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XOXO Decor: Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Wood Home Decor Idea

Looking for an easy DIY Valentine's Day home decor idea that will take you less than one hour to create? You're going to love this cute XOXO Decor made with reclaimed wood & hearts with supplies from the dollar store.

This DIY wooden Valentine’s Day decor is perfect for those that don’t want to deck out the whole house with hearts for Valentine’s Day but are craving a little something extra to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Not only is this project REALLY simple to put together, but it turned out cuter than I even imagined!

If you are more of the crafty time and don’t typically don’t work with wood, have no fear! I don’t want any of you to get intimidated by working with wood, especially if it’s your first time DIYing with wood. I’m going to give you a few different options today based on your access to tools.

Collage of covering a wire shaped heart with crepe paper, covering heart shaped wire with red burlap, cutting wood with a miter saw, tying red and white rope on a piece of wood, and finished DIY XOXO Decor Valentine's Day Home decor with text overlay that says Easy Valentine's Decor.

Now let’s jump right into this DIY wooden Valentine’s Day Decor project!

This XOXO Decor post contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Supplies for XOXO Decor:

Step 1. Cover the first Xoxo Decor heart wreath with the Valentine’s Day print scarves.

Wrap a Xoxo Decor heart wreath forms from Dollar Tree with printed scarves for a quick and easy way to decorate for Valentine's Day

Simply tie the scarves onto the wire heart form and start wrapping them around the form.

You can add the next scarf by tying it to the end of the first one.

Once you get all the way around the heart, tuck the end of the scarf into the back. I used 3 scarves to cover the heart wreath.

Step 2. Cover the second heart wreath with a red burlap ribbon.

Cover a wire heart wreath form with red burlap ribbon for DIY XOXO Decor for Valentine's Day decorations

Next, you can cover the other heart wreath with a red burlap ribbon.

I actually just used scotch tape to secure the burlap ribbon in place. I like to try to make my seasonal decorations as temporary as possible, just in case I want to use the supplies for something else during the year!

Continue wrapping the ribbon around the wreath until it is completely covered, and then just tucked the end into the back of the wreath.

Step 3. Cut pallet wood down to size.

You can cut pallet wood down to size with a circular saw, like this or a miter saw, hack saw or hand saw on a Xoxo Decor.

You’ll see 4 pieces cut to 15″ in length.

Now there are a few different options on ways to do this.

  • Use a circular or miter saw to cut the length of pallet wood to 15″
  • Use a hack saw or hand saw if you don’t want to get out the big guns for a few small cuts like this or if you don’t have access to power tools.
  • Have it cut at Home Depot – you can purchase reclaimed wood or new wood from Home Depot and have them cut it down to size for you at the store.

Step 4. Tie your wood pieces together in an X shape.

Make an X with two pieces of reclaimed pallet wood for Valentine's Day xoxo decor

I used some cute red and tan rustic baker’s twine, but you can really use any other type of ribbon or string.

Once the two wooden pieces are secure, tight the twine together in a double knot on the backside to hide it.

Tie two pieces of reclaimed pallet wood together with red and tan baker's twine on a Xoxo Decor.

Here’s what it will look like when finished.

Close side view of the DIY XOXO decor Valentine's day home decor leaning against the cabinet.

Now step back and gives yourself a pat on the back. You did it!! I told you that it was easy!

Living room shelves withValentine's Day DIY wooden XOXO decor  along with other farmhouse home decor
Learn how to make this Valentine's Day DIY XOXO decor to decorate your living room

I love how this cute XOXO decor turned out! Doesn’t it look so cute styled on our living room shelves?

Learn how to make this easy DIY XOXO Valentine's Day home decor on the living room shelves along with other farmhouse home decor

To style the rest of our shelves for the holiday, we added vintage books in between two corbel bookends, next to these farmhouse white pitchers that are super easy to make.

DIY wooden Valentine's Day XOXO decor on the top shelf.

A wooden dough bowl is styled with scented pinecones and faux greenery with a small felt bead garland hanging out of it.

This felt balls string for Valentine's Day decorations is perfect pouring out of the wooden dough bowl
I love the look of these living room farmhouse shelves with the DIY XOXO Valentine's Day home decor at the top most shelf along with other farmhouse home decor

On the top shelf, we layered vintage windows and wooden signs behind the XOXO wooden Valentine’s Day decor to give it a bit more dimension and character.

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XOXO Decor

XOXO Decor

Yield: 2 X's & 2 O's
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

If you're looking for a really easy DIY Valentine's Day Home Decor idea, you're going to love this XOXO Decor made with reclaimed wood and heart wreaths found at the dollar store.



  • Circular or Miter Saw (optional)
  • Hand or Hack Saw (optional)
  • Scissors


  1. Cover the first wreath with the Valentine's Day print scarves.
  2. Cover the second wreath with the burlap ribbon.
  3. Cut your reclaimed wood down to size.
  4. Tie your wood pieces together in an "x" shape.
  5. Celebrate.


What other ways are you decorating around your house for Valentine’s Day? Any other fun DIY’s you’re working on?

2 thoughts on “XOXO Decor: Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Wood Home Decor Idea

  1. Love this project–so easy! I used scarves for one heart and pink burlap ribbon for the other. All in all, it ended up costing about $10 because I also purchased red twine and valentine garland to tie the wood pieces together.

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