Are you ready to make your house a home you love?

Do you want to be confident tackling renovation projects on your fixer upper?

Are you lost, overwhelmed and just a tad confused when it comes to renovating?

You're in the right place. 

Welcome, friend.

We’ve found that many couples don't know how to start renovating their homes, which is why our passion is teaching others how to make their house a home they love - one DIY at a time.

At Making Manzanita, you'll find step-by-step home improvement tutorials and design inspiration.

This is a place where overwhelmed DIY wanna-be's learn how to renovate with confidence and make their house a home they love


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P O P U L A R   P O S T S

So, wanna know a little more about us? 

I'm Chelsea and he's Logan.  And we're the bloggers behind everything you see on Making Manzanita. 

Teaching others how to DIY their renovations can add real value to their home and their sweat equity can literally change their lives and that's the real reason why we're here doing what we do. We've dedicated a big portion of our lives to renovating and have seen the results of the sweat equity pay off big time. We love teaching you about renovating because we know it can change your life too. 

We have a pretty simple life in Central Oregon. You can usually find us knee deep in a renovation project while chasing around our two small kiddos (3 yr & 1 yr). 

H e r e ' s   a   f e w   t h i n g s   y o u   m a y   n o t   k n o w   a b o u t   u s

  • We met in college in San Diego and stayed there after we graduated and got married. As much as we loved San Diego, we were searching for a smaller town with a quieter life and were in need of an adventure. (Read about our decision to to move here) So in 2014, we packed up everything we owned and drove all the way up California to the beautiful Central Oregon. 

  • We may be biased, but we've got the two cutest kids in the world. Cal is 3 and Quinn is 1. Their birthdays are almost exactly 2 years apart - down to the week. We both agree on a daily basis that parenting is both the hardest thing and the best thing in the world. 

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