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Baby Boy Rustic Woodland Nursery Room Reveal

A rustic woodland nursery is just what you need for your baby boy. Check out this adorable themed nursery room reveal with a navy blue, tan, and gray color scheme. Sources included!

Woodland creatures and all the rustic things…that’s what little boys are made of! I am so excited to share Cal’s rustic woodland-themed nursery with you! These are the days that totally make your heart smile. 

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Before we completed this project, I created an entire source list of nursery inspiration with paint colors, designs, and DIY projects included. 

a numbered collection of rustic decor in primarily tan and navy colors ...with a text overlay that says... baby boy rustic woodland navy and tan nursery
Inspiration board for woodland nursery

This woodland nursery post contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

If you’re a mom, you know how planning a nursery can be completely overwhelming. I knew I wanted his nursery to evolve with him as he matured, and I am so pleased with the way the whole thing came together. It’s the perfect blend of sweet, baby things that can easily grow along with him. 

a collage of images featuring rustic nursery decor in various rooms ...with a text overlay that says... baby boy rustic woodland nursery

Baby Boy Rustic Woodland Nursery Room Reveal

Before we get into the reveal, I have to mention the crazy journey of this room! 

When we first moved into this house, we kept his nursery room empty because we planned on having a baby soon and we didn’t want to set up a room just to take it down later.

But this room served many purposes over the next several months. We slept on a mattress in here while we were putting laminate flooring down in the master bedroom and living room. That was really fun 6 months pregnant and all.

Then while we were finishing up the living room, we had our TV and two recliners in this room and used it as a VERY small living space. I’ll never forget our first Christmas in this house. We had a little 3-foot fake tree on a nightstand in the corner. I did what I could to decorate that room because the rest of the house was torn apart.

I’m so glad we were finally able to get everything else out of here and get to work on creating the perfect woodland nursery for our baby boy!

Rustic Baby Boy Nursery Furniture

One of my favorite things about this nursery is the furniture we ended up with. I love how rustic they look. It really ties the room together. 

Typically I’m a thrift store furniture kinda girl, but with all the other house projects we were trying to tackle, I knew we needed something more simple. I also liked the idea of having something clean, sturdy and new for our little man. We decided on the Child Craft Redmond set.

a view of a changing table in the corner of a home nursery with rustic decor

Although they make a changing table in the set, we just got the dresser and put a changing pad on top. I’ll say that a traditional changing table isn’t on the must-have list for a baby, so we created our own changing station. 

In my opinion, this is a much better option that will grow with your child – rather than a piece of furniture that will likely only be used for a year, maybe two.

Using a dresser for a changing table saved us some space and cash! Whichever route you choose, make sure the changing station is organized with the necessities.

We are very happy with the dresser and crib so far!

sitting area in a rustic woodland themed nursery with gray walls, tan sitting chairs, a plaid looking rug

These vintage chairs are seriously some of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in. We purchased them a couple of years ago at a thrift store in town. I think we paid $60 for the set.

We actually got that deer pillow for our wedding years ago. It was from Pottery Barn, but they obviously don’t sell it anymore. Here’s something similar you could use in a woodland nursery.

Woodland Nursery Bedding

We had the nursery bedding custom-made from a seller on Etsy. She created the arrow changing pad cover, bed skirt, and quilt. Unfortunately, her shop is no longer available – but here are some other awesome options for woodland nursery bedding.

a baby with a tie that says 4 months, laying on a rustic woodland themed blanket

I added all of these items (even from Etsy!) to my Amazon baby registry, using Amazon’s Universal Registry button. This registry is a breeze to use and especially handy if you have friends and family from out of town.

All they have to do is visit the registry page and purchase. It automatically updates the registry for you and ships the gift directly to the new mom. It’s incredible!

Rustic Nursery Decor

I was planning on making a mobile for the nursery, but that project fell to the wayside with all of the other baby preparations.

close up detail shot of a turtle charm on an antler mobile

Then, I received this antler mobile with hand carved little animals and other rustic woodland items as a very special gift at my shower. I took one look at it and just about fell in love.

My halfway finished DIY mobile project came to screeching halt. 🙂 The lady that made the mobile for my Grandma was a family friend and doesn’t have an online store or anything – but here’s some adorable woodland mobile ideas to inspire you !

On a bookshelf, I added a lantern to give it a rustic feel. This would also be quite handy during midnight changes! I also found this little mason jar decoration at Hobby Lobby, I knew it was meant to be.

The “You Make Me Brave” piece above his crib is super special. Logan’s sister, Amanda, started a non-profit called Unified in Mission a few years ago now and she is living part-time in Uganda, Africa doing mission work and spreading the love of Jesus there. They are doing some awesome things in Uganda, like building a school, running a child sponsorship program, and installing water tanks.

Since we have grey walls and I really wanted this metal sign to stand out, I mounted it on a pallet wood sign with command strips that can be easily removed.

black elephant trinkets, a wooden box, and a rope and corn husk decorative ball on a white shelf

Speaking of Africa, here are some fun pieces that Aunt Amanda brought back from her just for Cal! The block in the middle is a personalized wood block with Cal’s birth stats. This is a cherished gift that we received from a co-worker.

a 3 shelf storage area for a baby changing station with diapers, burp cloths and swaddle blankets

Baby Boy Nursery Storage Options

Storage is so important in a nursery, especially easily accessible, you-can-grab-it-with-one-hand type of storage. 

I got this 3-tier basket rack at Hobby Lobby. It was originally teal (the teal one is no longer sold) and I painted it white. Then, I found this white one at Hobby Lobby a few weeks later. I guess it was a DIY for the sake of DIY! 

Anyway, stacked storage options like this one are great for holding diapers, swaddle blankets, and tons of burp cloths.

Ladder-style storage for blankets would work great, too. Just make sure it’s secured to the walls as they reach toddling age.

A recommendation for expecting moms: Keep a floating diaper caddy in the room where you spend the most time. For us, it was the living room! You will change a lot of diapers in those first weeks, and it’s a lot easier to change them right there, then back and forth every few hours. You could do something like this DIY diaper caddy with wipes, diaper cream, diapers, and anything else you will use on a regular basis.

pacifiers in a glass jar with a lid

Speaking of nursery storage, I used this fun little glass jar with a lid to hold extra pacifiers on the dresser. With a little boy, you never know where the pee is going to end up, so this keeps the pacifiers nice and clean.

Rustic Woodland Nursery Wall Art & Decor

In true Chelsea form, I needed to add a few DIYs in his woodland nursery, and this poem is just the sweetest! It’s such a great reminder to just stop and take in all the baby-ness. I have this available for purchase for your little one’s rustic nursery in my Etsy shop (and here’s the girl version of the sign too!)

Since we had the arrows on the changing pad cover, I wanted to bring more of them into the room as accent pieces. These arrows were so easy to make and a fun DIY project. They complement the rest of the rustic woodland decor perfectly.

a wire basket attached to a wall, with blankets in it

This geometric wall basket doubles as decor and storage! I found this at Hobby Lobby as it was going out of stock. I painted the background white so it would pop against our gray walls.

If you are creating a gallery wall like this one, any hanging baskets that sit flush with the wall is a great storage and decor combo. It’s a great way to provide quick storage solutions for rolled up swaddle blankets or burp cloths.

full view of a single gallery wall in a rustic woodland themed nursery above a dresser changing table

My gallery wall is one of my favorite parts of the nursery, but it did not come together easily. 

It took me weeks to plan the layout and the pieces for this gallery wall. I had originally purchased a super awesome mirror from Michael’s that I loved but once I got it home and started trying to build the gallery wall around it, I determined that it was just the wrong color blue and it was too big for the small space in our rustic boy nursery.

I returned it and got this white hanging mirror & white arrow hook (no longer sold, similar arrow hook can be found here). I am now convinced that I put it in the perfect spot on the wall too because Cal’s new favorite thing is standing on the changing pad and looking at himself in the mirror. It’s the perfect height for those giggles.

wooden clock with a moose design on the face

I snagged this clock at a garage sale last year for $5. Score! Love the way it looks in our guy’s rustic nursery! Here’s a pretty awesome Moose Clock on Etsy! 

two children's books on a wooden stool

If you’re looking for some great bedtime stories, these are our favorites. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible is the most biblically accurate ones out there and has great realistic illustrations. The Biggest Story is a fun take on the Bible in a story format with very colorful and playful illustrations. We love them both!

magazine rack filled with children's books in rustic woodland nursery

I got this shelf from T.J. Maxx years ago! It works perfect to hold our growing little library of baby books in our rustic boy nursery.

Fabric strip banner hanging in front of a window with navy blue curtains

How perfect is this fabric banner?! I can’t take credit for this one. It actually is one of the decorations from my baby shower. My amazing sister made it by taking cut and ripped fabric strips and ribbon tied to a piece of jute.

fabric strip banner hanging in front of a window with navy blue curtains and white cellular shades

Those simple navy curtains are from Target and they work perfectly in here to add a touch of color.

a nursery with a faux fur throw over a chair, a dresser used as changing table, and a gallery wall over the dresser

I had fun with that “Our Little Boy” framed art and I made it myself. I downloaded a grey chalkboard vector background and bear vector clip art and threw that little thing together in no time!

If you don’t have graphic design software, I’d recommend Canva. It’s free online and very easy to use. The white frame is from Michaels, but doesn’t look it is sold anymore.

Here’s a couple other good rustic white frames – version 1version 2.

close up of a stuffed hedgehog toy on a wooden shelf in a woodland nursery

Oh hello there Mr. Hedgehog.

a baby and a dog laying on a white and blue plaid carpet

I had the cutest little audience while I was snapping these woodland nursery photos. They are just chilling on our all time fave Samos Rug from Target

ceiling fan and gallery wall in a nursery

We replaced all of the light fixtures in the bedrooms and living room with oil-rubbed bronze ceiling fans.

close up of a sleepy dog's face laying on a shaggy carpet

Well, that’s a wrap. If Gannon had his way, we would all lay down and take a nice long nap on this rug here… doesn’t that sound nice??

Source List For Rustic Woodland Nursery

Similar items are linked for the things that are no longer available

Our rustic nursery is now, of course, my favorite room in the house. I love cuddling with Cal and reading him his bedtime stories in that comfy chair.

Looking for more nursery inspiration? Check out these other posts:

What was your favorite thing about our boy’s rustic nursery?

Let me know in the comments below!!

18 thoughts on “Baby Boy Rustic Woodland Nursery Room Reveal

  1. Currently working on my little mans nursery and love the rug you used. I’m wondering what the exact colors are? Of course it doesn’t say the colors on Is it cream and dark grey? Thanks in advanced.


      1. I never got an email saying you responded back so I just came back to look and am so glad I did!! Thank you so much for getting back to me!!

  2. Hi there, I also had a bedding set made by someone on Etsy but would like to include it on my registry somehow…how did you manage to do this through Amazon?

    Thank you

  3. Hello!
    I was wanting to know how your dresser is holding up. I bought the same cribs you did, (we have twins on the way) but the reviews for the dresser weren’t that great. I just want another mamas’ opinion

    1. I’ve actually gotten a few questions about them (I think because of the bad reviews online). I’ve had no issue with the dresser and love how it matches. I, of course, can’t speak to how the dresser will hold up over the years. But we’ve had it 1 and 1/2 years now and no complaints here. It gets light use….I just grab clothes out of it once a day, our little one is certainly not climbing up the drawers or anything quite yet, hehe.

  4. Iam curious about the texture of the rug. I just got mine in and the shag looks more like yarn. I have another shag rug in my house and its very soft looks like it does in the manufactors pictures. But the rug I got in does not look like the texture in the pictures. Like i said it looks more like plastic yarn. How did yours look when you brought it home and how did it fluff out and sofen over time?

    1. My photos shown on the blog post are taken within about 2 months of having the rug so that is a good indication of how it looked when I brought it home. Now that we have had this rug over 2 years, it has held up great. When it doesn’t get vacuumed for a while, it does tend to look flat. But it perks right back and looks like new after I clean. The shag on this rug is very similar to a durable yarn. Hope that helps!

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