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Modern Farmhouse Baby Nursery Inspiration

If you’re looking for modern farmhouse baby nursery inspiration, you’re going to love this mood board with a black, white and blue green color scheme. This nursery was designed for a baby girl, but it could be used for gender neutral nursery design as well.

The moment I found out that we were having a baby girl, my mind was spinning with daydreams of her nursery design. Fairly quickly, I had a vision for the nursery….modern farmhouse with some boho vibes. I spent the rest of my pregnancy collecting inspiration from other nurseries and finding products that fit within my vision.

As a little girl, I grew up with all the frills, bows, curls and pink you can imagine. Even my room was painted pale pink. Needless to say, I grew up wanting somewhat of the opposite for my little girl. I was certain that I wanted some nontraditional baby girl nursery colors – neutrals like white and black alongside a pretty sage…seafoam…blueish greenish. I love the contemporary look of my modern farmhouse baby nursery color scheme, which could totally be used as inspiration for a gender neutral nursery too!

If you follow along on my Instagram stories or subscribe to my newsletter where I give monthly updates about our renovation of our fixer upper, you know that we’ve been working hard building out our baby girl’s nursery. While Logan works away on the construction aspect (like building walls and installing prehung doors), I’ve been designing and decorating in my mind. I can’t wait to get the room done later this summer! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you all of the inspiration behind my design plan, so without further ado…here’s our modern farmhouse baby nursery inspiration board!

This post contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

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Photo collage showing design options for modern farmhouse baby nursery with boho vibes

1) Round Mirror

We had a small round mirror hanging in the gallery wall above my son’s dresser in his woodland nursery and it was definitely his (and my) favorite part about the nursery. After every single diaper change, he would want to stand up and stare in the mirror. Once he was old enough, it led to giggles and silly faces. I’m convinced that you should work a mirror into every nursery for those fun times and memories. It’s really hard to find a large round mirror at a decent price, I did a lot of searching. I love this sleek and modern round mirror that is super budget friendly! I’m not exactly sure where in the room I will work in a round mirror, but I’d love to find a place for one!

2) Wood Bead Light Fixture

I absolutely LOVE the look of the fun wood bead light fixtures that are super popular with the farmhouse style. The bummer part is that they are extremely expensive. This wood bead flush mount light is gorgeous, but it comes at a price tag that is over my budget. So, I think I’m going to attempt DIYing a wood bead light fixture in the nursery. Wish me luck! Don’t worry….I’ll be sure to share the full tutorial with you guys, so stay tuned!

3) Area Rug

If you follow along on my Instagram stories, you may remember a couple of months ago when we ripped up all the laminate in our baby girl’s future nursery to find gorgeous original hardware floors. To make a long story short, we decided to ditch the idea of putting in carpet (to match the other bedrooms of the house) and instead, restore the original hardwoods. Since we’re going to have pretty hardwoods in here, having a nice, big area rug is a must! I absolutely love how this blue green area rug fits right in with the style of the nursery and brings out the color in the accent wall. UPDATE: Here’s a round up of some great modern farmhouse rugs and you can find out which one we ended up going with!

4) Floor Lamp

To add some ambiance to the nursery, I’d love to add a floor lamp in the corner of the room over the top of the rocker to provide some additional lighting for bedtime stories and late night feedings. This bell-shaped metal shade floor lamp fits in perfectly with the modern farmhouse look of the room, don’t you think? UPDATE: Here’s some great budget friendly farmhouse floor lamp ideas and you can see which once we decided on! 

5) White Dresser

One of the first things that I knew I wanted in our little one’s nursery was white furniture, which is definitely on point for the farmhouse style. I love this simple white dresser that I found with the black vintage style cup drawer pulls. The contrast of the black and white fits right in with the crib we chose and it looks like they were made for each other. This dresser is a little smaller than the dresser we have in our son’s room, but it works perfectly to hold kid’s clothes.

6) Gray Rocker

We actually don’t need to purchase a rocker for our modern farmhouse baby nursery. We have a vintage chair (that is super comfy) that we scored a thrift store a few years back that will be going in here. We actually purchased the chairs in a set and had both of them in our son’s room for the last couple of years. Since we don’t need two chairs in there, we’re moving one of them into our little girl’s nursery. If we did need to purchase a rocker for the nursery, this gray upholstered rocker would be at the top of my list.

7) Laundry Hamper

I was looking for a slim hamper for the closet that had some farmhouse charm and this collapsible hamper with wheels totally fits the bill. I love that it has wheels on it for easy transport. This even means that I can probably get big brother to help with baby girl’s laundry since he’ll be able to take it to laundry room himself…that’s a big win in this mama’s book!

8) Board and Batten Accent Wall

One of the things I am most looking forward to DIYing in our farmhouse baby nursery is our accent wall. We thought about doing a shiplap wall like we’ve done in the past (check out our faux shiplap wall in our bathroom and shiplap accent wall in our living room at our old house), but wanted to try something new. I’m semi obsessed with board and batten, so of course that is my next go-to! Amanda at A Crafted Passion recently did a board and batten wall in their master bedroom that turned out awesome. You’re definitely going to want to check out the full DIY board and batten tutorial! We’re going to be doing something similar. UPDATE: Check out how our board and batten wall turned out! 

9) Accent Wall Paint Color

Speaking of accent walls, let’s talk about the color that the pretty board and batten wall is going to be. You may remember this amazing blue-ish green-ish color from when we painted our front door last year. I sorta kinda fell in love with the color then and I knew I wanted to incorporate it more throughout our home. I can’t wait to see how it looks on the board and batten accent wall.

10) Main Wall Paint Color

The other walls in the room will get a treatment of this light gray color. It’s a warm gray, but not too beige. I think it will be a great contrast for the darker and colorful accent wall. The base boards and window trim will remain white if you’re wondering. UPDATE: Check out these helpful tips on interior painting!

11) Hanging Wall Planters

I definitely want to incorporate a lot of greenery into our farmhouse baby nursery (probably faux or succulents because as good as I am at mommin’ my babies, I’m a horrible plant mama). I’m loving these hanging wall planters! This is a great way to add some dimension and life to the walls.

12) “Loved” Word Wall Art

I plan on adding a fun gallery wall to the room and this “loved” word wall art will definitely make its way into the design as a little reminder to our little girl just how much she is loved. This Etsy seller has so many other fun words you can buy from her shop too. I’m not sure what color I want, so I will be ordering it unfinished and I can paint it or stain it myself once I have it and see how it looks with everything else in the gallery wall design. UPDATE: Check out the finished gallery wall in the nursery! 

13) “Wildflower” Sign

I love the modern look of this “wildflower” sign. There’s something so special about wildflowers and what they represent is something I  definitely know my little girl will grow up to be: independent, strong and beautiful. This modern wildflower sign going to look awesome worked into the gallery wall that I’m planning. UPDATE: Here’s how the gallery wall turned out! 

14) Faux Olive Tree

I definitely wanted to add lots of greenery into the nursery and had my heart set on incorporating a faux tree. I love the farmhouse look of the fiddle leaf fig trees, but I wanted something a little more unique. I thought an olive tree is a little more delicate and would fit right in with the farmhouse feel of the room.

15) White Crib

I looked at A LOT of white cribs before deciding one (in fact, I’ve got a whole post all about them coming up for you soon!). What I really loved about this white modern farmhouse crib (in addition to the great price) is the charcoal / almost black accents. I like the clean lines that they create. I think it makes the crib super unique and gives it a modern feel. UPDATE: Check out all of these modern farmhouse crib options! 

16) Boho Fabric for Custom Baby Blanket

Melissa from Little Oasis Nurseries on Etsy created the custom bedding for our son a couple of years ago (you can see the custom blanket here!). Our little guy is obsessed with the blanket and sleeps with it every night and nap. It’s withstood lots of rough and tough play and TONS of washing. We knew we wanted to go back to Melissa for our little girl’s bedding. I fell in love with this unique boho fabric, which will match our farmhouse baby nursery perfectly.

17) Feather Wall Art

This hand cut wood feather wall art is going to look amazing worked into the gallery wall that I’m designing. I’m ordering it unfinished (just like the “loved” word) so I can paint it or stain it any color I want…because I’m not sure what I’m going to really want until I see it altogether. UPDATE: I ended up leaving it natural and I love it…see how it all turned out here!

18) Black and White Basket with Leather Handles

If there’s one thing I know about nurseries, it’s the absolute need for lots of simple storage and organization! There are so many little things that go in nurseries, you’ve gotta have good systems in place to keep things clean and organized. I love how versatile this black and white basket with leather handles is. It could be used to store toys, blankets, stuffed animals or even work as a laundry hamper.

19) “I am a child of God” Fabric for Custom Nursery Pillow

We’re also having Melissa from Little Oasis Nurseries make this adorable custom nursery pillow with “I am a Child of God” fabric. With the floral wreath, it’s going to bring a feminine touch to our farmhouse baby nursery and add a little more color.

20) Boho Belly Basket

I’ve always wanted one of these cute little belly baskets. I’m not sure what I will use it for yet, but like I said…you can’t have too many options of simple storage in a baby nursery. Maybe we’ll use this boho belly basket for little baby shoes or burp cloths. You can’t pass it up at that price though!

Ah….the anticipation of this farmhouse baby nursery is killing me. I can hardly wait to finish it up and start decorating for our sweet baby girl! I’m loving the modern farmhouse look with the boho inspired touches, like the feather wall art and boho fabric custom blanket. I’m looking forward to some DIY projects that we have planned for the room, like that board and batten accent wall and a few other surprises we have up our sleeves. Stay tuned! 🙂

What is your favorite part of this farmhouse baby nursery inspiration board?

Let me know in the comments below!!

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