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How To Organize Gift Bags and Gift Wrap Supplies

Learn how to organize gift bags and store your gift wrap! Keep your wrapping paper, gift bags, gift tags, and bows well-organized so that you can easily find the perfect item with these great ideas!

Now that the holidays are over, you’re probably wondering what to do with all of your Christmas wrapping paper and bags. Or do you have a birthday party every other month and need to have wrapping paper and gift bags on hand but aren’t sure how to organize gift bags and store them?

Today I’m sharing how I organize our year-round gift bags that we use for the 57,845+ kid birthday parties we attend and then also how I organize our Christmas wrapping supplies, which I only take out of the garage during the holiday season!

I also rounded up TONS of other ways to organize your gift bags and wrapping supplies because, well, my ideas may not work for your exact situation and I want to make sure you are inspired with something that makes you get your wrapping supplies organized!

This how to organize gift bags and wrapping paper guide contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Learn how to organize gift bags and store your gift wrap!

How To Organize Gift Bags – Year Round

We’re in the stage of life where it is not uncommon to go “birthday party hopping” on a Saturday. With a 5-year-old and 7-year-old, there are a lot of birthday parties to attend. Throw in the occasion baby shower or wedding and there are a lot of gifts flying out the door around here!

I needed a way to keep our gift bags organized so I could quickly grab one when we were on our way to a birthday party. This hanging gift bag and tissue paper organizer did the trick and works perfectly for us! We have it hanging in the closet of the homeschool room.

Neatly organized gift bags in a variety of colors and sizes, creating a visually appealing and clutter-free storage solution.

On one side I keep baby-themed bags for baby showers, wedding-themed bags, and generic bags. On the other side, I keep birthday bags (and more generic bags).

A perfectly organized collection of gift bags, showcasing a harmonious arrangement that simplifies the gift-wrapping process.

If I’m feeling extra organized that day, I try to keep them organized by girl vs boy. The tissue paper also goes in one of the slots, just folded up.

Well-ordered gift bags showcase, illustrating a methodical organization system for a seamless and delightful gift preparation experience.

For cards, we always have our kids handmake a card before we go to the party, so I don’t need to store those, but you could also just slip them into one of the slots of the organizer if you have them!

How To Organize Holiday Gift Wrapping Supplies

Structured arrangement of gift bags, ensuring a clutter-free and convenient storage solution for all your wrapping needs.

This gift wrap organizer is perfect for our holiday wrapping supplies! I got it last year and I’m amazed how much better things are going this year for wrapping presents. Normally I had things in random bins and boxes, but I love having everything in one spot and all organized!

Admire the systematic arrangement of gift ribbons and bags, showcasing an organized and efficient approach to creating beautifully wrapped gifts effortlessly,

The lid has two pockets. We use the top one to organize the ribbon.

A well-ordered collection of gift ribbons and other gift wrapping materials in various hues, providing an organized and efficient solution to enhance your gift preparation area.

The lower pocket is perfect for the other wrapping supplies, like tape, tags, scissors, and more. I keep them rounded up and corraled a little better in Ziplock bags.

Experience the convenience of a perfectly arranged showcase of gift ribbons and bags, ensuring easy accessibility and a tidy atmosphere for all your wrapping needs.

The main compartment of the organizer is perfect for storing all of our Christmas gift bags. Can you tell that I prefer using bags over wrapping paper? Haha! I keep the bags stacked up by size, small, medium, and large. You can also fit wrapping paper rolls in here.

The whole thing zips up and is easy to carry to the garage at the end of the holiday season. I love that it is red so we can easily spot it in the attic or garage with the rest of our organized Christmas decorations when we need to find it!

19 MORE IDEAS: How To Organize Gift Bags and Gift Wrap Supplies

These wrapping paper storage and organization ideas will keep your gift-wrapping supplies organized all year round so you can get your gifts wrapped neatly and quickly! Seriously, these awesome organizing tips are the best! 

Knowing how to organize gift bags and wraps can significantly streamline your preparation for special occasions and the holiday season.

With these great ideas, keeping your gift bags and wrapping paper neat is easier than ever. By following these tips on how to organize gift bags and wrapping paper, you’ll not only save time but also maintain a clutter-free space!

A collage photo of gift and wrap organization. With text overlays saying

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