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Boho Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas for Gallery Walls + 5 Gallery Wall Styling Tips

For these wall decor ideas for gallery walls, I blended the boho and farmhouse home decor styles. Don't miss the 5 tried and true gallery wall styling tips at the end too!

I love the farmhouse style. They have those cute mugs and shirts that say “Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal”…well that couldn’t be more true for me.

Fixer Upper is usually playing on repeat in our house. I’m a flea market shoppin’, shiplap lovin’, vintage girl.

I adore that lived-in laid-back look that’s key to the farmhouse style. The light, neutral tones are perfect. Farmhouse style….yes, that’s my home decor style.

But, then….the boho style rolls in and is perfect in every way. Where there are no rules. The boho style is full of life, culture, texture, and patterns.

Mixing those patterns in unexpected ways. I love nothing more than furniture collected over time with stories….

Ok…maybe it’s boho style…yes, that’s my home decor style.

Don’t even get me started on the industrial style. It’s got a piece of my heart too.

This has been my story. This is what has been going on in this head of mine for the past few years on my journey to discover my home decor style. Do you struggle flip-flopping between decor styles you love too?! 

Then one day it dawned on it…I’m not going to fit into a box. I’m going to blend my favorite aspects of each home decor style I love.

And so, I’ve been on this journey to finish our fixer-upper and get it decorated in a boho farmhouse kinda way….with a touch of industrial. Because, well…that’s what I love.

And there is nothing more important than walking in the door of your home and falling in love all over again.

So today I’m sharing some ideas that would go perfectly together in a boho gallery wall that pulls in the farmhouse style too! I’m also spilling my favorite gallery wall styling tips.

This post contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Ahhhh, I’m in love…These unique pieces all fit together to create a boho farmhouse gallery wall that’s full of character and dimension.

The boho style is incorporated through the texture of the wall baskets, yarn wall art, and southwestern patterns that are key to this style.

The farmhouse style is represented through the farmhouse quote signs, the black and white, and the neutral color palette.

There are actually a lot of similarities between boho and farmhouse styles. They both encourage the collected look of vintage pieces and greenery.

I love how the hanging planters fit right in on this boho farmhouse gallery wall.

The vintage-inspired wall shelf with distressed paint with beautiful texture shows off that vintage vibe.

Confused on how to decorate your walls? Don't miss these tired and true gallery wall styling tips and see the boho farmhouse gallery wall ideas.

Putting together your first gallery wall can feel a little daunting, I get it. So if you’re overwhelmed with decorating, follow these 5 tried and true gallery wall styling tips for some help along the way.

Something that I always do when planning out my wall decor is to lay it out on the floor first (you can see a little closer look at how I do this in this article about wall art layout).

To start, I get the general measurements of the space I want to keep the gallery wall within. Then I move the pieces around on the floor about 5,679 times before deciding it is perfect.

Bonus tip: I like to spread out the similarly shaped items, so they aren’t right next to each other on the gallery wall.

2. Hang your pictures the easy way.

I should have really said the easy ways…because there are two options that I recommend.

One of my favorite gallery wall styling tips is to incorporate dimension through both texture and depth. By this I mean, not everything on the gallery wall is a flat frame with a smooth finish. Don’t get me wrong, there are some gallery walls that totally rock it that only have flat frames, like this grid gallery wall.

This is not necessarily a gallery wall rule per se. But, I find that by bringing in pieces that have texture (see yarn and wood bead wall hanging, southwestern fabric art, and baskets above) and depth (see vase, wall shelf, basket, circle candle holder etc.), you are able to make the gallery wall more interesting

4. Create consistency.

I was going for more of an eclectic look for my boho farmhouse gallery wall ideas, so I get it there’s not a ton of consistency.

However, if you take a step back and look again at the boho farmhouse gallery wall, you will see there’s a consistent color theme of black, white, and neutrals. These colors that you see throughout the gallery wall help pull it all together.

Your consistency can be a central theme, color, or shape. This gallery wall is very consistent with black-and-white photography in black frames and it totally works. This boho nursery gallery wall is less consistent, but still has a theme of wood tones and neutral colors.

5. Don’t be scared of variety.

I think it’s just as important to create variety in your gallery walls as it is to be consistent. The really fun part about gallery walls is the grouping of items together in an unexpected way. I love seeing pieces of a gallery wall come together to tell a bigger and better story on your walls.

Creating a gallery wall in your home doesn’t have to be a complicated process reserved for only the best home decorators.

By sticking to these 5 gallery wall styling tips, you can design a gallery wall that you love…even if it’s your first time!

  1. You can totally make them your own. It’s fun to incorporate home decor items that are near and dear to your heart (like something you purchased on a vacation) or photos of your family. Mix in some awesome new decor with a consistent style and bam! You’ve got an awesome gallery wall. Heck, we end have a clipboard wall in our hallway to hang our kid’s artwork!
  2. Gallery walls can grow over time. You can create a budget-friendly gallery wall in your home to start and build to it in the future. The best gallery walls develop over time as you collect pieces that you love.
  3. Gallery walls are perfect for small spaces. You may not have a grand living space with an open concept, but everyone has a wall in their house, right?

Gallery walls are perfect for over the bed decor or can even be incorporated around a home command center to keep your family more organized.

Whether you’re more excited about adding farmhouse signs, making your own DIY wall stencil, or even putting wicker baskets in the gallery wall – the options are endless!

Where ever you end up putting your boho gallery wall and whatever you decide to incorporate, you’re going to love it!

Not into gallery walls? Try shelves instead! Start with these picture ledge styling and decor tips and then learn how to decorate shelves.

These wall decor products all fit together to create a boho farmhouse gallery wall that has so much character and style.

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