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Modern Bathroom Reveal!

Today is the big day! We're finally sharing our modern bathroom reveal that we completed in just 6 weeks for the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge! You're not going to believe these before and afters.

This post and the Renovation Challenge is sponsored by Jeffrey Court. All opinions are entirely my own and do not reflect that of Jeffrey Court. This post also contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

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Well guys….we did it. We freakin’ did it.

Don’t lie…. I KNOW you had some serious doubts if you saw our Week 5 post last week and realized we had barely started tiling!

Well, it’s been a LONG week jam packed with the never-ending to do list we had for the last week.

Here’s some photos of what we were up to in the crazy last week…

Want to see our other renovation projects? Check out our full home tour here!

Man attaching the tiles in shower with tile saw set up in bathroom

This is pretty much what the entire week looked like. SO MUCH TILE!!!!

Man holding a tile ready to be installed on the bathroom wall

But we pulled it off…somehow.

And boy oh boy…it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!

Before we jump into ALL the pretty pictures and don’t worry there are tons of pictures – let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember what we started with just 6 short weeks ago.

Old look of the bathroom and bathtub
Old doorway and hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom

Bathroom used to open to the hallway…

Old look of the vanity area

Can you believe we actually reused this vanity? It was the ONLY thing we ended up keeping in the bathroom.

Wall tiles ripped out and bath tub removed.

A month or so before we started the Renovation Challenge we found a leak behind the tub, which led to this MESS! So this is really how things started 6 weeks ago…  We had a lot of work ahead of us.

Ready to see what the modern bathroom looks like now?

New look of the shower area with black shower system, indoor plant, hanging towels and a wall frame decor with fake succulents
straight on view of bathroom renovation with white hexagon tile floor, shower door with black windowpane on the left, snake plant and hanging towel, succulent vertical garden in frame and toilet with dark wood vanity on the right
side of bathroom featuring vanity area with floating shelves and wall decor
Farmhouse vanity area with dual sinks, black faucets, white quartz countertop and subway tile backsplash, green accent wall, large teak wood mirror and farmhouse style vanity lights

Ok…. while you pick your jaw up off the ground…Here are some of my favorite details in our bathroom….

Floating wood shelves with towels folded on shelf, concrete bowl with Q-tips, and some plant accent
Light green textured hand towels in bathroom on vanity counter up close shot
Black Vigo faucet - Paloma Single Hole Bathroom Faucet in modern bathroom design
Shower area with wood look tile and black shower head and faucet

The shower is what I would call a “statement shower”… haha. I am so glad that we went with our gut on a few of the shower features like…his and her shower heads, curbless design with euro-style linear drains, seamless tile design that wraps up the back wall, matte black faucets, and our “splurge item” the fixed shower door panels that I have literally been in love with and eyeing for years….

Shower area with the new tiles and look

This shower design makes the bathroom feel so luxurious and like the relaxing oasis that we are aiming to create.

Shower design with black shower doors and shower head with marble hexagon tile and wood look tile.

And that cute little stool there in the middle under the window? It’s 100% waterproof and is going to make the whole saving legs situation realllllllll easy! Ladies, you know what I’m talking ’bout.

And I’m trying something new in here – REAL plants (mixed in with some faux)! Usually I’m all about faux because I’ve killed my fair share of plants. But with the light from the window and the humidity from the shower, the sweet ladies at our local nursery gave me hope. I incorporated a prayer plant up in the windowsill and a snake plant in the corner of the room. Wish me luck and cross your fingers that I can keep these little babies alive!

Wall decor, toilet bowl, bath towels, indoor plant for the new modern bathroom reveal

And don’t forget about the entrance to the bathroom – our new AMAZING barn door that we built last week.

Barn door between the bedroom and the new modern bathroom
Wooden bead door hanger for the barn door handle

Remember, there didn’t even used to be a door here! We reconfigured the ENTIRE bathroom to make it work for an ensuite bathroom – rather than a hallway bathroom (and in the process of converting it to a ensuite, we’ve added TONS to our home value – read more about just how much value we’ve added to our house here).

9 inch pony wall and the shower door.

This little 9-inch wall may not look like it is doing much…. but it’s all about SYMMETRY guys. Possibly the most important thing when it comes to design.

You see, the window is not centered on this wall (and the Lord only knows why they built it like that)… Overlooking things like a window that’s not centered on the wall makes a world of difference when it comes down to the finished product.

We added this pony wall so that the doorway of the shower entrance would be exactly centered on the window, which gives you the illusion that the window is centered.

It’s about the little things guys…

Shower front view with a very nice window in shower, 2 shower niches, and a shower stool in the middle.
Black matte shower faucets against wood look tile

I love the way the black faucets look on this gorgeous wood look tile.

Front look of the black shower head and black faucets.
Shower area with wood look tile on sides, black faucet and shower head and white hexagon tile on the floor with windowpane shower door panel. The door way open to the bedroom in the background
Amber glass soap holder with pump sitting in shower niche in luxurious shower with large white hexagon tile and wood look tile with black hand shower shown on left

I seriously can’t believe this is MY HOUSE….MY BATHROOM….

Modern dark wood vanity area with two sinks with black faucets, white quartz countertop, green accent wall, wood mirrors, farmhouse style barn vanity lights, towel ring and a vase on the counter hold dried pampas grasses

Now let’s take a look at the vanity wall. Can you believe this is the SAME vanity that was in the bathroom already?! It looks so different in its new digs with that pretty white quartz countertop, pretty black faucets, and hardware.

Close up shot of wooden vanity drawers in master bathroom with oil rubbed bronze drawer pulls

Yep, that’s right!! Hardware. One of the best ways to add a little class to your existing vanity is to simply add hardware. It’s not a huge investment for either time or money and it makes a WORLD of difference.

bathroom picture with dried grass in vase and wooden mirror above vanity with black faucets, white quartz countertop with white subway back splash

For the bathroom counter decorations, we kept things pretty simple for now with a vase and pampas grass. Get more bathroom counter ideas here!

UPDATE: Later we made this pedestal bowl tray and added it to the bathroom as a vanity tray and I love it!

Modern looking waterfall single hole black faucet for the vanity sink in master bathroom - VIGO Industries
White quartz countertop on bathroom vanity with two sinks with black faucets and wooden mirrors
Side view of the vanity showing mirrors, white countertop, hanging shelves and toilet bowl.

And can we just TALK about this wall decor?

Close up shot of vertical garden full of fake succulents and moss in black frame on white wall

GUYS! I made that. Seriously this is the coolest thing I’ve made in a LONG time. You can read the full tutorial here. But I’m seriously so obsessed with it.

Wall decor shown on white wall with green faux succulents and moss in black frame as a vertical garden and black and white wall decor that says be still for a moment the world will wait

I was really struggling with what to put on this wall because I knew it would be a focal point and it was big and white. I love the contrast the faux succulent vertical garden makes on the wall – it really pulls the green accent wall color in, right?

And this “Be still for a moment, the world will wait” sign is one of the first things I purchased for the bathroom. I love the simple reminder that it provides for us to just relax when we are in here.

That’s why we created this bathroom after all.

Toilet area with frames on the wall and hanging shelves with first aid kit and bath towel on shelf

As you can imagine… as parents of 2 toddlers that are renovating a fixer-upper and running multiple businesses (blog, Etsy shop, and real estate business…oh and I’m working full-time too), we don’t get a whole lot of relaxing time.

Shower area with black rain shower and hand shower with shower niche with coordinating accent tile with star pattern and white marble tile on back wall and shower floor with wood look tile on the shower side

This season of life is full of a lot of juggling… a lot of sacrificing… and a lot of wondering if we are doing this whole parenting thing right. There’s not a lot of relaxing. And to be honest… there’s not a lot of self care.

All that to say… One perk that we hope to get out of creating this modern bathroom is a little relaxation (and boy do we need it after the last 6 weeks). Even if it’s just a 5 minute shower in a luxurious shower that feels little more like a day spa than it does our house.

Vanity area in master bathroom with modern farmhouse style showing dark green accent wall, large teak wood mirror, barn vanity light and a towel ring holding green textured hand towel with white sink, countertop, blacksplash and black sink faucet

Definitely not saying that you need to go completely renovate a bathroom in your house just to relax and do a little self care, but you get my drift – right? 😉

Modern farmhouse bathroom reveal showing his and her dual head shower with windowpane shower door panels, linear drains, marble tile, bathroom plants, black finishes and white wall paint

The relaxation that is going to come alongside this bathroom is just an added perk.

Speaking of added perks… some of you who have been following along may be wondering where that DIY hamper is that we’ve been saying we were going to build!

Well, here she is!

DIY wooden hamper on the modern farmhouse bathroom

Gorgeous, right? We’re not 100% positive if we’re going to keep it in the bathroom or in our closet (which is due for a fun makeover next year), but either way it makes that Jeffrey Court tile look so good, right?

DIY famrhouse hamper for the modern farmhouse bathroom

It was so fun using tile in an unconventional way – like in a woodworking project! And don’t you worry… we have the full tutorial on this out pretty soon so you can learn how to make it too!

Now….I saved the best for last. Let’s get some detail shots of the AMAZING tile that we used from Jeffrey Court.

Modern bathroom flooring with marble looking white hexagon large format tile on floor and back wall with linear drain in shower for a seamless design

This wasn’t our first tile project, but it was our first time working with large format tile (which is a whole new ballgame). I wrote all about it in week 3 in my post called Everything You Need To Know About Large Format Tile.

Full view of the black shower system with light rustic wood look tile installed vertically on shower wall

Ok…now before we go (and take a nice long nap)…ONE last look at the before and afters.

Before and after collage of the bathroom showing pre-made shower bath insert for the before picture and after picture with luxurious black and white shower design with modern finishes

I know, I know…it’s hard to see how these are actually before and afters because EVERYTHING in the bathroom was reconfigured, but use the window as your point of reference. I swear these views are the same space. It’s hard to believe, huh?

Before picture of the vanity and the after picture of the shower
Before picture of the old vanity and after picture of the modern farmhouse bathroom
Before picture of the old toilet look and the after picture of the new modern bathroom shower area

A big thank you to Jeffrey Court for inviting us to participate in the Renovation Challenge this season! Also thank you to for your partnership and our other room sponsor, High & Mighty!

Project list for our bathroom renovation:

  • Demo entire bathroom – done
  • Cover up doorway to hallway – done
  • Open new doorway to master bedroom – done
  • Rough in new plumbing (toilet, showers, sinks) – done
  • Add new subflooring – done
  • Create shower pan – done
  • Add recessed lighting – done
  • Add new vanity light electrical – done
  • Add bathroom exhaust fan – done
  • Install shower niche liners – done
  • Install insulation – done
  • Add sheetrock – done
  • Tape and texture drywall – done
  • Paint walls – done
  • Tile shower walls – done
    • Install shower niches with accent tiles – done
    • Tile around window and in windowsill – done
  • Tile floor – done
  • Install new toilet – done
  • Relocate vanity – done
  • Install new countertop – done
  • Tile backsplash on vanity  – done
  • Install fixed shower door panels – done
  • Install shower heads – done
  • Build DIY laundry hamper – done
  • Install floating shelves – done
  • Build DIY barn door – done
  • Install vanity lights – done
  • Install trim and baseboards – done
  • Install bathroom accessories – done
  • Hang mirrors – done
  • Decorate! – done

12 thoughts on “Modern Bathroom Reveal!

  1. GUYS!!!! It’s looks amazing!!! You guys, this is really phenomenal! You should be so proud! I LOVE the dark wall (obvi), and the huge shower, and all of the faucets – it’s all stunning!

  2. Chelsea + Logan – it’s so amazing! I can’t believe all the impressive DIY’s and the design is stunning. I love every choice you made! Congratulations on your completed bathroom.

  3. Really great looking spa bathroom, you guys did a fantastic job. I cannot believe how good the cabinet looks?!? Most certainly a job well done.

  4. Chelsea and Logan
    The bathroom is fabulous! I love the design! Simple, yet fabulous in design and detail! The tile in the shower is fresh and modern. The dark cabinet is just beautiful and brings a very rich
    Feel to the whole space. A job well done!

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