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Easy DIY Boho Wall Decor with Thrift Store Frame and Watercolor 

Looking for just the right piece to fill in space on the wall? This DIY boho wall decor is the perfect option that’s easy and budget-friendly! All you need is a spare frame from the thrift store, watercolor paints, and a design in mind!

Typically, I’m not one to come up with an abstract design off the top of my head. I’m much more of a methodical person who likes to plan and plot. But, this was so easy to do and I loved stretching my creativity!

Plus, I was able to get just the look I wanted in the right size, colors, and frame! The supplies I used were upcycled from what we already had or rummaged up from a thrift store. I found the frame from a thrift store and used the watercolors we already had around the house. 

I propped the final product on our hallway picture ledge shelves. I love rearranging my shelves, so this was an easy and cheap way to change up the look.

How to Make DIY Boho Wall Decor

This DIY is super simple and is really as easy as having an abstract shape or design in mind and bringing it to fruition.

The thing I love most about projects like this one, is that they are completely customizable. Any size or style of frame will work with any kind of design you choose. 

I chose these half circle designs, but you could do a pattern of circles, swirls, or any other abstract shapes.

This DIY boho wall decor tutorial contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

Supplies for DIY boho wall decor:

Steps to make easy boho wall art

First, choose a frame you already have or pick up one from a thrift store or dollar store. A bonus if it’s already the color that you like!

In the end, I repainted my frame with black acrylic craft paint to go with the rest of my shelf decor. You can do this too with a chalk paint or just about any kind of paint you have on hand. 

Then, remove the backing of the frame and paint it to coordinate with the colors of your abstract shapes. We used a leftover paint sample. This gives your final product a more “finished” look with a faux mat. 

hand holding a small paint jar of Behr color sample

For this project, you could use any kind of paint you like for any of the steps. Because it won’t be exposed to any elements, just about any kind of paint should work fine. 

While the paint dries, work on the abstract design you will frame. You could pull inspiration from your favorite designer, a design you already had in mind, or another version of an existing print you have.

water color paints with hand holding paint brush
hand holding edges of watercolor paper pad showing the inside pages for DIY boho wall decor

I used watercolor paint and paper to paint my design, but you could use acrylic or another type of craft paint – whatever best reflects the look you are going for. Watercolor gives it a light, airy, boho feel. 

If you are placing this in a bright, colorful room, bold or primary colors may better suit you.

half circle abstract watercolor art with boho style in a wooden frame

After your design and frame backing has dried, tape the back of the design to the center of the frame. Then, place inside the frame!

Gallery wall of neutral boho wall art on floating wooden picture shelves

Your design is ready to display alongside other decor on a shelf or hang on the wall.

side view of black frame with watercolor abstract neutral boho wall art on shelf
half circles painted with water colors for neutral boho wall art on shelves

This DIY boho wall decor fits right in with the rest of the shelf decor and it as amazingly easy and cheap to make. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get that modern boho look – it is so simple to DIY!

neutral boho wall art watercolored with stacked semi circles on shelves beside a photo frame
Slight side view of watercolor moon drawings in neutral boho colors on shelf

What design will you make on your DIY boho wall decor?

Let me know in the comments below!

Neutral boho wall art on shelves with text overlay that says easy boho art

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