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19+ Genius Ideas on How To Store Stuffed Animals

Tired of the mess of stuffed animals in your child's room? I've got you covered with 19 genius ideas on how to store stuffed animals to tame the stuffie clutter once and for all!

How do kids collect so many stuffed animals?!

Grandma and Grandpa buy them for birthdays or just because when they take them to the store. They make the best vacation souvenir EVER! 

Friends and family think they make great presents, and they do, but there has to be a limit to how many plush animals one child needs.

It’s no wonder the plush toys are taking over. 

The best place to start is with a good decluttering session. I would recommend doing this with your kids.

To help kids declutter their stuffed animal collection, you can create a fun and interactive sorting process. Encourage them to pick their absolute favorites and set those aside.

Then, categorize the remaining stuffed animals into different groups, such as animals, characters, or sizes. This is a great exercise for your little ones. 

This a great time to chat about the importance of donating gently used toys to other children who may need them, which can instill a sense of generosity in your little ones.

Allow your child to choose a designated number of stuffed animals to keep from each category and gradually reduce the collection. Make it a positive experience by praising their choices and reminding them that decluttering creates more space to enjoy their cherished toys.

After you work with your kids to purge some of their beloved collection, then try any of these 21 ideas on how to store stuffed animals.

Photo Collage as a Stuffed Animal Storage Solution with text overlay saying How to Store Stuffed Animals.

This stuffed animal storage ideas guide contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

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19+ Ideas on How To Store Stuffed Animals

wire basket at the end of the bed for stuffed animal storage

1. Wire Baskets from Love and Renovations

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, making them the perfect stuffed animal storage. This stuffed animal storage solution corrals all the stuffed animals in a kid’s room and makes them easy to see so that their favorite stuffies are easy to access when they want them.

As a bonus, it’s an easy storage idea that makes it easy for your young child to keep their room clutter-free. Even the youngest kids can put the toys back in the basket to clean up.

Check this idea out here (along with even more stuffed animal storage ideas from Amanda!)

stuffed animal storage in an over the door organizer

2. Use a Hanging Door Shoe Organizer from Small Stuff Counts

Small bedrooms come with many challenges; finding storage space for your child’s stuffed animals is one of them. Utilizing the back of a door is the perfect option for plush toys.

An over-the-door shoe organizer lets you keep those stuffed animals contained and still displayed so your child can find their favorites.

Check out this idea more in detail here.

2 young children sitting on a DIY Bean Bag stuffed animal chair

3. DIY Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Chair from Lemon Thistle

I love this idea! This is a beginner-friendly sewing project and a great idea for storing stuffed toys. Construction of a stuffed animal chair is simple, and your kids will love sitting on it to read their favorite books, or you may even find them taking a nap on top of their soft toys.  

Sew your own bean bag stuffed animal chair.

Bean bag chair cover for stuffed animal storage

Bean Bag Stuffed Animal ChairBuy instead of DIY

If sewing isn’t on your list of DIY skills, you can buy this cute bean bag chair cover for stuffed animal storage. The fabric is canvas, so your child can color in the designs too!

Buy it from Target

DIY stuffed animal storage idea made from wood

4. DIY Toy Organizer from Anika’s DIY Life

With bins and shelves, this is the perfect storage solution for kids’ bedrooms or a playroom. The end section is a great mini zoo for animal toys, and you can use the storage bins for smaller stuffed animals or other small toys. It’s an easy DIY beginner project that anyone can make. 

See how to make your own here.

Stuffed animals stored in DIY stuffed animal zoo made with wood and cord.

5. DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo from The Handyman’s Daughter

Made with 1X2s and 1X3s, this easy DIY stuffed animal zoo is ideal for the end of the bed or in the corner of a kid’s room or playroom. Shock cord attached using eye screws contains your child’s animal collection. 

See how to build your own here.

Stuffed animal zoo to store stuffed animals with two sections

Stuffed Animal Zoo – Buy instead of DIY

If you’re not into DIY, you can buy this version of the stuffed animal zoo. It features two sections with plenty of storage room for all your child’s plush toys.

Buy it on Amazon

Stuffed animals spilling out of an Ikea STUVA drawer

6. Stuffed animal storage using Ikea STUVA Drawers from Jessica Welling Designs

IKEA is known for its creative and stylish storage solutions. A pair of STUVA drawer units make the perfect toy box for stuffed animals.

With bench seating on top, this soft toy storage idea does double duty in a child’s bedroom.

Stuffed animals stored in navy blue DIY fabric bins

7. DIY Fabric Cubes from Sustain My Craft Habit

You could buy storage cubes, but when you DIY your own, you can make them in any size you want. Customize for the different sizes of the animals in the plush animal collection, big or small.

They can sit on the floor on a shelf, or you can even put them in the closet. These are beginner-friendly sewing projects that you can make in one afternoon.

See how to make your own here.

DIY wooden stuffed animal storage using common boards and macrame string

8. DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Bin from a Houseful of Handmade

Common boards, plywood, and furring strips are all you need to make this stuffed animal storage idea, which is a great beginner woodworking project. I love the macrame detail on the ends, making seeing what’s inside easier. You can customize it to the size you need, even large enough to contain a large collection of plush toys.

Tutorial to make your own here.

Stuffed animal storage using chains hanging from the ceiling

9. Store stuffed Animals on Hanging Chains from Rain on a Tin Roof

Hanging chains from the ceiling is a great idea for organizing stuffed animals, and it’s a quick 5-minute DIY project. This idea uses vertical storage space and is perfect for small spaces.

Clip hooks attach the animals to the chains, making it easy to take them off when your child wants to play with them.

Learn how to do this hanging chain idea here.

DIY wooden and paracord stuffed animal storage attached to the end of the bed

10. DIY Bin for the End of the Bed from Shades of Blue Interiors

Stuffed animal storage is attached to the end of the bed. Genius idea! It’s easy to make. Paracord allows you to squish the maximum amount of stuffed animals into it, and you can grab one from the bottom and pull it out without emptying the bin. 

Tutorial to build your own here.

Boy putting stuffed animals into the DIY fabric storage ottoman

11. DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Ottoman from Sustain My Craft Habit

Make your own stuffed animal storage ottoman and quickly store away plush toys. This beginner-friendly sewing project is made using dropcloth fabric. Perfect for storing toys in the living room, playroom, or kid’s bedroom. You can store away many soft toys in this stuffed animal storage idea.

Tutorial to sew your own here.

Kid's bookshelf with bottom shelf for stuffed animals

12. DIY Kid’s Bookshelf with Stuffed Animal Storage from The Handyman’s Daughter

Add a storage bin shelf to a DIY bookcase for stuffed animal storage in your child’s room. This easy DIY bookshelf is made from plywood and can be built with basic woodworking tools. Store their favorite soft stuffies here for easy access whenever they want them.

Tutorial and plans to build your own here.

Ikea ALGOT as stuffed animal storage

13. Ikea ALGOT Hack from Heathered Nest

Another great Ikea storage hack for stuffed animals is the ALGOT storage bin. This mesh bin can be turned into a rolling bin that will fit right underneath the bed by adding casters to the bottom. There isn’t a top, so stuffed animals are easy to get to and put away when not being played with. This is perfect for a small bedroom.

Learn more about this rolling storage bin hack here.

DIY tall fabric storage bins with stuffed animals in them

14. DIY Reversible Stuffed Animal Fabric Bins from A Beautiful Mess

Unlike the short fabric storage bins we discussed earlier, these tall fabric storage bins are like a clothes hamper, increasing the number of plushies you can store away. Customize yours in the fabric of your choice, and they’re reversible!

Learn how to sew your own here.

DIY toy box with blanket hanging out from underneath the lid

15. Simple DIY Toy Box from Woodshop Diaries

This easy-to-make, simple DIY toy box is the perfect storage area for stuffed animals! The soft close hinges make it safe for little fingers.

Learn how to build this toy box here.

More Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas (that you can buy!)

macrame stuffed animal hammock

16. Macrame Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock

I love this stuffed animal storage idea! A boho-style hammock that can be hung up in the corner of your child’s bedroom to hold their favorite teddy bears and other small stuffed animals. This just may be my favorite on this list of ideas on how to store stuffed animals. You know I love me some boho decor!

Buy it on Amazon

Stuffed animal hanging mesh storage

17. Stuffed Animal Hanging Organizer

This hanging mesh organizer features three sections with plenty of room for a giant stuffed animal collection. Each storage basket has an opening in the front to stuff the plush toys—the mesh fabric to maximize storage.

Buy it on Amazon

stuffed animals in a storage net

18. Stuffed Animal Net

Like the macrame hammock, a stuffed animal net can hold many stuffed animals. Hung from the ceiling, this animal hammock is the perfect vertical storage solution.

Buy it on Amazon

Large wire basket with lid

19. Large Wire Basket with Lid

Handles make this stuffed animal storage idea easy to carry, and the lid keeps them contained. It can do double duty as a play surface or a bedside table too!

Buy it from Target

We must live with the stuffed animal zoo until our kids are in high school, but we can contain them and teach them to put them away when they aren’t playing with them. Finding efficient and creative ways to store stuffed animals not only keeps your child’s beloved companions organized but also adds a touch of fun and charm to their bedrooms and play areas. 

From hanging hammocks to DIY display storage bins, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect storage solution. Remember to involve your child in the decision-making process to make it a fun project you can enjoy together. Whatever you decide, the key is to keep those cuddly friends accessible, tidy, and ready for endless hours of imaginative play. 

Which of these creative ideas on how to store stuffed animals do you like the best? Let us know in the comments!

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