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Marble and Gold Office Room Reveal

I love how my marble and gold office turned out! It’s girly, glam, clean and all about marble, gold and mint. I love the fresh, modern glam feel of this home office. Come on in!

This marble and gold office is brought to you by Minted and uses affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Today is the day!!! I can’t wait to invite you into my marble and gold office, but before we get started get up right now and go grab yourself a big cup of coffee. Once you see the cozy rug in this office, you’ll probably want to lay down and take a nap…so you need that caffeine.

Ok, now that we got that coffee situation taken care of…. welcome to my glam girl cave!

{Complete list of sources is at the bottom of the post}

Holding a cute gold polka dots Starbucks mug

Before we jump in to the marble and gold office with two feet, let’s take a look back at both where the room started (blah blah and blah) and my marble and gold office inspiration board that I shared with you a few weeks ago.

Here’s what we were working with when we moved in. Ugh, I can’t believe we even purchased this house. It was really pretty hideous at move-in (check out the full pre renovation tour here). The office was actually the very first room in the entire house that we started renovating. Because I work from home, my office need to be set up right when we moved in….the rest of the house is a whole ‘nother story (see: we slept in the living room for 7 months).

Before photo of a normal bedroom with white board, television on a wooden shelf and a hamper side, a 3 layered plastic drawer and the bed

After skim coating (aka smoothing out the splotchy and rough texture), painting, replacing light fixtures and closet systems, installing new cellular shades and new laminate wood floors…we were left with this. And it stayed like this for quite some time.

Newly painted home office room, wooden office desk with two monitors, complete desktop set up, notebooks on the table and an office chair

Newly painted walls, office chair, a part of the desk with notebook, post-it's, earphones and keyboard

I’m notorious for taking WAYYYYY too long to decorate spaces. It’s not that I don’t love this part, but that I tend to get overwhelmed with finalizing all of my ideas rattling around in my head. I plan, plan, plan and take too long to do it! Anyone else with me?

Other side of the new home office with the window, wooden table with office accessories, printer, cables and wires, computer table and office chair and ScrapBox with black and white light fixture.

The table under the window had become a dumping ground for all my decor that I was collecting as I planned this room. The room is already wayyyyy too small, so I knew the table had to go.

Now let’s take one more glance back at the mood board. Check back at the original post for all of the sources for the mood board. 

Collage of the Marble & Gold Home Office moodboard consisting of wall frames, marble clock, light fixture, white and gold office table, marble file organizer, gold scissors and stapler, Side lighting, baby photo and rugs

I shared with you on this post some of my thoughts behind why I chose this modern glam style decor for my home office. Long story, short – my office is the only room in the house that is totally and completely MINE. Logan gives me free reign in this room to decorate however I want. I decided to make this room: girly, glam, clean and all about marble, gold and mint.

Come on in…

Fur Throw on the back of office chair, white and gray rug, shaggy rug, burlap memo board letters on the wall, arts and crafts large wooden cabinet for the Gold & Marble Home Office

Repurposed Mid-Century modern side table with hair pin legs, white stag head decor, bin storage, vintage suitcase and mint curtains.

This marble and gold office is the heart and home of all my crafts…well ok, let’s be honest here….most of my crafts happen on the dining room table (take a look at our farmhouse dining room here and here). I usually end up toting my craft supplies out and completely taking over the entire dining room table for a day or two (or ten). I love being able to craft while watching my little guy eat blueberries in his highchair or explore our house and figure out the world around him. I also love the natural light that those two big windows give me for craft photography…Ok, enough about the dining room. Let’s get back to the marble and gold office!

ScrapBox with crafts and arts materials and a foldable table for the Gold & Marble Home Office Reveal

The moral of the story is that ALLLL of my craft supplies get stored in this room and in my handy dandy ScrapBox. I absolutely adore my ScrapBox. I think the ScrapBox is worth every penny. Look at all the pretty organization! The ScrapBox is a whole other story for another day (do you want to see in the ScrapBox in more detail?! Let me know in the comments).

Fur throw on the office chair, ScrapBox and white rug.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to walk into my marble and gold office and see a clean area without all the craft clutter…especially since I work for my real job in here too! But I understand that craft organization might not be a huge priority for everyone and you may not have the budget for it. If you’re looking for craft storage that’s a little more affordable, here’s a budget friendly version  I found in another brand with not as many bells and whistles.

Art on shelves above computer, personalized calendar, computer with dual monitors, planter on the top of the printer, industrial table and fur throw on the office chair

Side view of the Like a Boss paint on marble, gold printable in gold frame, concrete geometric planter and vintage hour glass on top of wall hang shelves

I had so much fun transforming this broken slab of marble that I picked up for just $1 at Habitat for Humanity ReStore! I was so excited when I found the piece so small and managable. I thought I was only going to find large pieces that I would have to break down more to get something that fits on a shelf…remember marble is HEAVY. You can check out the entire tutorial for this fun DIY here.

Rock print in a white farmhouse frame for the Marble and Gold Home Office

I was stumped on what to do for a large frame for this big and beautiful print from Minted. I found a wooden frame at the thrift store that was about the same size I needed (came with the matte!). I repainted it with white acrylic paint and then dry-brushed on some gray paint followed by a light sanding. I got this frame for just $8. It’s the perfect home for my geode art piece, don’t ya think?

Marble and Gold Office | Mint Green Office | Mint Green and Gold | Details | Mid-Century Modern Office | Geometric Office | Marble Themed Office | Gold and Marble Home Decor | Mint Green Home Decor

The art pieces in this room really make it, am I right? I wanted art that was unique, on theme and stunning – so I, of course, turned to Minted. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Minted for sponsoring my marble and gold office room reveal! I love the way their products fit right in!

You may remember me chatting about Minted a few times in the past, I’m such a fan! The thing that makes Minted so unique is that their art is designed by independent designers all over the world. All of the art that I chose for my marble and gold office were limited edition art pieces, meaning that there are only a few hundred of these printed! They have a HUGE selection of art – everything from photography to modern and abstract.

Succulent print, gold geometric bowl, plain green canvas on tip of the wall hang shelves

You can see Minted framing service in action with this adorable lambs ear art piece framed in a matte brass frame. This a super high quality frame and comes ready to hang on the wall (or, in my case, lean on a shelf). And speaking of those shelves….gahhhhhh!!!!

Whitewashed Herringbone Art Shelves by Minted | Farmhouse style shelves

I’ve been swooning over them since the moment I unpacked them. We’re talking some serious happy mail there.

Art Shelves by Minted | Farmhouse Style Shelves

I knew I needed to grab a couple of shelves for the room. I really wanted add art to bring in the marble and gold office theme, but I was limited on a wall space because…well, let’s face it and just talk about the elephant in the room….This room is SMALL, tiny, compact. You get it. Shelves are a great way to add a ton of style to a room without needing much space. Minted has a few different styles of art shelves. I ended up choosing the whitewashed herringbone style. I definitely considered the shelves an investment. I love that they are both modern feeling with a hint of farmhouse charm, which means I can reuse these shelves in any room of our house in the future.

White Washed Herringbone Shelves by Minted

To get this mint green ombre look, just grab a canvas and slop on some paint and lighten your brush strokes at the bottom…seriously, it was THAT simple!

Cropped gold geometric bowl, ombre mint green canvas on the whitewashed herringbone designed wall hang shelf

I LOVE our personalized custom calendar that I made on Minted.

personalized custom calendar with a baby picture in black and white

Simple glass planter and geometric marble home decor on top of the printer

Collage of White office sign, frames and decor on the wall hang shelves, 2 computer monitors, printer, wooden office table, fur throw in the chair, marble wall click, white and gold command center, stag head, books, planter and mid-century side table and mint green curtains  white and gold command center | Marble and Gold Office | Mint Green Office | Mint Green and Gold | Details | Mid-Century Modern Office | Geometric Office | Marble Themed Office | Gold and Marble Home Decor | Mint Green Home Decor

Faux succulent in geometric concrete planter

This little mid-century fun side table was a DIY and you’re going to be shocked when you (a) what it is a made from and (b) what is a covering up. I’ll give you a virtual high-five if you can you guess either of those! Hop over to the full tutorial for this fun little side table here and find out! 

Mid-century side table, stag head, books, concrete geometric succulent planter, bin storage and a vintage suitcase

Stacked old books for decoration

I had so much for putting together this little gallery wall! My plan is to turn that bulletin board into a mini command center!

Oh and those wire baskets….hello $3 magazine holders from Target Dollar Spot. I just turned them on their side and nailed them to the wall. 🙂

White and gold command center, marble and gold wall clock, wire file organizer, work hard stay humble wall hang, coasters made as decoration and green shades of felt decor

The hexagon memo boards and marble clock were both really fun DIYs.

This cute little sign doesn’t completely match the decor in here, but how can you resist? I love it!

Personalized wood sign

Have I mentioned that we LOVE Behr paint ? This little cubby in the corner behind my Scrapbox in the perfect storage spot for all of our extra paint. We decided to hold on to it…ya never know when you need to touch up. And yes, I definitely had to do some touch up after decorating this room. I’m so darn clumsy.

Pale of Behr paints used for the marble and Gold Home Office

Burlap wall letters made of Burlap

Collage of green door knob, mint green curtain, green sand hourglass, white rug, gold clock hands, gold geometric bowl and white succulent decor

Collage of frames decorated above the shelves, white and gold command center, Word Hard Stay Humble wall hang, mid-century side table, glass stag head, stack of old books and geometric concrete succulent planter with text overlay that says Marble and Gold Modern Glam Office

I will leave you like I always do on these big room reveals….our little Gannon curling up and ready to cozy in for a nap. You’ll recognize a similar picture of Gannon on our rustic woodland nursery room reveal. I’m ready for a nap too!

Sleep family dog lying on the white rug

No nap for me :(… back to work!

Woman working on the new marble and gold home office, 2 computer monitor, printer, and frames styled on the shelves

Hope you guys have a fabulous week!

Source List for Marble and Gold Office:

Want to see more of our marble & gold home office??

Here are some of my other favorite glam offices to inspire you!

20 thoughts on “Marble and Gold Office Room Reveal

  1. What a transformation!!! I just love all the accents and how you pulled the gold and mint colors together!!! I am so jealous of your amazing Scrap Box craft cabinet!!! How handy is that!!! Great job Chelsea!!!!

  2. Your office is amazing and I love that ScrapBox too. Thank you for all the details on your décor. I am so curious about the answers in reference to your DIY mid-century fun side table.

  3. You mentioned that you did “skim coating” on the wall before you painted. I’m guessing to even out the texture? I need to do that. How do you do “skim coating?’
    Thanks – love the room!

    1. Hi Laurie, yes we did the skim coating all ourselves. Long story short – it was an incredibly labor intensive and time consuming project! Our walls had VERY heavy texture, so it wouldn’t have been so bad if the texture was so subtle. We do plan on sharing more about the skim coating process on the blog here, but I unfortunately lost many of my photos of the process due to a hard drive breaking 🙁 ! My hubby did most of the skim coating because I was pregnant at the time. There is a definite learning curve as you get the technique down. He got much better and faster the more he did it. Here is a tutorial that you may find helpful.

  4. Your office is stunning;I am going to go to the restore and search for marble and try your project. Thanks

  5. I was just wondering if you have the tutorial for the hexagon tiles? I love your entire office but especially that command center with the tiles!

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