact that it easily comes apart to store flat. The sides attach with velcro, so simple – right?!

Just attach the sticky velcro to the edges. If you need extra reinforcement to get the velcro to stick, DAP Rapid Fuse will do the trick!

Just press it into place for 30 seconds to set. Then let the Rapid Fuse cure for 30 minutes before you pull on the velcro.

Here’s a closer look at the Christmas tree box details before we put it around the tree:

shows the shiplap tree stand pieces laying on the ground to show that they store flat
All four pieces separate so you can store the box flat!
shows the shiplap put together to make the Christmas tree box stand
zoomed in corner detail on the shiplap christmas tree box stand with velcro on edges
Fit together perfectly like a puzzle
shows the shiplap tree box stand with flocked Christmas tree

Step 6. Place Christmas tree box stand around your Christmas tree.

When you’re all done, just prop the pieces of the DIY tree collar around your Christmas tree. And TA DA! 🙂

shows an upward angled photo of the Christmas tree and the shiplap tree stand box

I love the extra character it adds to our Christmas tree. With the off white paint finish, it really brightens up the bottom under the tree and provides a perfect backdrop for the presents under the tree.

shows another angle Christmas tree collar and flocked christmas tree

This project was super budget friendly! We were able to build this Christmas tree collar almost entirely out of scrap wood with the leftover shiplap pieces from our office shiplap ceiling project. We just needed to buy 3 pieces of 8 foot 1×3 trim, which was pretty inexpensive. Everything else we had on hand, win win!

shows the Christmas tree with the wooden box stand made with shiplap with farmhouse style decorations

The best part is that when it’s time to clean up your Christmas decorations, you just pull the pieces apart with the velcro edges and store flat!

I will also be putting a sturdy trash bag around mine to protect it from dust in the garage, where we keep our Christmas decorations. I love that we don’t have a big, bulky box to store every year!

Would you build a Christmas tree box stand to add to your Christmas decorations?

Let us know in the comments below!

shows the wooden box and Christmas tree with overlay text that says how to build a tree stand

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