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Mountain Mural Tutorial

Want to learn how to paint a mountain mural in your bedroom? You're going to love this tutorial!

Thank you to Behr Paint Company for sponsoring this mountain mural tutorial and the BEHRBox campaign! All opinions are entirely my own. This post also contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

You guys know that we’ve been busy around here renovating since we moved in almost 2 years ago.

There are SO many projects… here are just a few. We’ve built a nursery for Quinn, added this farmhouse bathroom for the kids, refinished original hardwoods, and added new wood flooring.

We’ve recently even been working on our master bedroom with our newly finished two tone walls and OF COURSE, our brand new master bathroom that we’ve been doing for the big Renovation Challenge

Want to see our other renovation projects? Check out our full home tour here!

But here’s one thing we haven’t touched. Or really shown you. 

Poor Calloway’s room. 

Before Picture

plain bedroom wall before makeover with a wooden dresser and a rug

We literally threw his furniture in the room and haven’t done a thing since. 

He was overdue for a little makeover, so when Behr asked us to participate in the BEHRBox challenge where we were challenged to “invite the outside in” and celebrate their 2020 Color of the Year, Back to Nature, & 2020 Color Trends… I knew JUST what to do. 

Invite the Outside In paint package in a box.

We took Behr up quite literally on their challenge to invite the outside in. We painted a mountain mural in Cal’s room and spoiler alert: he’s a big fan. 

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Invite The Outside In paint with a paint brush - 2020 BEHRBox

The most fun part of this project was definitely selecting 6 coordinating and beautiful colors from BEHR’s 2020 Color Trends for the mountain mural. 

Color paint samples shown on the leaflet showing Behr's 2020 Color Trends

Aren’t they all amazing?! 

Here are the six colors we ultimately chose: 

Nature inspired colored paint samples against a white background with paint brushes

How much paint do you need for a mountain mural?

This, obviously, depends on just how big your wall is. Now we ordered 1 quart of each of the colors listed below and we had WAY more than enough paint to do the wall. We probably could have gotten away with 1-2 samples of each with the exception of the bottom color (Graphic Charcoal N500-6), which we needed closer to 1 Quart. 

Now before we jump into the tutorial for this mountain mural, let me just start with a quick warning. When you see how this mountain mural turned out, you’re going to be like WHOA…. that’s literally ART. And, guys…it is. But here’s the deal – it was SO SO SO freakin’ easy. 

A can of BERH Marquee paint on a step stool in front of painted wall

You don’t need to be an artist. You don’t even need to have a steady hand with the paintbrush (honestly – the wobblier, the better!). 

So DON’T you dare be intimidated to try something crazy like painting mountains on your walls. 

Woman pouring the paint in the mixing pan.

Mountain Mural: Video Tutorial

We wrapped up this entire mountain mural tutorial in a video as well. So feel free to watch the video and/or read the whole tutorial below if you want to break it down even more. 

If you love DIY videos, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss the next one! 

How To Paint A Mountain Mural: Step-by-Step Tutorial


Step 1. Sketch out the mural.

Mountain mural wall art sketched out on computer print out and holding in front of wall to be painted
Drawing the art design on the mountain mural wall using a pencil

Using a pencil, roughly sketch out your mountain design onto the wall. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. You don’t need to worry a whole lot about the exact character of the lines. You just want a general idea of your plan before you start putting paint on the walls. 

Also, it helps to lightly write in the color names on each section so you remember what is going where. 

Many other mountain murals that I’ve seen online have stuck with one general color scheme and faded it lighter as it gets to the top for an ombre effect.

I love that the colors we chose are different, but still go together so well. They also still get lighter as you get to the top, but they aren’t all the same shade. 

If you do decide you wanted to do more of an “ombre” look to your mountain mural, you could really stick with one darker color and one lighter color and mix them as you transition colors.

Step 2. Paint the bottom color.

I started with the bottom color, which is the largest. We decided to start the mountainscape up about 4 feet because any furniture that is going to be on this wall will be about that tall (ie: a dresser or bed). This way our entire design is mostly above furniture. 

Using an angled paintbrush, you can simply follow your pencil lines to create the mountain look. Like I said earlier, the more wobbly you are with the paintbrush, the better. It looks more natural that way! 

Painting a small section of the mountain mural with an angled paint brush

Work in small sections and try to blend the paintbrush strokes as much as possible. This was honestly probably the hardest part of the entire mountain mural project – blending the paintbrush strokes. 

Now if you’re wondering why I just didn’t use a paint roller, let me explain. The texture of a roller and a brush are very different and the lines of the mountaintop definitely need to be done with a brush. So instead of having two different textures, I chose to brush the entire wall. 

If I had to do this mountainscape again, I might change my mind and use a flat paint sheet instead of eggshell to help prevent some of the brush strokes. But maybe not because this is a toddler’s room and flat paint is a lot harder to keep clean than eggshell. 

Step 3. Continue filling in colors.

Partially painted wall and 2 more colors at the top of the mountain wall paint

While your first color is drying, you can move on to another section. Using the same angled brush and following your pencil lines with the paint and then blending in the brush strokes…just keep it moving. 

You’ll need to wait until each adjoining color dries before moving on so it may take some waiting in between colors. 

Step 4. Touch up as necessary.

Full body shot of woman painting the fourth color of the mountain mural

We were using BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Paint (which is the best of the best), so there is only really one coat required. There were a few spots here and there that I needed to go back to clean up some brush strokes, paint drips down the wall, and some of the lines at the mountaintops. 

After picture of the painted wall mural with mountains

And that is IT guys! 

I promise it isn’t as hard as it looks. 

Painted wall behind the mother and son painting a wooden crate

We had more than enough paint left over for a fun little book storage project too that Cal had SO much fun helping with. We simply took three wooden crates, painted them different colors from our mountain wall and stacked them together. 

Painted wall behind the colorful painted wood crate bookshelves for toddler play room

Cal’s pretty amped about his new mountain mural.

Woodland boys room with painted wall, colorful pallet bookshelves and a nook.

He’s especially wild about the new tent with string lights, which creates the coziest little reading nook (and he’s even slept in here a few nights, haha!) 

woodland boys room with painted wall cozy nook and colorful pallet bookshelves

The salt lamp really adds to the whole mountain theme and is a great toddler nightlight. We’ve really been struggling with him always wanting the overhead light on all night long, so this new light is a great compromise. The soft amber light helps him sleep and isn’t so bright. 

salt lamp for the boys room

I love that the new area rug pulls in the colors of the mountain mural and adds a fun pattern to the space. 

After of painted mountain mural colorful pallet bookshelves and cozy nook.

The furniture arrangement isn’t 100% set in this room. 

Boy sitting in the cozy nook beside the colorful pallet bookshelves and mountain mural paint

Pretty soon, we’re going to be transitioning him to a twin bed and building a REALLY cool bed, which will probably go over here in front of the mountain wall. Any guesses on the design? (UPDATE: Check out of DIY cabin bed here!)  

Full view of the mountain mural paint, colorful pallet bookshelves and cozy nook for the boys new room.

Once we do that, we’ll probably reconfigure things in this room to make it work a little better. 

Upper part of the wooden nook made out a teepee tent with lights added for a boy's toddler room

But until then, he is LOVING his new room and especially his full wall of mountains! 

Wooden light fixture, mountain mural wall, colorful bookshelves and cozy nook.

We had so much fun participating in Behr’s BEHRBox Challenge and we can’t wait to see what the other participants come up with. 

Mountain mural, colorful pallet bookshelves and toddler reading nook with teepee tent and dog bed for floor mat
How To Make A Mountain Mural

How To Make A Mountain Mural

Yield: 1
Active Time: 2 days
Total Time: 2 days
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $200

Want to learn how to paint a mountain mural your bedroom? You’re going to love this tutorial featuring BEHR®’s 2020 Color Trends and Color of the Year.



  1. Sketch out mural with pencil.
  2. Paint bottom color first.
  3. Continue filling in colors. You’ll need to wait until each adjoining color dries before moving on so it may take some waiting in between colors.
  4. Touch up as necessary.

27 thoughts on “Mountain Mural Tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have been wanting to do it to my sons room and dragging my feet. You have made me feel much better about starting!

  2. You did a beautiful job. The color palate was incredibly striking. Nature’s colors brought in and given your personal artistic flair! Painting murals are not for the weak of heart—I applaud you for joining our ranks. 😉 Best of luck in the contest but you’ve already won in my book (and your family’s as well)!

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for documenting this project! It’s beautiful! I followed your instructions and it came out great for my toddlers room. Thanks!

  4. I love this! I’m going to do this on a wall in my kindergarten classroom. Any idea how many hours this took you?

  5. Thank for you posting this! I just recreated this on my son’s wall. I don’t live anywhere near a Home Depot, so I had to match my colors to Sherwin Williams paints. I also was able to use paint sample for the smaller mountains. It turned out amazing! Thank you!!!!

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