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Farmhouse Sink Cabinet For Laundry Room (With Free Plans!)

We built this farmhouse sink cabinet for our laundry room and incorporated a folding counter to go over the washer & dryer. It's so functional AND pretty! The best part is that we're giving you the full woodworking plans for free!

Thank you to Kreg for sponsoring this farmhouse sink cabinet build! All opinions are entirely my own. This post also contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

Last year we did a Phase 1 renovation in our laundry room. It really came a LONGGGG way with a few simple projects like this faux brick wall & industrial pipe shelves.

Image of the laundry room before renovation
How to install a faux brick wall in your laundry room for less than $100
Click the photo to see the Brick Wall tutorial!
Installing easy DIY industrial style shelving in the laundry room
Click the photo to see the Shelves tutorial!

Well, for anyone who has done a “Phase 1” in any room – you know that when you’re done, you are left dreaming of that Phase 2. Usually, you have a plan in place already!

Before we even started Phase 1 in the laundry room, we had big plans for Phase 2, which included building a farmhouse sink cabinet and a folding counter over the washer and dryer! You can read more about our laundry room plans here!

Well, friends, the day has finally come to start Phase 2 in our laundry room!

So we built a base cabinet for a farmhouse sink and folding counter!

For this fun DIY woodworking project, we’ve teamed up with Kreg to create the plans and share them online for free!

If you’re wondering, Kreg Tools is full of easy-to-follow woodworking plans that are all available for free! I’m sure you are going to find so much inspiration while you are there.

We went back to our handy Kreg K5 pocket hole for this one, which is a tool that we LOVE! Learn all about how to use a pocket hole jig here!

UPDATE: In 2021 Kreg replaced the K5 Pocket Hole system with the Kreg 720 Pro. Check out our guide all about the new Kreg 720Pro to learn more.

A photo of a Kreg clamp in use to create a sink cabinet for the laundry room.

For this build, we used our new Kreg Clamp Table & Steel Stand Combo to assemble the face frame and it was SO handy.

The table comes with tracks holding two bench clamps that hold your pieces in place while you screw in the pocket holes when assembling.

Farmhouse Sink Cabinet Tutorial: Step-by-Step Instructions

Wood products needed

  • 3 sheets of 3/4″ plywood
  • 1 1×4 board, 96″ long
  • 3 1×3 boards, 96″ long

Supplies & hardware needed

  • Pocket hole screws
  • Finish nails
  • 2 3/4″ overlay soft close hinges
  • 3 2-inch angle brackets
  • 7 5/16″ lag bolts, 3.5″ inches long
  • Wood screws
  • Farmhouse sink
  • Sink faucet
  • Drain assembly
  • P-trap
  • Faucet supply lines

Tools needed

Step 1. Cut wood

  • Refer to the cut list (which can be downloaded here) for exact measurements.
  • Use a table saw for plywood and a miter saw for trim pieces.
  • Note: This cabinet is customized for our sink and laundry area; you may need to adjust it accordingly.

Step 2. Drill pocket holes

  • Drill pocket holes using Kreg’s system where necessary – according to the woodworking plans.
  • We used pocket hole joinery on these parts:
    • Cabinet back panel
    • Folding table back & side ledger
    • Face frame
    • Cabinet interior side support panel

Step 3. Assemble the face frame

A clamp table is holding together a wooden face frame while a man is drilling in pocket hole screws
  • Assemble the face frame with the pre-drilled pocket holes.

Step 4. Sand

  • Sand all pieces with 80- and 150-grit sandpaper.
  • Also use 220-grit sandpaper on oak ends, which helps it not absorb too much stain on the ends.

Step 5. Put together the base cabinet.

Photo of a sink cabinet being assembled.
  • Follow the woodworking plans to assemble the base cabinet.
  • For the general order, we started with the side panels, top and bottom. Then we added a back panel and attached the face frame with finish nails. We followed up with a toe kick piece after it was installed in the laundry room.

Step 6. Assemble the folding countertop.

  • Again, refer to the woodworking plans for more details on the installation of the folding counter.
  • We used ledger boards on the side that faces the walls for mounting purposes.

Step 7. Assemble the cabinet door.

The man continues assembling the sink cabinet.
  • You can use a table saw or router to create the mortise and tenon joints & grooves for the door panel to slide in.
  • Assemble the cabinet door with mortise and tenon joints with wood glue and clamps.
  • Wipe away the wood glue as soon as possible before it dries to prevent sanding a lot.

Step 8. Stain and seal.

Then he stains and seals the wood of the cabinet.

Step 9. Add the folding countertop.

  • Put the base cabinet into place in your laundry room and drill the holes as needed for the plumbing.
  • Attach angle brackets to the side of the base cabinet and a temporary ledger board on the wall for the folding table.
  • Attach the folding tabletop panel to the brackets first, while resting the table on the temporary ledger board.
  • Make sure the table stays level throughout the installation.
  • Then locate the studs in the wall and predrill holes for lag bolts on the folding table side ledger and folding table back ledger. We used 4 on the back ledger and 3 on the side ledger. Attach lag bolts and remove the temporary ledger board.

Step 10. Install farmhouse sink.

  • Install the sink by cutting the necessary holes in the cabinet top panel. Most sinks will come with a template that you can use for this.
  • Next, attach the plumbing.
  • Once everything is good to go, add 4 dots of silicone in each corner underneath the sink and press it into place.

Step 11. Add trim.

Step 12. Add cabinet door.

The man is skillfully installing the cabinet door by attaching the hinges.
  • Hang the door using 3/4″ overlay soft-close hinges.

Step 13. Fill nail holes

  • Fill nail holes with matching wood putty.

Step 14. Secure cabinet

  • Attach the cabinet to the wall with wood screws into studs. If needed add wood shims underneath to level it first.

The Final Results: A Stunning Farmhouse Laundry Room Sink & Folding Table!

We are SO happy to finally have a sink in our laundry room – a farmhouse sink no less! I’ve wanted a farmhouse sink for basically ever. And even though it’s not in our kitchen – I’ve finally got one!

A large farmhouse laundry room sink and cabinet, with a vintage style faucet and detachable sprayer
Farmhouse laundry room with large farmhouse sink and vintage faucet and sprayer on top of a wood cabinet with white brink walls and wood floors.

Speaking of this sink, Logan’s dad found it 2 years ago right when we moved into this house at a ReStore for only $70. This sink literally retails for OVER $1,500!!!! It’s in nearly perfect shape and I think it was brand new. Always pays to keep an eye out at ReStore for materials like this!

A vintage inspired wall mount faucet in a farmhouse laundry room sink

The faucet is the perfect amount of vintage and modern. I LOVE that we were able to include a sprayer as well, which will definitely come in handy!

I’m actually EXCITED to do laundry in here!! We are in love with our new sink & custom cabinet with a folding counter.

Farmhouse inspired laundry room with industrial-style shelving, a folding table over the washer and dry, and farmhouse sink
A modern farmhouse laundry room with a farmhouse laundry sink and cabinet, folding table over the washer and dyer, and diy faux brick wall

We’re going to keep the laundry room fun going with our next project! Get ready, we’re building a full wall of mudroom-style cubbies and it’s going to be AWESOME! (UPDATE: Here’s how the mud room lockers turned out!)

Don’t forget to hop over to Kreg Tool and download the free woodworking plans.

Would you put a farmhouse sink cabinet in your laundry room?

Let us know in the comments below!

How to build a farmhouse laundry sink cabinet in your farmhouse-style laundry room! Wood working plans and full tutorial included.

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