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Snowy Pine Behr Paint Overview

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite white paint colors: Snowy Pine by Behr Paint. Snowy Pine is a cool white shade that we have used in two different homes for our trim and door paint color.

Behr Snowy Pine is a cool white shade with lime undertones. It’s super crisp and clean-looking, making it a great option for painting trim or the perfect shade to brighten a room.

White is a timeless option. It’s ideal for those who love neutral palettes or crave a blank slate to pair bold colors and patterns.

image of snowy pine paint can
Photo Source: Behr Paint

But, if you’ve taken a trip to the paint stores, it’s likely you are completely overwhelmed with all of the different shades of white.

While white is a universally neutral color, it doesn’t always play nice with other colors. When choosing a paint color, it’s important to consider the paint color’s undertones, a room’s light and direction, and your style.

This Behr Snowy Pine review contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

Today, I’m sharing this amazing, beautifully clean white paint option with you – Behr Snowy Pine.

I love this color! We used this in our first fixer-upper as the main door and trim color. Since then, it’s become our tried and true shade of white. 

white mantle with candles
Behr Snowy Pine looks great on this vintage painted mantle from

It played so well with the different shades we incorporated into our home’s color scheme. We used this shade on the barn door that divided our master bedroom from the bathroom. We were thrilled that it played so well with the other shade of white we used on the walls.

We used this color for:

Snowy Pine paint color overview

Snowy Pine is what I would call a bright, clean color without the harshness some shades of white give off. No industrial vibes! Just clean, comfy shades of white.

You really can’t go wrong with this shade. It’s very similar to Falling Snow, which we used on the walls in our master bedroom and master bathroom.

Snowy Pine would work well in any room of your home. I was concerned about the contrast between this shade of white and our other moodier colors, but it worked perfectly with our modern boho decor.

living area painted in behr snowy pine
This living room rendering from Behr Paint shows what Snowy Pine would look like painted on all of the walls in a room filled with natural light.

This shade would suit any decor style perfectly and in any room, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and accent walls.

Snowy Pine Stats

  • Behr Paint Code: PPU10-13
  • RGB: 240 239 227
  • LRV: 86
  • Hex Code: #F2F1E7

Is it a warm or cool white?

Behr Snowy Pine is a cool white with lime undertones. 

Paint shades all look so similar in the hardware stores but then seem to completely change when you get them home. I recommend picking up a few paint samples to test before committing to a paint color.

Before you paint the room, add a few swatches to the walls and see how the color interacts with the other decor elements and colors in the room. Be sure to observe the room at different times of the day to get a sense of how it would look after you paint the room. Sunlight, lightbulb temperatures, and fabrics all play a big part in how a paint color appears.

Behr Snowy Pine undertones

The ways undertones reflect in paint colors have a lot to do with the other decor elements and lighting sources in the room. 

Per Behr, Snowy Pine has lime undertones. The pops of lime were very evident when we used this color in the farmhouse bathroom because we feature light green decor on the bathroom floating shelves, but not at all when we used it as the barn door in our master bedroom.

small bathroom with white painted faux shiplap wall, floating bathroom shelves and green farmhouse decor
This “famous” faux shiplap wall was painted with Snowy Pine by Behr

Again, the reflections of the undertones are impacted by the other items in the room. Sometimes this can be a challenge so keep this in mind as you are planning your decor.

LRV of Behr Snowy Pine

Snowy Pine paint has an LRV of 86, which is super high!

Light reflectance value is the amount of light that is reflected off of the paint color surface. The lighter (or more white) and color the higher the LRV – meaning that pure white has an LRV of 100 and pure black has an LRV of 0.

This means that this color will appear bright and vibrant once it’s added to the room.

Trim color that goes with Behr Snowy Pine

Since this is such an easy-going paint color, you could pair this with any color trim or wall. We actually used it as our trim color throughout our current home. 

rolling Snowy Pine Behr white paint onto trim with dark gray walls
We have used Snowy Pine on all baseboards, trim and doors in our home.

It played so well with the deep shade of green in our bathroom as well as the other shade of white in the adjacent room. 

Coordinating colors

Behr Snowy Pine is a bright, crisp shade of white that will give any room an open, clean feeling. Much like any shade of white, it plays well with just about any other shade.

Because it pairs with almost anything, you could use this shade as your main wall color, trim color, or accent color. 

man painting small alcove white with Behr Paint Snowy Pine paint color
Snowy Pine was used in this reading nook bench project

It would be stunning against darker neutrals, soft grays, deep greens, or other shades of white.

Similar colors

According to Behr Paint, here are other similar colors to Snowy Pine that you might want to try out:

  • Bit of Sugar (PR-W14)
  • Whisper White (HDC-MD-08)
  • Falling Snow (PPU18-07)
  • Lively White (BWC-03)
  • Aspen Snow (ECC-63-2)
  • Snow Day (HDC-WR16-01)
  • Snow Fall (W-F-600)

Behr Snowy Pine review

Behr Snowy Pine is a crisp white shade that pairs perfectly with just about any color scheme. From farmhouse to modern boho, this shade would play well with any decor style and could be easily adapted as your style evolves.

Do you have any other questions about this paint color?

Let me know in the comments below!

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