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Modern Boho Bedroom Mood Board And Room Reveal!

If you love the modern boho style and you’re looking for inspiration, you’re going to love this modern boho bedroom mood board and reveal! The before and afters are shocking.

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.  All opinions are entirely my own. This post also contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

We are finally continuing to make progress on our master bedroom. If you remember back before we started the master bathroom renovation, we started renovating our master bedroom (which is attached to the new bathroom).

First, we replaced the old carpet with new hardwood flooring and then we repainted the walls with this two tone paint makeover.

Also, as a part of our bathroom renovation, we built this DIY barn door that hangs out in our master bedroom. 

Want to see our other renovation projects? Check out our full home tour here!

Since we’ve been so busy on other renovations, the bedroom has kind of been put on the back burner…but now it’s time to put our master bedroom back on our minds…front and center!

We’re doing a modern boho bedroom style in here and it’s turning out AMAZING so far. 

We teamed up The Home Depot to give our master bedroom the love it deserves with the new modern boho bedroom decor, bedding, and furniture.

Also, side note…did you guys even KNOW that Home Depot carried gorgeous decor, bedding, and furniture? That is right, they are WAY more than DIY supplies. Most of their decor and bedding products are only sold online, so hop over to their website and check it all out

Ready to See Our Modern Bohemian Bedroom Mood Board ?

To get you inspired today, I’m sharing our bedroom mood board for our modern boho bedroom

Our modern bohemian bedroom modd board includes boho style bedding, sheets, and blankets, throw pillows, furniture and accessories all for a trendy bohemian style bedroom.

Source list for modern boho bedroom mood board: 

Some of the items shown above are no longer sold, so I’ve updated the links below with similar items when needed.

Duvet Cover, similarEuro Shams, similar  |  Striped Sheets, similar  |  Throw Blanket

Plant Hanger  |  Pillow 1  |  Pillow 2  |  Pillow 3

Wall Sconce Light  |  Flush Mount Light  |  Wood Bowl, similar

White Dresser, similar  |  Decorative Vase, similar 

Steel Shelf Bracket Boho Rug  

We had a blast choosing the items for our modern boho bedroom. We’ve incorporated fluffy classic white bedding, contrasting boho pillows and a throw blanket, a pretty new dresser, plants, wall decor, and more!

The full reveal is up on the Home Depot blog today with TONS of pictures – so go check it out.

Want to make your own mood board??

A mood board is a visual guide for your room makeover. It is sort of like a one-stop shop for all of the decor, furniture, and colors you’re bringing into the room.

A mood board is an easy-to-follow design plan so you can see how everything in the room fits together in one place to make sure everything looks cohesive before you make big purchases.

You don’t need to hire an interior designer to make your own mood board! In this article, I teach my entire easy process for creating an interior mood board for free using Pinterest and Canva!

Before Our Bohemian Style Master Bedroom Came to Life

Now before we jump into the after pictures with the pretty modern boho bedroom, let’s take a trip down memory lane just to see how far we’ve come. 

This is what the master bedroom looked like right when we moved in. 

Before our master bedroom renovation, the empty bedroom had tan walls, tan carpet, and mirrored closet doors.
Our master bedroom before the big remodel - the room had tan walls, tan carpet, and a plain white-framed window.

Pretty boring….tan walls, brown carpet, way too small closet. 

Then we ripped out the closet to expand into a walk-in closet and pretty much neglected the room. 

Preparing the master bedroom for renovation - a large queen sized bed and headboard sits in the middle of the room with painters tape on the walls and carpet.
An in=progress look at our boho style master bedroom renovation - the walk-in closet build is in progress, our son sits on the tan carpet in front of the large closet door opening, playing with toys.

This is how we lived with it for WAYYYY too long (ahem…almost two years). 

All New Modern Bohemian Style Master Bedroom Reveal!

A full look at our new boho style master bedroom with two-toned white and deep green walls, a king sized bed with grey upholstered bedframe and headboard, and brand new hardwood flooring.

Then we finally got to work in here over the late Summer/early Fall this year with the new cheap hardwood flooring and two tone color block wall paint.

Things were getting better, but it wasn’t until we added the new boho bedding and decor that things really came together and started to feel like home. 

Are you ready to see our new modern boho bedroom?? 

Our new king sized bed is dressed with boho style throw pillows and throw blankets, white linens, and an upholstered headboard.

Oh my goodness gracious, right?!

I can’t stop staring at every last detail… 

Modern Boho Bed

Let’s start by talking about the modern boho bed frame that we chose! As much as I loved our reclaimed wood bed that Logan built years ago, it was time for a refresh.

I had my heart set on an upholstered bed and gray seemed to be the perfect neutral color to go with our master bedroom color scheme. If you’re in the market for something similar, here are some other gray fabric beds to inspire you.

Our king size bed is dressed in fresh white linens, a boho style throw blanket and throw pillows. The bed sits in front of a bedroom window with sheer white linen floor-length curtains.
Half of our new bed - dressed in soft white linens and accented with bohemian style throw pillows.

If you don’t need a whole bedframe, you could go for a boho modern headboard instead! Something like this DIY Cane headboard is perfect in a modern boho bedroom!

Here’s some other boho modern headboard and bedframe options:

Modern Boho Bedding & Throw Pillows

White fluffy bedding is a classic option that works well with lots of different home styles – not just the modern boho vibes that we were going for in our bedroom.

We paired a textured duvet cover with a big fluffy duvet insert and three matching Euro shams. I love how the three big 26×26 Euro shams fill up the horizontal length of the bed.

Combined neutral boho bed pillows and a boho bed throw, we brought in contrast to the white bedding with tans and dark grays.

An up close look at our boho style throw pillows - I love the woven texture of these throw pillow covers, and the modern Aztec patterns.
Here’s some other neutral boho throw pillows:

Modern Bohemain Dresser

We opted for a white dresser with a rustic wood top and contrasting black handles. Although this dresser has some definite farmhouse influences, it pairs nicely with the boho bohemian look. I love mixing and matching styles for a unique look!

I love this classic 6 drawer white dresser, sitting against a two-toned green and white wall. Above the dresser are two copper framed black and white photos.
Here are some other dresser options that I love:

Modern Boho Nightstand

We were aware that we had very limited floor space for nightstands because we actually have a pretty small master bedroom.

We opted to create DIY floating shelves instead of nightstands with 12-in. boards and these forged steel brackets. This gives us the flexibility of sliding something under the shelf on the open floor space if needed (like a dog bed or basket for the throw pillows).

They were SO easy to make and I love how they turned out.

A full view of our bohemian style bedroom makeover, including our new king size bed, our stunning master bathroom and DIY barn wood bathroom door, and new geometric metal bedroom light fixture.

Modern Boho Curtains

I was definitely struggling with having the bed right in front of the window, but it turns out that curtains were the missing piece to really making it work!

Once we added these sheer white curtains and black curtain rods, they framed out the window and added some drama.

If you’re struggling with how to decorate over your bed, definitely check out this post for tons of ideas!

Bohemian Bedroom Decor

These frames are perfect for some simple black and white pictures with memories from our recent getaway to Italy. They also look great styled on these picture ledge shelves in our hallway.

These copper framed landscape photos hang on a two toned white and green bedroom wall, above a wood dresser, On top of the dresser, we have an indoor plant in a sleek white vase and boho style trinkets bowl.
This indoor plant, white vase, and large wood picture frame fit with the modern boho theme in our new master bedroom.

For the last few months, as we’ve worked tirelessly on this master bathroom renovation, I’ve been dreaming about the day when I have a super pretty view all the way from my master bedroom and past that barn door into our bathroom. This photo ties all of our hard work together and puts a nice little bow on it. 

A full view of our king size bed sits in front of a window, dressed with white linens and boho style throw pillows and throw blanket. To the right, our master bathroom with a DIY sliding barn door.

I just CAN’T BELIEVE this is my room where I get to lay my head down at night! 

After months of waiting for the end result of our combined master bedroom/bathroom space, it’s worth the wait people! The decor and bedding that we incorporated from Home Depot bring style and warmth into the bedroom.

Another view of our bohemian style master bedroom shows the bathroom entrance - a DIY sliding barn door leads into a modern white marble bathroom. A boho style throw blanket sits on the corner of a king size bed.

I hope that you are inspired and ready to tackle decorating your master bedroom. Too often, we put off giving the master bedroom the thought that it deserves.

We tend to focus more on the spaces that are seen by guests, but it’s so important to have a relaxing oasis at the end of your hectic days. 

And just so we don’t forget HOW FAR we’ve come, let’s take one last look at those before and after pictures!

Side-by-side before and after photos of our bohemian style master bedroom makeover shows our bed, the new master bathroom entrance, and the bedroom doorway.

What’s your favorite part about this modern boho master bedroom? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

7 thoughts on “Modern Boho Bedroom Mood Board And Room Reveal!

  1. I enjoyed your before and after photos of the master bedroom. I agree the carpet did need to go and the hard wood floor replacing it is probably my favorite part of your pictures. However, I do have a question? Why did you get rid of your old bed? To me it had more of a BoHo vibe then the upholstered head and foot board. That to me was a surprise, but I guess maybe you were tired of it. That being said thanks for sharing your master bedroom and your bath (which I really liked), although I am not sure I would call it BoHo, but definitely more modern. Thanks again.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the makeover! We got rid of the bed because we wanted to upgrade to a king bed and it was a queen. My husband built the old bed and we did love it! Thankfully my mother in law was able to take the bed to her house so we could keep it in the family! 🙂

  2. Hi! I love this room! I didn’t see it in the source list … where did you get this upholstered bed? Thanks so much!

  3. Beautiful room! I really think the white switchplates on the green wall either need to be painted green or use wood playes. I vote for paint… or cover in a solid fabric that matches the green… Switchplates are such an eyesore in the scheme of design…??

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