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Modern Farmhouse Rugs + Rug Buying Tips

An area rug is a big investment when you're designing a room, so it's no wonder that rug buying is a little overwhelming.  If you're looking for modern farmhouse rugs, you're in luck! Today I'm rounding up some of the best! You'll also get some of my tried and true rug buying tips!

This post is brought to you by Cost Plus World Market and contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

We are currently knee-deep in finishing up the renovations for our little girl’s modern farmhouse nursery. She was born in May, so it’s definitely time for her to have a space of her own.

So far, we’ve shared the inspiration for her modern farmhouse nursery, shown you some great options for white cribs, and talked about what you really need when setting up a nursery. (UPDATE: See how her finished baby girl nursery turned out!)

Today it’s time to talk about beautiful modern farmhouse area rugs, which can really start giving a room character when you’re designing something from scratch.

I consider a good area rug the “glue” that holds a room design together. Area rugs can really be magic providing cohesive and defined areas to large open space concepts.

Farmhouse rugs can also be the finishing touch to smaller rooms.

When I was looking for an area rug for our girl’s nursery, I found so many great options. Honestly, it was really hard to choose just one!

So I decided to share some of my faves with you to give you some great ideas if you’re looking for modern farmhouse rugs.

How to Choose a Rug: Simple Rug Buying Tips

Wondering how to choose rug?

A rug is a big investment when you’re designing a room, so it’s no wonder that rug buying is a little overwhelming. It’s okay if you’re left wondering how to choose a rug.

Here are some simple rug buying tips:

  • Choose a color that contrasts with the flooring. There’s nothing worse than spending money on an area rug that doesn’t look much different from our hardwood flooring or laminate flooring.
  • Choose a color similar to your pet’s hair. Let’s talk about pets for a hot second, ok? Our furry little pets may be our best friends, but their fur can be the WORST. If you’ve got a pet that sheds (even a little bit), I’d recommend getting an area rug that is a similar color as their fur. For example, we’ve got a yellow lab, so I would never buy a dark colored rug. Even if I vacuumed it everyday there would be remnants of his fur.
  • Mix a variety of pattern sizes. The pattern of your rug can really stump you if you’re having a hard time with how to choose rug. When mixing patterns in a room, it’s best to have a little variety of pattern sizes. So if your throw pillow has a small pattern and you have wall art with a medium sized pattern, you can do an area rug with a larger pattern. I’d recommend to avoid choosing all small patterns or all large patterns for your textiles and designs.

How to choose from area rug sizes:

The size of your area rug can really make or break the whole design of a room.

A wrong-sized rug sticks out like a sore thumb! Here are some tips when choosing area rug sizes:

  • When in doubt, go larger. If you’re right on the fence between two are rug sizes, choose the larger one.
  • A larger rug will usually make the room feel bigger.
  • It’s best to either have all of the furniture touching the area rug OR none of it. Again, when in doubt…all of the furniture usually looks better.
  • Place your furniture in the room first and then measure for the best size area rug. If you don’t have the furniture yet when you’re choosing between area rug sizes, you can map it out by putting painter’s tape on the floor where furniture will go.

Ready to see these gorgeous modern farmhouse rugs?

Looking for modern farmhouse rugs? This collection of farmhouse style area rugs are perfect for just about any decor style.

Here are the links for these modern farmhouse rugs from the top left:

Ivory Oliver Rug  |  Geo Print Jute and Cotton Area Rug (no longer sold, similar here) |  Blue Nostalgia Area Rug (no longer sold, similar here)

Blue Green Soren Rug (no longer sold, similar here)  |  Gray Print Dhurrie Ariana Rug  |  Natural Chunky Braided Jute Rug

Black Woven Emerson Rug  |  Blue and Green Diamond Shag Rug (no longer sold)  |  Ivory Diamond Tufted Kelsey Rug

Diamond Denim and Wool Skylar Rug  |  Round Embroidered Daria Rug  |  Charcoal Gray Diamond Shag Rug

Curious which farmhouse rug I chose for our nursery!? We got the Gray Print Dhurrie Ariana Rug and we LOVE IT!

An area rug is a big investment when you’re designing a room, so it’s no wonder that rug buying is a little overwhelming.

By incorporating my tried and true rug buying tips for choosing the right area rug at the right size, you’ll be more confident as you start rug shopping.

There are so many options, so hopefully, this round-up of modern farmhouse rugs will help narrow it down for you! Now I’d love to know…

Which of these modern farmhouse rugs is your fave?? Do you have any more rug buying tips??

Let me know in the comments below!!

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