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Farmhouse Centerpiece | Easy Wooden Crate Craft with Mason Jars

This simple DIY has so much farmhouse style. Here's how you can create your own farmhouse centerpiece with a painted wooden crate, painted mason jars, and faux white hydrangeas. This centerpiece is perfect for Spring home decor.

The sun is spilling in through the windows. The heater is finally off. The cold ground is starting to thaw and flowers are thinking about making an appearance.

We’re getting the raised garden beds ready. You don’t have to bundle up on 17 layers before you leave the house….ah Spring! It’s such a lovely time of year, isn’t it?

It’s this time of year that really makes me want to add little touches of flowers all over our house to bring the Springtime alive. Decorating your home for the seasons may seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be with simple DIYs like this.

Today’s DIY tutorial will show you how to make a versatile farmhouse centerpiece to put some pretty Spring flowers on display in your home in some fun painted mason jars (learn how to paint mason jars in this tutorial)!

What I Used to Make a Farmhouse Centerpiece

I found the inspiration for my project in this unfinished wooden crate at Goodwill for $2 (but don’t worry because you can grab the same one at Michael’s for only $6).

An unfinished wooden crate against a white background. With just a few simple steps, this unfinished crafting crate will be transformed into a stylish farmhouse centerpiece.
Source: Michaels

The crate had a sticker on the side that easily peeled off. I let it sit around for a few weeks before deciding to turn it into a farmhouse centerpiece to bring in some fun colors and flowers for Spring!

How To Make This Easy Farmhouse Centerpiece

A collage of two images showing a DIY farmhouse centerpieces made with a wooden crate, painted mason jars, and flowers. Text in the center of the image says

This farmer’s market farmhouse centerpiece contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Supplies for farmhouse centerpiece:

A closeup side-angled view of a wooden crate that's been stained a dark chestnut brown color. This wooden crate will be used for a farmhouse style centerpiece.

Step 1. Stain your wooden crate.

You just need a light coat of stain all over your crate. Don’t worry about getting it perfect because you are going paint over it. …. I know, I know. I sound crazy, but just trust me!

Step 2. Cut your letter stickers using your cutting machine.

I chose the words “farmer’s market”. The Cameo makes it so simple to create quick stencils using adhesive shelf liner for painting projects like this.

As I mentioned above, if you don’t have a cutting machine – no worries! You can head to the craft store and find some stickers that fit on your crate.

The words

Step 3. Apply your stickers.

Be sure to press the sticker on well because we’re going to be painting over them. (UPDATE: Since I made this crate, I’ve now figured out a way to prevent paint from bleeding under stencils – check it out here!)

A bottle of white chalk paint sits next to a wooden crate that's been painted light chalk-white. The words

Step 4. Paint the entire crate.

I did three coats of chalk paint. Take extra care around the sticker letters, and don’t glop (is that even a real word? I totally use glop) lots of paint on the section because it will likely bleed under the stickers. 

We also used this same chalk paint on this vintage bread box makeover, and it turned out great!

A closeup look at the letter

Step 5. Remove stickers once dry.

You’re safe to remove the stickers once the chalk paint is dry to the touch. If you’re having a hard time pulling the stickers up, try using tweezers to grab them!

Step 6. Distress your wooden crate.

I used 220 grit sandpaper to do light sanding everywhere. With the wood stain underneath the paint, it’s a really fun result when you start sanding and that dark stain pops through.

When distressing with sandpaper, I usually focus more on the edges to make it look vintage and worn.

Step 7. Seal with a finishing wax.

I used Minwax finishing wax, which is clear.

If you want to make the crate look even more vintage, you can try a dark wax which will slightly tan everything a bit as you seal. I wanted to keep mine bright and white to go with the colorful Spring decor!

A close up look at the words

Step 8. Fill your crate.

I chose to fill my farmhouse centerpiece with the painted mason jars we made earlier this week (check out this tutorial for how to paint mason jars) and faux flowers.

A close up look at three painted mason jars -- one blue, mint green, and gray -- with faux white flowers and leaves filling the jars.

Styling a Rustic Farmhouse Crate Centerpiece

A rustic farmhouse centerpiece made from a wooden crate and painted mason jar vases with faux white flowers.
A side-angled view of a farmhouse style crate centerpiece. The white-painted wooden crate has the words

See! I told you that decorating your home for the seasons didn’t have to be a hassle. Adding vibrant Spring colors and flowers will really help brighten your home as we move into the Spring season.

What other ways are you preparing for Spring?

A close up side angled view of a white wooden crate with the words
A close up image of two painted mason jar vases, each holding a bunch of white faux flowers. The mason jars sit in a white painted wooden crate with the words

This simple farmhouse centerpiece can really be used for any season, though! I’m sure it will be one of the traveling pieces of decor in our home.

Do you have home decor items in your house that are constantly getting moved around too?

A look at the finished farmhouse crate centerpiece -- a white wooden crate filled with three painted mason jars, each holding a bunch of white flowers. Text across the bottom of the image says

How to Make A Farmhouse Centerpiece

How to Make A Farmhouse Centerpiece

Yield: 1 Farmhouse Centerpiece
Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $10

If you love farmhouse style, you'll love this DIY crate centerpiece! This super simple farmhouse centerpiece can be made with just a few crafting supplies and styled to change with the seasons!


  1. Stain your wooden crate.
  2. Cut your letter stickers using a cutting machine.
  3. Apply your stickers.
  4. Paint the entire crate centerpiece.
  5. Remove stickers once dry.
  6. Distress your wooden crate.
  7. Seal with a finishing wax.
  8. Fill your farmhouse centerpiece.
Discover Step-by-Step Tutorials for Creating Charming Farmhouse Centerpieces for Your Home Decor!

35 thoughts on “Farmhouse Centerpiece | Easy Wooden Crate Craft with Mason Jars

  1. Chelsea this is beautiful! I love the muted colors of the jars against the white hydrangeas. I got three small crates similar at a thrift store that would look cute with the smaller mason jars and smaller flowers. Great job, and yes, glop is a word because we say it is 🙂

    Now I’m off to visit the next awesome Thrifstore Upcycle project. Have a beautiful day!

  2. I love it! Absolutely love it! I see those wood crates at the thrift store and never know what to do. This is a perfect project and I want to do mason jars now too. Definitely pinning this idea for later.

  3. I love this sweet centrepiece so much. It’s a great project and your lettering is so pretty with the wood grain showing through. I also love the colours you chose for your mason jars.

  4. This is so simple and so pretty. Those blues on the jars are perfect for Spring but I love how versatile it is and how you can use it for any season. I will definitely have to try the sticker trick on my next sign project.

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