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Farmhouse Master Bathroom Reveal

The day is finally here! Our small farmhouse master bathroom is everything I wanted it to be: budget-friendly, more open, full of shiplap, farmhouse shelves and chippy paint signs.

Our budget-friendly farmhouse master bathroom has been a major evolution over the past couple of years since we moved into our fixer upper.

When we first moved in, I wasn’t even planning on doing a farmhouse master bathroom. I didn’t know what my design plans were. I just knew that something needed to happen, but there were bigger fish to fry as we renovated the rest of the house.

So our master bathroom sat..boring and bare hidden in the back of our house. That’s usually true with most renovations I think.

You typically do the master bedroom and bathroom last because it’s least likely to be seen by guests. It’s true over here at least.

2.5 years of renovating and I still haven’t finished decorating the master bedroom. Shhh…it’s getting there.

But during the cold and LONG winter, Logan and I got a bit of a DIY bug after a binge session of Fixer Upper.

It was shiplap time, so we added a budget-friendly faux shiplap wall and floating shelves. These DIY projects alone completely transformed the master bathroom and brought in tons of the farmhouse charm I was looking for.

This is definitely a budget-friendly farmhouse master bathroom. The shiplap wall cost us less than $15 and you’ll see based on the source list at the end of this post that a lot of the decor was DIYed or collected from thrift stores or flea markets.

If you’re looking for inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas, check out this article!

The master bathroom is small. So much so that I rounded up Small Bathroom Organization Tips because I was looking at them so much.

The master bathroom is awkward. Our master bathroom was really hideous.

This post contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Our Farmhouse Master Bathroom Makeover: Before Pictures

Here’s where we started when we moved into our fixer upper. You may recognize these pics from our pre reno home tour. 

Before our farmhouse mater bathroom makeover, the toilet
Before our farmhouse master bathroom makeover, our small master bathroom had a small shower with a shower curtain and a small sink
The view inside our master bathroom, before it's farmhouse makeover. The door opened up to see the sink vanity and the shower.

Ready to see our new farmhouse master bathroom!?

Come on in!

Our new farmhouse master bathroom - the white-painted door opens to two towels hanging on the wall.

Our farmhouse master bathroom certainly come a long way, hasn’t it?!!

Our farmhouse master bathroom makeover is complete! With a new shiplap toilet alcove and farmhouse style decor, floating shelves, towel hangers, and more.

Ok, ok…. I took one million photos of this tiny little bathroom and I tried to narrow it down, but this post will be really photo-heavy. That’s what you want to see anyway, right!?

A close up look at a teal wood sign with brass wire twisted to read
A chipped paint sign that reads

I had a blast making this fun Rub A Dub Dub sign. You can check out the full tutorial here. 

A box of matches in a decorative box next to a soy wax candle sits on the window sill in our farmhouse style master bathroom.
A close up look at the bronze wall mounted towel hangers in our farmhouse master bathroom.
A lambs ear plant sits in a galvanized bucket on the back of the toilet in the farmhouse master bathroom.

Let’s take another look at those farmhouse shelves. I had so much fun decorating these!

We installed floating wood shelves over the toilet in our farmhouse master bathroom. The shelves are decorated with small trinkets like towels, baskets, plants, a coordinates sign, and more.
A vintage bath brush and vintage glass bottles decorate the floating shelves above the toilet in our master bathroom.
Floating wood shelves above the toilet in our farmhouse style bathroom are decorated with little trinkets like vintage glass bottles, wire baskets, and rolled tea towels.

When you turn around from the shelves…

The sink and mirror vanity in our farmhouse master bathroom; the medicine cabinet and mirror is painted a weathered mint green, brass towel rings and hooks are mounted to the walls.

Someday we plan on doing a full renovation in this bathroom with a glass shower to open the small bathroom up, a new pedestal sink, flooring…the whole shebang.

But until then, we decided to do a budget-friendly farmhouse master bathroom making the best of what we have.

Which means using this vanity cabinet that I don’t love. Luckily you can decorate around the things you don’t love. 🙂

(UPDATE: We didn’t end up getting to this full renovation of this bathroom as planned before we move out, but we did paint the vanity white after we moved out. You can see how that turned out here!)

We made the most of this small cabinet and sink vanity in the master bathroom by adding a soap dispenser, a brush holder, and a blue and white diamond rug on the floor.

I chat all about the story behind this amazing vintage vanity cabinet on this post. This cabinet really started the inspiration behind our farmhouse master bathroom design plans. Here she is in all her chippy paint glory.

a close up look at the chipped paint on the vintage medicine cabinet mirror, hanging in our master bathroom.
This lovely watercolor art hangs on the wall in our farmhouse master bathroom; it's a blue and green watercolor splash with the words

Love this watercolor art I had made custom just for this space from my very good friend. ‘I thought it was a fitting quote because the first thing I do in the morning is to go brush my teeth at this sink. 🙂

This vintage sconce is mounted over the bathroom mirror; it has two vintage lightbulbs in black metal holders.

Love the vintage style of the “new” light above our cabinet. We transformed our old boring light and it was so easy! Read all about this easy DIY farmhouse light transformation!

This DIY jewelry holder was made with an old vintage shutter painted with chipped mint green paint, and has three metal hooks attached to hold bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry.

Every great bathroom needs some pretty jewelry storage, right?

The white macramé shower curtain is held up with these nice mint-green jewel style shower curtain holders in our master bathroom.

I fell in love with the texture of this shower curtain, but when I went to install it, it was too short!

Silly me, I thought all shower curtain lengths were the same. Read how I fixed this shower curtain that was too short!

The white macrame shower curtain completes the look in our farmhouse master bathroom; next to the shower curtain, two metal towel hooks are mounted to the wall.

One of my favorite things about those farmhouse shelves is the coordinates sign. This was made by The Mtn Bluebird Co on Etsy. 

The floating shelves above the toilet in the farmhouse master bathroom are decorated with trinkets--my favorite of which is the wood coordinates sign I had made on Etsy.
A close up look at the fuzzy texture of the lamb's ear leaves; this plant sits in a galvanized bucket on the back of the toilet in our farmhouse style bathroom.
Floating shelves above the toilet in our farmhouse master bathroom, decorated with trinkets like tea towels, bowls, and a white tissue box.
The window in our master bathroom; a chipped paint wood sign says
Another look at the floating shelves mounted above the toilet in our farmhouse master bathroom, decorated with fun trinkets like wire baskets, tea towels, a wood coordinates sign and more.

I had a blast making this fun ombre-painted sign! Check out the full tutorial here.

A view of the toilet alcove in our farmhouse master bathroom; floating shelves are mounted on a shiplap wall behind the toilet, towel hooks hang under the window, and a vintage round wood sign hangs on the wall.
A chicken wire basket, rolled up tea towels, and a vase with cotton blooms sits on the floating shelves above the toilet.
A close up look at the brass towel hooks mounted to the wall in our farmhouse master bathroom.
A closer look at the shiplap wall behind the toilet, with mounted floating shelves decorated with farmhouse trinkets.
A collage of farmhouse style decor in our farmhouse master bathroom; a lambs ear plant, white and teal towel, vase with cotton blooms, a white macrame shower curtain, tea towels, vintage trinkets and more.

Ah! I love all the little details of our farmhouse master bathroom.

A collage showing various details of our farmhouse master bathroom; vintage trinkets on the floating shelves, wood sign hanging on the wall, jewel shower curtain hangers.

Before and After: Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Pictures

Ok before we go, let’s take one more look at the before and after shots from when we moved in because they are so fun!

Before and after pictures of the toilet alcove in our farmhouse master bathroom. Before: an undecorated toilet alcove. After: a shiplap wall with floating shelves and farmhouse decor.
Before and after pictures of the toilet alcove in our farmhouse master bathroom. Before: an undecorated sink and cabinet vanity and plain mirror. After: a new mint green painted vintage medicine cabinet and mirror with farmhouse style decor on the walls.
Before and after pictures of the toilet alcove in our farmhouse master bathroom. Before - a clear shower curtain with teal and black flowers. After - a white macrame shower curtain.

There’s lot more where this came from. The next few weeks are going to be full of tutorials and more info about our farmhouse master bathroom.  

Our farmhouse master bathroom makeover - a college of the decor, DIY projects, and new decoration that makes up our new farmhouse style master bathroom.

Source List For Our Farmhouse Master Bathroom:

The video of our shiplap wall and floating shelves in our farmhouse master bathroom literally went VIRAL. It was even shared by BHG, Jordin Sparks and Scott Dudick.  It was so cool to see something that we did get noticed by SO many people. If you are not one of the 20,000,000 people that saw this on Hometalk’s Facebook page, here’s a little time lapse version of our farmhouse bathroom transformation!

Looking for more of our farmhouse master bathroom renovation?

Looking for more farmhouse bathroom inspiration? Here are some of my faves:

12 thoughts on “Farmhouse Master Bathroom Reveal

  1. Oh Chelsea I just love love this bathroom!!!’ I want to do something like this in Kristas bathroom someday when all the wallpaper comes down… it turned out absolutely perfect!! You rock my sweet daughter!! ❤️

  2. The walls in the before picture look textured, and smooth in the redo. Curious as to what you did to them. Thanks! Nice job!

    1. Hi Elizabeth…yes! We took almost a year and did a process called skim coating to get rid of the thick texture. It was very time consuming and laborious, but I love my smooth walls. That was a “must have” item for me when we purchased the house. I don’t mind a little normal texture, but this stuff was crazy thick so I knew we needed to get rid of it. In the long run, I don’t think this is something we would DIY again. We’d probably would have saved up the money and had it done professionally so it would have been done quicker, but we just didn’t have the money….so we learned how to skim coat and lived in a reno zone for over a year. Whew, glad that’s over. Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  3. Hi, saw your post on Hometalk so came here to see more pictures. Love what you did on a limited budget. Why not paint that vanity? White wash or use the mint green to match the medicine cabinet. Fixing up the vanity light instead of buying a new one was a great idea. I had an ugly gold plated light that had three glass shades and I painted the metal dark green and it made it kind of looks like flower petals and I am tempted to keep it when we finally redo our master. That’s an unusual set up you had to work with but it turned out really cute!

    1. Hi Kathleen. Thanks for your comment! I didn’t want to spend any more money on it because we don’t plan on keeping it on the long run. I did, however, get the idea of white washing it so I think I’m going to give that I try soon. It’s on my to-do list.

    1. Hi Tammie….The reason I didn’t originally paint the vanity is because eventually we are going to replace in when we do a more involved renovation in this room, but the more I look at it, the more tempted I am to do SOMETHING. I’m thinking a white wash to lighten it up a bit.

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