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Cozy Living Room: 12 Ways To Make Any Room More Cozy

Wonder how to make a room cozy? You're in for a treat because today I'm sharing 12 different ways you can make any room cozier and giving you a tour of our cozy living room.


When you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll find “adjective: giving a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation”

No matter what your home decor style is, something that we are all striving for in our homes is that cozy feeling. You want to walk in the door after a long day and feel comfort, warmth, and relaxation, right?

When I talked about how to make your house a home you love, I mentioned that home is the ultimate place of comfort.

ut perhaps you’ve got everything else decorated and you’re still struggling with how to decorate to create that cozy feeling. Today’s post is just what you need. I’m going to break it down and share 12 elements of how to create a cozy room.

Wooden tray with handles holding coaster, coffee cup and faux plant in concrete pot on gray ottoman in front of a gray sectional couch with light colored throw pillows and text overlay that says how to make a room cozy

Even though I’m sharing pictures of our cozy living room here, these 12 cozy room ideas can really be applied to any room in your house – except maybe throw pillows in the bathroom. That would just be weird.

This cozy living room guide contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

How To Make A Room More Cozy: 12 Ways

1)Use a cozy scent in your living room

Plug in oil warmer with Renuzit Snuggle oil refill plugged into a wall with light gray paint

There are so many aspects of making a cozy living room, but the scent is something that doesn’t get enough credit, am I right? It’s true that scent is closely linked to parts of the brain that process emotion, mood, and memory.

This means that if you’re looking for how to make a room cozy, you better not forget about how the room smells!

Whether you use a plug-in oil jar, a candle, or a diffuser with essential oils, making sure your living room smells good is a great way to make it feel more cozy.

2) Big, Comfy Sofa

Big comfy gray sectional couch in cozy living room with light gray walls, neutral throw pillows, an ottoman with coffee tray and a buffalo wall painting

Nothing says “come on in and get cozy” like a big, comfy couch, right? We got this gray sectional about a year and a half ago and I’m still so in love with it!

It’s big….really big, which was important to us. Nothing better than being able to get the whole fam on the couch for a movie night.

Even if you have a smaller living room and can’t fit a big sectional sofa like this, whatever you do, make sure your seating area is comfortable!

End of gray sectional couch with neutral throw pillows and corner of shelving unit decorated with modern farmhouse decor

Another thing that I’m really glad I stuck to my gut on when we were shopping for the sectional is the cushioned arms! There were a lot of pretty couches that we looked at that didn’t have nice cushioned arms. These ones are perfect because you can lay on them and it’s like a pillow under your head.

3) Light The Fire

Modern farmhouse shelving unit with metal brackets and wood shelves decorated with modern farmhouse decorations and gray sectional couch nearby with throw pillows and matching ottoman

Fire and coziness go hand in hand! If you don’t have a fireplace in your living room, maybe you could make room for a small electric fireplace for a cozy vibe. They even have some that can be wall-mounted!

4) Decorate With Character

Cozy living room showing farmhouse decorated shelves, gray sectional couch with throw pillows and matching gray ottoman and watercolor buffalo wall art with boho style

A room doesn’t feel cozy to me until it’s decorated in a way that really feels like me, which is incorporating farmhouse decor with vintage vibes.

I love pieces that look like they have a story to tell. The real, lived-in look of my decor is one of the ways we make a cozy living room.​

5) Ambient and Dimmable Lighting

Black modern farmhouse floor lamp behind recliner with blanket draped on back and white throw pillow in cozy living room with industrial clock on wall

Having a secondary source of lighting for your room (like modern farmhouse floor lamps and table lamps) definitely plays a big role in how to make a room cozy. You’ll be shocked at how cozier a large living room feels when you use lamps for ambient lighting instead of the overhead light.

Another thing that I highly recommend for your living room (and bedroom) is dimmable lighting. We added a dimmer switch when we renovated our living room and have since added them to both of our kid’s bedrooms. It is so much nicer to use a lower level light on the dimmer, especially at night time when bright lights can make it harder to fall asleep.

6) Wood Tones

Rustic industrial side table next to recliner in cozy living room with farmhouse decor, candlestick with faux greenery, vintage glass bottle, Homebody book and cup of coffee on marble coaster on table, recliner with black floor lamp shown in background

Wood furniture and finishes are great additions to your living room because they bring in warm colors that really make the space feel cozy. I love the rustic wood on our shelving unit and side tables.

7) Place To Lift Your Feet

Feet lifted up on to a gray ottoman to show relaxing living room that is cozy

If there’s a place to comfortably lift your feet, you’re bound to have a cozy living room! When we first purchased the sectional, we held off on ordering the matching ottoman. We weren’t sure if we wanted to do a large coffee table vs the ottoman.

We eventually decided to go with the ottoman, which I think brings another element of coziness to the room. It is definitely inviting for guests to take a load off and lift up their feet.

Not to mention, it makes a great launching pad for our toddler who LOVES to jump from the ottoman to the couch.

Even if you go with a coffee table for your living room, you can add a floor pouf or small plush ottoman to still have that place to lift up your feet.

8) Place To Put Your Drink

Modern farmhouse living room with side table, farmhouse table lamp and gray sectional couch

If you’re learning how to make a room cozy, you definitely want to put yourself in the shoes of your guests.

If you sat down on this couch for the very first time with a big cup of coffee, would you have somewhere to put it? This is even more important to think about if you don’t have a traditional coffee table like us.

We placed side tables on the ends of the couch and by the recliner. The shelving unit ends up being in the perfect spot for an extra place to set a drink on the other side of the couch.

Be sure to keep lots of coasters around too, so your guests (or your husband) never have to look for those! We love these cool marble coasters that we made with leftover tile and these wooden coasters that we made with scrap wood.

Close up image of an industrial style wood tray with handle on a gray ottoman holding a cup of coffee and plant in front of a dark gray couch with cozy living room shown in the background

If you have a cushioned ottoman, add a tray to the top so there’s a surface for drinks.

You could also make a behind-the-couch table, like this, to go between the sectional and the wall for a great place to put drinks.

9) Curtains

Big comfy cozy sectional couch with farmhouse throw pillows and matching ottoman, light gray wall paint color, buffalo wall art and white simple curtains

To be honest, until recently I haven’t been adding curtains to most rooms in our house. I thought it was something that I could get away with and save some extra money.

In our old house, we had cellular shades in every room, so we didn’t have to worry about blocking light. However, now I’m totally jumping on the curtain bandwagon even if you have another form of window treatments – like blinds.

Curtains really do add extra texture to your room to make it feel more homey and cozy! We’re loving these simple white curtains (which are also affordable) we put up recently. Curtains definitely give any room a cozy feel.

10) Throw Pillows

Gray and white boho throw pillow on gray couch with buffalo wall art hanging above

I’ve said it before, but throw pillows are probably one of the easiest ways to instantly add more character to a living room.

Adding throw pillows to your couch also makes it more cozy and comfy. If someone wants soft pillows behind their back or they want to lie down, it’s like built-in comfort.

11) Furniture Arrangement

Corner of dark gray sectional couch with throw pillows with boho farmhouse style and matching gray ottoman with wood tray holding coffee cup and mini plant

The way you arrange your furniture is a huge element of how to make a room cozy! What you really want to focus on in a cozy living room is creating spaces that are designed for conversation.

This is one of the main reasons we decided to go with an L-shaped sectional. No matter how the furniture is arranged, you can easily chat with someone or watch a movie.

You may also decide on a different layout for your room with a focal point of a fireplace or maybe a window with the furniture all facing each other. These spaces for conversation are definitely key to making a room cozy.

12) Blankets

Recliner with blanket draped over the back and white throw pillow with gray paint color on walls and Renuzit air freshener plugged into the wall

Blankets draped over the back of the couch or the recliner are definitely an easy way to make a room cozier instantly. There’s something about that added texture that really adds a lot to the room!

Aside from a blanket or two on the back of the couch, it’s always a good idea to keep a storage basket or a blanket ladder like this nearby with extra blankets.

That way, everyone can have their own blanket to snuggle without searching hard for it. Check out this guide all about how to store blankets for tons more ideas!

Gray recliner with green blanket and white pillow, industrial side table sitting next to it and brick fireplace shown behind the recliner

See? Now, that’s not too hard, right? If your room isn’t feeling as cozy as you’d like, you’re in luck because it isn’t hard to make a room cozier.

Even 1 of these 12 different ways would be a step in the right direction!

I think the key when you’re learning how to make a room cozier is to really put yourself in the shoes of a guest. This helps give you a different perspective because sometimes we’re too close to notice these simple things that we can change to make the room cozier.

You can walk through these simple steps…

  • When my guest walks into the room, how does it smell?
  • Where will they sit? Is it comfy?
  • Can they put their feet up?
  • Where do they put their cup of coffee?
  • Can we face each other and chat easily?
  • Is there a pillow and blanket nearby so they can cozy up in it?
  • Does the decor in the living room have character and tell a story?
  • Are there other sources of light and wood furniture or accents to bring warm tones?
Wood tray on ottoman with coffee and plant in a cozy living room with gray sectional and neutral throw pillows

How do you make your living room cozy?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Collage of living room pictures showing large gray sectional couch, coffee tray on ottoman and farmhouse shelving unit with text overlay that says cozy living room

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