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DIY Dreamcatcher Ornament for Boho Christmas Tree

Do you love that boho style and looking for ways to incorporate it into your Christmas decor? You're going to love this step-by-step tutorial for a dreamcatcher ornament that would look so cute on a boho Christmas tree!

I was so excited when I signed up for the Ornament Exchange this year. It’s such a fun concept! You get paired with another blogger and you get to create an ornament for her and she makes one for you as a Christmas gift.

I was thrilled when I heard that I was paired with Kim from Made in a Day. I’ve always admired her projects and loved her boho style. 

When I’m perusing around on Pinterest, I always find myself pinning her crafts so I’m definitely drawn to her great ideas.

When I saw the picture of her gorgeous boho Christmas tree last year – I instantly knew what kind of ornament to make her compliment her other boho ornaments – a dream catcher ornament!

White fabric dreamcatcher ornament hanging on Christmas tree with text overlay that says boho Christmas ornament.

Because I’ve made mini fabric wreath ornaments with mason jar lids, I knew they would be the perfect size for a little dreamcatcher ornament. I was also remembering this cute boho winter wreath I made last year when I was a guest over at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body.

If that winter wreath and my little fabric wreath ornament had a baby – it would be this dreamcatcher ornament! Haha!

This DIY dreamcatcher ornament tutorial contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Supplies for dreamcatcher ornament:

Boho Christmas Ornaments: How to Make a Dreamcatcher Ornament

White muslin fabric wrapped around a mason jar lid, rapid fuse glue, and scissors

Step 1. Wrap mason jar ring.

Wrap the mason jar lid ring with ripped strips of light fabric.

You can use a little bit of Rapid Fuse glue to get it started and end it. This helps secure the fabric. 

A mason jar lid wrapped in white muslin fabric and craft twine, creating a dreamcatcher ornament, with a small wooden star charm.
A fabric-wrapped mason jar lid to make ornament with a small wooden star charm attached with twine.

Step 2. Add twine.

String twine around the center of the mason jar ring in a random pattern. Tie the twine to secure it.

Add a cute wood button in the corner if you want, as I did with the little star. I love the cute gold finish on this wooden star. You can secure the button in place with a little bit of glue. 

Since dream catchers were ultimately created by Native American people to hang above a bed and catch bad dreams and let the good dreams pass through, the star seemed appropriate. 

Decorative feathers attached to a mini dream catcher ornament.

Step 3. Add feathers to the bottom.

I had some feathers left over from this DIY arrow project that I had made for my son’s rustic woodland nursery

I had plain white feathers on hand, but I just used a little gold craft paint that I had to make it look like it was gold dipped. You can also grab some white feathers that already have the gold tip here. I just love that feather design! 

Some of the feathers I had in my craft supplies already had a little nylon loop on them, which made it really easy to add to the bottom of the holiday ornament for sturdy hanging.

For the feather that didn’t have the loop, I just brushed on some glue to the base of the feather and then wrapped the twine around it and held it while the glue set. The Rapid Fuse glue is super strong so it holds it well after about 30 seconds. Easy peasy.

A close up look at the fabric details on the mini boho ornament; hanging pieces of fabric with baubles and string.

Step 4. Add additional ribbon or yarn to the base of the dream catcher ornament.

The thing that really makes this cute little Christmas ornament look like a dream catcher is the base, which really comes together when you add in the ribbon or yarn. I love the way the pom-pom trim adds some extra texture.

I also added some strips of the same ripped fabric that I wrapped on the mason jar ring.

A completed mini dreamcatcher christmas ornament with hanging fabric accents, decorative feathers, a boho style star charm.

Step 5. Add a hanger.

Lastly, I added a loop of twine to the top of the dreamcatcher ornament for a hanger.

A mini dream catcher ornament hanging on a christmas tree branch, and hanging fabric pieces and decorative flowers.

I love the neutral colors this cute boho-style Christmas ornament has. The feathers really give it that boho feel, right?

A close up look at the boho dreamcatcher ornament hanging on a christmas tree branch.

I think this cute little thing is going to look adorable on Kim’s boho Christmas tree, don’t you think? I just LOVE making handmade gifts.

A look at the completed boho style ornament hanging on a Christmas tree, decorated with hanging muslin fabric, decorative flowers and a boho mini star charm.

Making this dreamcatcher ornament was so easy!! I raided my craft supplies and came up with everything I needed to make this. If you’re a crafter, I bet you have most of these supplies on hand too.

You can really customize it and make this dreamcatcher ornament look like whatever you want to match your style. Feathers or no feathers, neutrals or colorful, you name it! You could even use brown leather instead of fabric.

How is your Christmas tree going to be decorated this year??

Let me know in the comments below!

How To Make A Dreamcatcher Ornament

How To Make A Dreamcatcher Ornament

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Here's how to add a little bob style to your Christmas tree! Learn how to make this adorable dreamcatcher ornament with just a few supplies.



  • Scissors


  1. Wrap mason jar ring with fabric.
  2. Add twine around center of ring in a random pattern.
  3. Add feathers to bottom.
  4. Add additional ribbon or yarn to the base of the dreamcatcher ornament.
  5. Add a hanger.

14 thoughts on “DIY Dreamcatcher Ornament for Boho Christmas Tree

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I adore dreamcatchers and it’s such a clever idea to make a Christmas ornament, your partner must the be thrilled with it!! #2018ornamentexchange

  2. I love unique ornaments and a dream catcher is lovely idea for an ornament. Yours looks great! The colors and textures all combine for such a pretty look.

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